Is It Better To Buy Bongs Online Or In Store
Is It Better To Buy Bongs Online Or In Store

There’s no question that a Bong is one of the best purchases any smoker can make. Not only is smoking with a Bong much more convenient than rolling joints or packing blunts, but the hits are smoother and more potent. It can even help filter out unwanted toxins from your smoke, resulting in a purer and more enjoyable smoking experience. But is it better to buy Bongs online or in-store?

Bongs can now be found in various places. For instance, you can find Bongs in physical head shops or even in cannabis stores if you live in a state where marijuana is legal. With that said, online buying is often a more convenient option, especially as you can find a huge selection of Bongs available for legal and discreet nationwide delivery. Here’s a guide to whether you should buy a Bong online or in a store.

Advantages Of Buying Bongs Online

For most consumers, buying a Bong online is the best option nowadays. The main advantage of buying a Bong online is that you can find a massive selection of Bongs at amazing prices. Local head shops often mark up prices on Bongs, so while you might find a decent selection in your local store, you’ll probably have to pay more for it. Online stores offer high-quality Bongs at all price ranges.

The selection when you buy a Bong online is staggering. Instead of sifting through display cabinets, you can browse through categories such as Scientific Bongs, Colorful Bongs, Big Bongs, and Mini Bongs. You can also sort products based on price, color, brand, and other attributes, making it much easier to find the perfect device for your needs.

Ordering a Bong online is also surprisingly convenient. Some stores offer free shipping across the United States. What’s more, products are packaged safely and discreetly, meaning your purchase will be kept secret and your Bong will make it to you without getting damaged.

Advantages Of Buying Bongs Online

Disadvantages Of Buying Bongs Online

Buying online is a good option for those who want convenience, good prices, and convenient home delivery. With that said, it might not be the perfect option for everyone. There are a few disadvantages to buying a Bong online that might make you want to buy a Bong from a store instead.

When you buy a Bong online, you can’t personally assess the device. Although product descriptions and reviews can help you gauge whether it’ll suit you, some users might prefer to see their devices up close and personal before purchasing. Some users may also prefer the ability to pick up a Bong from a store and take it home the same day rather than waiting for delivery.

You’ll also need to avoid poor-quality stores. There are now many online head shops and some stock subpar products. Fortunately, you can avoid this by buying from trusted and reliable online head shops such as Fat Buddha Glass, which offers secure shopping, easy returns, and a dedicated support team.

Advantages Of Buying Bongs In Store

Some people across the United States might have a hard time finding a good head shop. However, those who have one in their area might want to consider buying a Bong there, especially as buying a Bong from a physical store has a couple of advantages over buying online.

The experience of buying a Bong in-store is preferable for some consumers. Walking into a physical head shop allows you to see a range of products in person. This makes it easier to determine exactly how a Bong looks before you buy it, leaving out any guesswork.

Of course, the other main benefit of buying a Bong from a physical store is that you can take it home right after buying it. You won’t need to wait for delivery and you can smoke from your newly-purchased device on the same day. This makes it a more convenient option for many users.

Disadvantages Of Buying Bongs In Store

Although buying a Bong from a physical cannabis store or head shop is fairly convenient and allows you to see your purchase first, it’s not without its disadvantages.

One of the main disadvantages of buying a Bong in-store is that you’ll probably pay more than you would when you buy online. Head shops often overprice their Bongs, especially as they have running costs they need to cover. This can make it harder to find a good deal. Most physical stores also have a slimmer collection than online head shops.

You might also want to keep in mind that, when you buy a Bong from a store, it’s likely that it’s been sitting out in the open for a long time collecting dust and fingerprints. Although cleaning a Bong is easy enough, it’s inconvenient and might make you want to reconsider getting a store-bought Bong.

Some physical head shops still offer a good selection of Bongs at fair prices. Some also avoid selling display items and keep their products well-packaged to make them more appealing. With that said, this comes down to what’s available in your area. 

Buying Bongs In Store

Is It Better To Buy Bongs Online Or In Store?

Buying a Bong in-store is an attractive option, especially as you can assess it firsthand and walk away with it the same day you purchase it. With that said, buying a Bong online is usually the superior option for most users.

Unless you have a great head shop in your area, you’ll usually find a much better selection of Bongs when you buy online. Online prices are also much better than what you’d find in a physical store, giving you more value for your money.

Although waiting or paying for delivery might put a damper on things, you can still get fast, free shipping from a good online head shop. When you consider these advantages, it makes buying online a particularly appealing option.


Buying a Bong in-store is a good option for those with a decent local head shop, but you’ll usually find much better deals online. You can find a massive selection of high-quality Bongs at amazing prices, all available for fast and free delivery right here at Fat Buddha Glass.

Bongs aren’t your only option, either. If you want an alternative, you can also check out a range of Glass Pipes, Bubblers, Dab Rigs, and all the Smoking Accessories you need.

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