Top 10 Most Innovative Cannabis Products of 2021
Top 10 Most Innovative Cannabis Products of 2021

The cannabis industry continues to grow as more states legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use. And as a result, there's a high demand for cannabis products, which in turn has spurred new growers, producers, vendors, and offerings. More marijuana dispensaries are popping up online and across the street to meet the high demand for weed products.

An increase in competition has left marijuana dispensaries with no option but to create unique cannabis products. A key sign of growth is depicted by new and innovative products entering the market. Consumers now have a wide selection to choose from. 

To help you keep tabs on these latest developments, we have compiled a list of 10 standout marijuana products of 2021. Read on to gain more insight.

Flower Mill

The Premium Edition Flower Mill is a high-tech weed product with a clever design. Its hybrid construction consists of a food-grade 304 stainless steel milling chamber (kief screens, sleeve, rotor, and diffuser). The innovative milling chamber design does not shred the flower herb. Rather it effortlessly splits the flower from stems. The end product is lighter and woolly, which can be rolled easily and burns more consistently.

Plus, the clever design allows for easy disassembly to permit complete access for deep cleans. Flower mill also allows several upgrades, such as swappable diffuser screens to enable finer milling of the flower. It also has a kief catch that only allows kief particles through. A magnetic lid preserves everything inside the machine during transportation and storage.


Mode is a smart cannabis dosing gadget. It ensures no guesswork when it comes to getting the correct CBD dose. Consumers can now use it to control their cannabis consumption, enabling them to attain the targets they've set regarding health and wellness. 

Some of the exclusive features of a typical mode include:

  • Touch Slider- It gives users a real-time dosing control with accuracy down to the milligram.
  • Universal 510 cartridges- This intelligent device boasts of universal 510 compatibility, affording users the liberty to enjoy their preferred strains from different market brands. 
  • Haptic guidance- The Inhale and Exhale Haptic Guidance feature communicates through a gentle pulse, which lets you know when to stop inhaling and exhaling. 
  • Security control- The gadget can be locked either manually or remotely via the companion app.
  • Control dashboard- The companion app comes with a control dashboard that allows you to personalize your weed consumption by giving you access to comprehensive dosage plans, feedback loop, product details, tailored recommendations, and usage analytics. 
  • Fast Connector- There's no need for twisting or screwing. Just replace 510 cartridges through a simple snap.


Growing cannabis is never straightforward because a lot of variables come into play inside the grow room. The pulse device plays a crucial role in streamlining the grow room environment. 

When connected to Wi-Fi, the pulse monitoring device tracks and records accurate readings of the following five types of environmental conditions:

  • Temperature
  • Vapor pressure deficit
  • Relative humidity
  • Light intensity
  • Dew point

Thanks to this smart monitoring device, you can now receive real-time notifications on environmental fluctuations inside your grow room. You simply dial in your grow room and access instant response. 

Another exciting feature of this device is its user-friendliness. Its setup is not complicated. You can easily configure it in just a few minutes after opening the box. And what if your grow room doesn't have a power outlet? Don't fret. The pulse device boasts a four-month battery life that only needs a couple of hours to charge.

Kalvara's Cannabis Cocktail

Taking an alcoholic drink in social settings is considered normal. It won't draw unnecessary attention compared to smoking pot. And for this reason, Kalvara is taking advantage of technological innovations to produce cannabis-infused beverages. 

A good example is Kalvara's cannabis cocktail which comes in a 2-ounce bottle with a nitrogen-pressurized cap. This drink provides fast-acting and accurate doses of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). You will start experiencing a rapid onset of effects within 15 minutes.

The Vessel cap hosts 40 milligrams of THC in 4-10 mg servings and a natural citrus-flavored liquid. The citrus-flavored liquid and 10 mg of THC are injected into the water when you twist the cap. After drinking the first 10 mg dose, add more water to the fill line, and twist the cap on firmly. When you open it again to drink, it will discharge the next 10 mg serving.

What's interesting is that the 2-ounce bottle can be reused together with a new vessel cap. This allows you to refill your favorite drink. And you can increase your dose from 10 to 20 mg or even more by using more than one cap. The ability of the cap to provide a precise dose of THC to the consumer solves the predicament associated with infused drinks: inconsistent dosing.

Magical Butter DecarBox Bundle

Do you enjoy cannabis-infused edibles? Preparing weed edibles at home may seem like a difficult task. But it's easier than you can imagine. You no longer have to deal with a slow cooker and tons of dishes on the sink. What you need is a simple kitchen tool, called Magical Butter machine, bundled up together with a DecarBox.

It is recommended that you decarb the cannabis first before using it in any recipe, or else your edibles won't taste nice. You also risk losing myriad benefits linked to THC. And therefore, you need to accurately activate your flower buds in the DecarBox and then add herbal butter, tinctures, or coconut oils to the Magical Butter machine.

The gearbox is integrated with a digital thermometer that allows you to calibrate your oven for accuracy as you decarboxylate. You don't have to open the oven to monitor the inside temperature of your DecarBox. 

Instead, you can do the monitoring through an external digital display. This helps maintain consistent temperatures during the decarboxylation process. The device can decarboxylate up to 2 ounces of marijuana at a go.

