Top 5 Best Wax Pen Batteries
Top 5 Best Wax Pen Batteries

Some new weed consumer segments are transitioning from bongs and glasses to newer cannabis intake methods that don't require smoking. A good example is a vape pen. While a huge group has joined the vaping bandwagon, some weed users still don't understand the specifics of a wax pen. One potentially baffling part of vaping marijuana is shopping for the best wax pen battery. 

If you're one of those confused on how to find the right wax pen battery, read on to find out about the top five best wax pen batteries available today. But first, let's define what a wax pen battery is. 

What Is a Wax Pen Battery?

A wax pen is a weed vaporizer with the look of a pen. It features a heating coil and an atomizer where the wax concentrate is loaded. It also has a battery connected to the atomizer. The battery provides the charge converted into heat by the heating coil, which vaporizes the concentrate inside the atomizer. The battery is the heart of your vaporizer.

The wax is heated and transformed from a thick concentrate into full-flavored vapor ready for smoking. Because wax atomizers need constant electrical current to reach vaporization levels, you can usually regulate the temperature settings to enjoy the best vaping experience from your waxy concentrate. 

The following review on the best wax pen batteries should give you an idea of what to look for in your next purchase.

EVOD Twist VV Battery 1600mAh

The EVOD Twist VV is compatible with most vape pens because it employs the standard 510 thread fitting. You cannot downplay how beautiful this battery looks. It features stainless-steel casing and a textured feel on its top. The Evod TWIST 2 battery is durable and portable. As such, you can enjoy a wonderful vaping experience across the day without the need to recharge. 

Some of its attributes include:

  • User-friendly lock/unlock function: You can switch your battery power on and off by clicking the power button five times in two seconds. In response, the power button flashes three times. To avoid unintentional use, always turn off your battery when not in use. 
  • Atomizer protection: If you repeatedly click on the power button for over 12 seconds while the battery power is on, the protection function is automatically activated, switching off the battery. Remove your finger from the power button, press on it once more, and continue enjoying your vaping experience. 
  • Short circuit protection: The battery features an inbuilt capacity to detect and protect against short circuits. Let's assume you've connected a faulty atomizer, and it results in a short circuit. In this case, you don't have to worry about your battery heating up because it will switch off on its own until you get rid of the bad component. 
  • Low voltage protection: If the voltage levels drop below 3.2V, the device goes into stealth mode and turns off. If you press the power knob, it will flash 15 times, signaling that you need to charge the battery.
  • Voltage adjustment: With a 1600mAh voltage capacity, the battery allows users to choose a specific voltage for the ideal vape cloud. To do so, you can use a dial to adjust the voltage as you see fit.
Yocan UNI

Yocan UNI

This is a pioneering 510 cartridge battery vape set. It comes with a flexible cartridge port that allows it to fit with many 510 thread wax cartridges options. 

It features a unique diameter dial plus a height slider that gives users maximum control over the fit of their attachment. So, various types of cartridges can fit snugly. The battery attaches to the cartridges via a magnetic 510 threaded adapter, thus allowing for fast cartridge loading.

The battery offers a 600mAh voltage capacity to match the wide variety of atomizers it is in sync with. It comes with three pre-installed power settings. They range from Low to High voltage output to heat up your wax concentration into full-flavored vapor.

To switch it off or on, press the control button five times. To adjust the voltage power, click on the single control button three times. The LED power light indicators allow you to monitor the voltage settings. The white light indicates 3.4V. The blue indicates 3.8V, while the green light denotes 4.2V.

Courtesy of the high-tech Heat Wave mechanism, the battery's voltage output will by design set at 2.5V after four seconds. The power will then be adjusted back to your chosen level. This feature protects the heating coils from overheating. Overall, you enjoy the fresh flavor of your wax concentrate for the entire vaping session.

Recharging the battery takes only an hour using the USB fast charge cable. The stored charge can support your vaping sessions for days. 

O.Pen Vape 2.0 

The O.Pen 2.0 voltage battery is the perfect blend of form and functionality. 

  • Heat modes: The battery offers four voltage settings between 2.4 and 4.0 volts. As such, the user has total control over how they enjoy their vaporizing experience. The lowest voltage setting is associated with a mild experience, while the highest voltage output guarantees users a highly euphoric experience comparable to a dab. Adjusting heat settings is done by a simple button press, making this a convenient device to use wherever you go.
  • Rapid charging: The battery also comes with a touch-activated 20-minute fast charger. Swipe your finger across the logo on the USB charger to start the Rapid Charge Mode. The light indicator will change to red from orange to indicate rapid charging. Later, the light indicator on the charger and battery will turn green to indicate a full charge.
  • 510 thread: The universal thread count makes the battery fully compatible with many wax cartridges. 

