Most Popular Glass Blowing Artists
Most Popular Glass Blowing Artists

Anyone who enjoys using cannabis usually has a better experience when using a high-quality smoking apparatus. When it comes to smoking devices, many people believe that glass items are superior to pipes, bubblers, or bongs that are made of plastic, acrylic, or metal. 

Glass smoking apparatuses are not just durable and easy to use—in many cases, they are also beautiful. Creating amazing glass smoking devices is not easy, and it takes a lot of talent. Some of the most popular glassblowers creating high-quality glass pipes, bubblers, and bongs include:

Bob Snodgrass

Widely considered the “grandfather” of glass smoking devices, Bob Snodgrass began making glass pipes in 1971. By 1981, his main focus was on glassblowing. Bob Snodgrass revolutionized the way that glass smoking apparatuses were made. He developed different types of glass, many of which are still used today in pipes, bongs, and bubblers.

The quality of glass is not the only important thing about Bob Snodgrass’ creations. He also spent a lot of time creating glass smoking devices that were works of art and very visually appealing. 

Snodgrass did not keep his talent to himself. Over the years he has served as a mentor to a number of glassblowers. Some of the most popular glassblowers of modern times learned under Bob Snodgrass; his contribution to the beauty and quality of glass smoking devices can’t be understated.

Jerome Baker Designs

One of the most well-known glassblowing brands in the cannabis industry is Jerome Baker. The founder of Jerome Baker, Jason Harris learned under Bob Snodgrass in the early 1990s. Over time, Jerome Baker started to become known for beautiful glass pipes that were soon high in demand. 

Between the period of 1991 and 2012, the Jerome Baker brand went through a lot of challenges. But the company continued to grow, and its reputation was established among cannabis users who preferred using glass smoking devices. 

Since 2012, Jerome Baker has only become more popular. The company sells beautifully designed glass pipes and bongs, and they have also moved into selling limited edition sneakers. A majority of people who use cannabis are sure to be familiar with the name Jerome Baker when glass pipes or bongs are mentioned. This brand is widely available in both brick-and-mortar smoke shops as well as online. 

Jerome Baker Designs

Ryan “Buck” Harris

Buck, formally known as Ryan Harris, is a highly renowned glassblower. A native of Oregon, he practices his craft in a small town on the Oregon Coast. One of the most impressive things about Buck is the fact that he is a self-taught glassblower.

Buck’s glass creations are more than just smoking devices—they are impressive pieces of art. Each piece is carefully crafted using several colors and unmatched designs. A Buck glass smoking device is perfect for anyone who appreciates craftsmanship, wants quality, and is seeking a pipe that will impress.

Wicked Glass

Jimi Cummings, aka “Wicked Glass,” is another glassblower who was inspired by Bob Snodgrass. After seeing examples of the glass smoking devices Snodgrass created, Cummings began his glassblowing journey in 1995. Over the next two decades, he became a master of creating incredibly detailed glass pieces

As his skills grew, Wicked Glass became very popular with consumers. Jimi Cummings has spent the last several years traveling the country in a specialized RV that includes a glassblowing studio. He is focusing on creating custom pieces for customers and is very active on social media.

Tammy Baller

Tammy Baller is a renowned female glassblower. Her smoking devices are known for being incredibly creative—if you want something that no one else has, buying something from Tammy Baller is the way to go. In addition to creating one of a kind smoking apparatuses, Tammy Baller also spends a lot of time making beautiful glass art pieces.

Elbo Glass

Some glassblowers stand out due to the quality of their designs, as well as the uniqueness of the products that they create. Elbo Glass is a glassblower that is well known for unique designs. Elbo specializes in making dab rigs, specifically dinosaur-themed dab rigs. His designs have taken off, and many are now considered collector’s items. If you want an Elbo Glass dab rig, you will need to be prepared for a big price tag.

Banjo Glass

Banjo Glass

Many people consider Banjo to be a visionary, not just a glassblower. His pieces are not something that you keep around the house to use on a daily basis while smoking

Each one of his smoking devices is incredibly intricate, not to mention expensive. They are some of the fanciest smoking apparatuses ever created, with so many different parts and colors. In fact, Banjo collaborated on some of the highest price glass pieces that have ever been sold. If you’re an art collector, want to buy a smoking device, and have money to burn, you should definitely check out the amazing designs at Banjo Glass.

Toro Glass

While many renowned glassblowers create smoking devices based on form and beauty more than function, Toro Glass is different. Toro Glass has become popular over the last decade after becoming known for creating glass smoking devices that are both beautiful and functional.

A smoking apparatus from Toro Glass is not a cheap, budget purpose. But when you spend the money on a piece from Toro Glass, you can rest assured that you’re investing in a purchase that will last a long time. You can count on many years of great smoking experiences when you own a Toro Glass smoking device.  


Most cannabis smokers prefer glass pipes, bubblers, and bongs over smoking devices made out of other materials. If you’re planning on buying a glass smoking device in the near future, you should seriously consider investing in a signature piece from a top glassblower. The highest quality glass smoking devices are not inexpensive, but they are worth every dollar and will last for many years.


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