Each decarb bundle purchase is accompanied by a:

  • Magical cookbook: It highlights endless recipes, including seafood, candies, vegetables, meats, beverages, salves, lotions, soups, sauces, brownies, cookies, and much more.
  • Magical butter machine
  • Thermometer combo pack
  • EU/UK power cord
  • Purify Micron 190 Filter
  • Magical glove
Vista Vaping Pen

Vista Vaping Pen

If you're looking for a stunningly sleek and stylish vaping pen, consider Vista. This is the pen of your vaping dreams. It's available in contemporary colors such as black, olive/gray, crimson/gray, and teal/seafoam.

The Vista pen series features a larger, high-quality battery that enhances its durability and performance. The open aperture collar safeguards the cartridge and gives visibility to what lies inside.

Other exclusive features include:

  • 510 cartridge compatibility
  • Power from a 320mAh lithium-ion, non-removable, rechargeable battery
  • Three voltage settings (high 3.6V, medium 3.2V, and low 2.8V)
  • Three LEDs
  • Base charger and rover cases
  • Unrivaled airflow
  • Wide transition module houses nearly all vape cartridges

Tranquil CBD Vape Juice

You don't necessarily have to go to the beach in person. You can now experience the revitalizing sensation of a white, sandy beach, thanks to your vape device. The vape has the ability to blend mango, blood orange, and coconut in the tranquil CBD vape juice. Your vaping experience will surely get you in a tropical mood.

This CBD vape juice is perfect for use during your travels. The ingredients that make up this juice include vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, natural/artificial flavors, and cannabidiol isolate.

Tranquil is available in three sizes of 250, 500, and 1,000 milligrams. It is entirely THC-free, so you don't have to worry about feeling intoxicated.

DaVinci Micro

The DaVinci Micro has taken the loose weed vaporizer a notch higher. It is a new and refined smaller version of the DaVinci IQ2. The small, lustrous, and classy loose leaf vaporizer is designed to match your lifestyle. 

It is packed with everything from the flavor, quality to precision. You can carry it with you everywhere you go for a quality vaping experience. It's arguably the smallest premium vaporizer available in the market at present,

With the Smart path technology, you can adapt your vaping experience according to your individual preferences. DaVinci offers you a five-year warranty, which signifies the trust they have in this new product. 

Due to its extremely small size, it is not ideal for large amounts of herbs. Thus, it is suited to users who wish to consume little amounts without drawing unwanted attention. When looking to buy a vaporizer, always consider your consumption lifestyle. Note that this leaf vaporizer becomes hot when you use it for long at high temperatures. 

DaVinci Micro herb vaporizer comes in two different types. You can opt for either the Explorer's Collection or the Basic Kit version.

Some of the additional accessories included are:

  • USB charging cable
  • Two mouthpieces (a flat and a widened mouthpiece)
  • Grinder coin
  • Micro glove
  • Carrying can
  • Extra 18350 rechargeable battery
Levo II Oil Infuser

Levo II Oil Infuser

Regardless of your herb choice, Levo II takes the guesswork out of your infusion. You can now easily infuse butter, oils, honey, and milk courtesy of this device which fully automates the drying, activating, and infusing processes. 

Measuring over 14 inches in height, the Levo II comes in different color varieties and delivers a modern, simplistic look that goes well with a contemporary kitchen. The machine's functions are regulated by six buttons positioned under a LED display screen, although you can change the modes using the related app on your Smartphone device.

The unit comes with three main settings: 

  • Drying herbs
  • Activate THC before cooking
  • Infusion function

The Levo can heat the herb in high temperatures through its internal hot plate and maintain the hot conditions for up to ten hours. Of course, this will largely depend on the varieties of infusion materials you're using. 

Apart from cannabis, the Levo can infuse several other materials, including:

  • Root vegetables; For example, ginger and garlic
  • Herbs; Like basil, thyme, and rosemary
  • Plant matter; Examples such as lavender, vanilla, and mustard seed
  • Oils such as almond, grapeseed, olive, glycerine, and ghee oils

Cleanup takes minimal time. Typically, there are three things to clean up after every cooking session. They include the detachable oil tub where the infusion process occurs, the mixer paddle attached to the bottom of the tub, and the stainless steel accommodating the infusion material.

Just clean up using warm water and standard dish soap. If oil spills end up on the unit itself, don't worry because all the essential parts are sealed. So simply use a paper towel to wipe up the mess and proceed with your day.

Futurola Super Shredder

Designed for speed and reliability, the Futurola Super Shredder can accurately shred and separate stems from 3 pounds of hemp in seven seconds. Isn't it remarkable?

It also reduces the time spent by major manufacturers, producers, and grow houses to shred pre-rolled joints. When used in conjunction with Futurola Knockbox 3, users can easily generate 100 high-quality pre-rolls in just two minutes. Further, you can also produce thousands of joints in a single day. 

Because it is constructed using food-grade stainless steel, it's easy to clean and maintain. Through the detachable pin, you can load flowers into the pot grinder. A plexiglass lid protects your herb materials inside the shredder with its integrated magnetic closure. What's more, this high-performance weed grinder has a digital timer allowing you to gauge your pre-rolled joint production.

Futurola Super Shredder

The Bottom Line

Cannabis is termed as the green-gold, especially with its popularity spreading like wildfire. More states continue to legalize it for either medical or recreational use. Thus, the cannabis industry is only bound to grow even further with the constant release of innovative cannabis products on the market. 

These innovative products show how the cannabis industry has grown. While some of the above-mentioned products can leave you high because of their intoxicating properties, others are less potent and simply help alleviate everyday life's pain and anxiety. When you wish to take your cannabis experience a notch higher, consider experimenting with these unique cannabis products. Remember to consult your doctor before trying out cannabis-infused edibles or beauty products. 


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