The Ooze Slim Pen Twist Battery

The Ooze Slim Pen Twist Battery

None of the 510 wax batteries out there can rival the Ooze Slim Pen Twist battery. It is a budget-friendly, discreet, and functional vape battery that enjoys compatibility with almost all pre-filled wax concentrates, delta 8, and essential oil 510 thread cartridges. Its matte black finish is stylish yet simplistic and doesn't draw unnecessary attention when you're vaping. 

The Slim Pen Twist Battery is ideal for the novice user who wants to try out cartridges as well as the everyday veteran. Its special features include:

Preheat Mode

The battery features a novel preheat mode. To activate it, press down the button twice quickly and then stop. The battery will heat continuously for 15 seconds and then switch off.

Adjustable Temperature Settings

The battery offers a voltage output that ranges between 3.3V and 4.8V. To choose a specific voltage, twist the dial at the bottom of the vape pen. If you want to turn on battery power, click the dial button five times within two seconds. The LED light indicators will illuminate, signaling the battery is switched on. Press the button down once to stop heating. The battery will switch off after 15 seconds to safeguard against overheating. This ability to adjust voltage affords you more control over your vaporizing experience. 

These light indicators will show you the amount of charge in the battery:

  • Green indicates a full charge.
  • White indicates a 50 percent charge.
  • Red shows urgent need of charge. 

Smart USB Charger

The Slim Pen Twist battery boasts a 320 mAh capacity. It comes with an Ooze smart USB charger that provides overcharge protection. So, when the battery is charged up to full capacity, the charger automatically switches off. This mechanism helps to prolong the overall lifespan of the battery.

The use of non-Ooze chargers increases the risk of battery degradation over time. Overheating the battery is another likely concern in that scenario. That's why you should avoid using a non-Ooze charger, or else your battery's lifetime warranty will be void.

CCell Silo Auto Draw Battery

CCell Silo Auto Draw Battery

The CCell Silo is wonderfully designed with attention to the last detail. You will notice this immediately after you order it and receive the sleek slide-out box in the mail. The box contains the following items:

  • Silo Auto Draw Battery
  • USB charging cable
  • Two metallic magnetic adapters

It features the following:

Compact Design

The Silo battery is taller and wider than some other batteries, but it's still impressively compact and small. It measures 63mm in height, 28.8mm in width, and 18mm in depth. The battery completely shields the cartridge vaporizer thanks to its aluminum alloy drop-down design. A viewing opening allows you to check the level of wax concentrates you have left and whether you need to refill

510 Thread Compatibility

As previously mentioned, the Silo device comes with two metallic magnetic adapters so you can connect one of the magnetic adapters to a 510 thread cartridge and onto the Silo's battery chamber. It will attach magnetically. The connection is strong, too. 

No Button Pressing

After connecting your cartridge with the battery, all that’s left is to draw on the vape. It's that simple—as we said, no buttons to press. Just inhale, and the wax concentrates are heated to flavorful vapor for a wonderful vaping session. The Silo lithium-ion battery stores the charge very well and will last you for a while without having to be recharged. In fact, you may take more than 200 hits before you charge the device again. As such, it's a great companion, especially if you're always on the move.

Micro USB Charger

You should charge the battery to full capacity before you first use it. Though the device is charged before it’s shipped, a proper charge before you start using it serves to condition the battery, improving its efficiency and overall lifespan. You will notice that the small LED indicator is on when charging the battery. Once it reaches full charge, the LED turns off. 

Also, the device is compatible with a host of other chargers already in your possession.

What Should You Look for When Buying Your First Wax Pen Battery

What Should You Look for When Buying Your First Wax Pen Battery?

When shopping for your first vape pen, you should know what features to look at, as these will affect your vaping session. These include:

Power (Voltage)

The best wax pen batteries feature adjustable power settings. This means you can adjust the power setting to a specific voltage to suit your needs. For example, a high power setting produces a richer, full-flavored cannabis high. For new users with low tolerance, a lower power setting can produce milder effects. This type of control allows you to customize your vaping experience. On the majority of vape batteries, the voltage can be adjusted through continuous rapid clicks of the dial button.

Capacity (Battery Life)

The ability of the battery to preserve its charge is an important consideration. Are you constantly on the move and want something to last all week? Or are you a stay-at-home mom and want something less potent? A battery with 350mAh capacity can last for a day or two, while 1300mAh can take you for a week without charging. The decision is yours.

Button Activated Vs. Auto Draw

Button activated batteries allow for preheating mode inside the cartridge, while auto draw only requires you to inhale, and the cartridge fires up.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of options to consider when it comes to choosing a wax pen battery. Do you want your battery to be auto draw or button activated ? What voltage does your cartridge require? These are some of the questions that might be crossing your mind.

Wax pen batteries come in different sizes, colors, designs, voltage capacity, and features, but we’ve laid out some of the best ones to choose for you. 

Knowing what you want in your wax pen battery will help you buy a vape battery that matches your desired vaping experience.


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