All About Silicone Pipes
All About Silicone Pipes

Glass Pipes are the go-to devices for those who want a convenient way to smoke. These handy portable devices make the whole process of smoking exceptionally easy- just pack your bowl, light, and inhale. However, if you want the same convenience without the fragility of glass, you might want to check out Silicone Pipes instead.

Silicone Pipes are the perfect alternative to Glass Pipes for anyone who needs a compact smoking device. Although they won’t give you the same smooth taste you get from a glass device, they’re sturdy, reliable, and highly effective. Some would even argue that Silicone Pipes are better than Glass Pipes. Here are a few of the reasons why Silicone Pipes are better.

Silicone Is Hard To Damage

Most high-quality Glass Pipes are made with borosilicate glass, making them sturdy enough for most users. With that said, glass is still a fragile material and they’re still prone to damage. For instance, if your Pipe falls onto a hard surface it’s likely to break- not to mention that you’ll also have to worry about dents and scratches.

All of these woes are instantly eliminated when you use a Silicone Pipe instead. Silicone is a type of plastic that’s designed to be durable and long-lasting. Not only is it resistant to dents and scratches, but you won’t need to worry about it smashing if you happen to accidentally drop it or knock it off the table.

Not only is it exceptionally hard to damage, but silicone doesn’t degrade or decompose for years on end. While some types of plastic would break down and leave nasty microplastic pieces in your device, silicone is reliable enough to use for all of your smoking sessions. This makes it arguably the best material for a Pipe.

Silicone Pipes Are Unique And Colorful

Many users are attracted to the fanciness of Glass Pipes, especially when it comes to Color Changing Pipes. Not only are these devices ideal for smokers, but they also make for a good addition to any glass art collection. However, while Silicone Pipes might not be quite as lustrous, they can still be exceptionally eye-catching.

The designs of Glass Pipes don’t appeal to anyone, and Silicone Pipes often offer unique and colorful designs that are sure to stand out and catch your attention. For example, the Silicone Print Pipe is available in all kinds of awesome prints, each one different from the next. Not to mention these devices are durable enough to last for a lifetime.

If you’re looking for something different from the average Glass Pipe, then you won’t be let down by the appearance of Silicone Pipes. Those who prefer vibrant, colorful designs might even prefer the look and feel of Silicone Pipes, and you can find them in a wide range of unique styles.

A Silicone Pipe Is Much Easier To Clean

A Silicone Pipe Is Much Easier To Clean

One of the biggest drawbacks of using a Glass Pipe is the cleaning process. Because of how fragile it is, you’ll need to carefully hand wash a Glass Pipe using rubbing alcohol or a similar cleaning solution. What’s more, leftover resin from your dried herbs might end up sticking to the glass.

In contrast, Silicone Pipes are much easier to clean than Glass Pipes. Although you’ll still need to clean them thoroughly to reduce the build-up of bacteria and resin, it won’t feel nearly as inconvenient as cleaning your Glass Pipe.

Since you won’t need to worry about scratching or denting your Silicone Pipe, the whole cleaning process becomes a lot easier. While you can clean Silicone Pipes using the same methods you’d use to clean a Glass Pipe, you can also save yourself the hassle and pop them in the dishwasher. Silicone is completely dishwasher-safe, so your Pipe will come out clean and fully intact.

Silicone Pipes Are Convenient For Various Situations

Even if you have a Glass Pipe that you love using, it’s not convenient for every situation. For example, if you want to take your beloved Pipe while you’re on a road trip you’ll need to consider how to keep it safe and secure to avoid it getting damaged or lost. Even when smoking with friends, you might worry about the damage it could sustain.

Silicone Pipes are perfect for these situations. You could probably put a Silicone Pipe in the glovebox and not worry about it breaking from rattling around. Plus, even if you use it for smoking sessions, the post-session cleaning process is much quicker and easier.

This makes a Silicone Pipe a highly worthwhile purchase even if you already have a Pipe. If you need a backup Pipe for the times you don’t want to use a Glass Pipe, then a Silicone Pipe will fit the bill. It’s affordable, durable, and suitable for all kinds of situations.

Silicone Pipes Give You Great Value For Your Money

Silicone Pipes Give You Great Value For Your Money

One of the best things about buying a Silicone Pipe is that you won’t be let down by the price. Usually, silicone smoking devices are cheaper than comparable glass devices. That means that you can get a high-quality Silicone Pipe without having to spend much at all.

In addition to buying highly affordable, you won’t need to worry about making any repeat purchases. Due to how sturdy they are, a Silicone Pipe can last you for as long as you need it. No matter how many times you use it or wash it, your Silicone Pipe is unlikely to get damaged or degrade.

While it’s true that you can also find many quality Glass Pipes at great prices, it doesn’t hurt to add a Silicone Pipe as well. It makes for an excellent secondary device and, for such a small purchase, you’ll get plenty of value for your money.


A Silicone Pipe is a worthwhile purchase for pretty much anyone. It’s compact, affordable, effective, and practically impossible to break or damage. You can also find other silicone smoking devices, such as a Silicone Hybrid Bong or even a Silicone Dab Rig. Whether you’re looking for a silicone or glass device, you can find everything you need at Fat Buddha Glass.


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