Get High with 10 Smoking Hot Instagram Queens

get high with 10 instagram queens

10 Smoking Hot Instagram Weed Queens 

The cannabis industry is booming right now, and the stigma behind weed for the most part is long gone. With the stigma gone, and weed readily available, there has been a growth in marijuana influencers. Marijuana influencers are people who promote the consumption of cannabis and get a high level of engagement on their platform. Within the industry, most of these influencers are women, and they mostly happen to be smoking hot women. This blog will clue you in on some of the hottest cannabis influencers on Instagram out there.  


Mia Beyer is the epitome of social media influencers, she is known for singing, playing guitar, and smoking weed. She can often be seen in her pictures smoking a joint, bong, or blunt, with blunts being her clear favorite. Mia makes no effort to hide her love of weed and embraces it, she has made marijuana part of her brand and even gives some shoutouts to some of her favorite dispensaries and products. She's based in LA, so if you're in the area you should check out all the strains and dispensaries she mentions being good. 


Just by the name trippy trees, you can tell that this is a cannabis-centered account. This is a more provocative and sexy account as most of her pictures are of her smoking weed in a bikini. She is also a connoisseur of vegan edibles, so if this is something you're interested in be sure to check out her recommendations. Other than that, you can also find cool giveaways, product reviews, tutorials, and travel videos on her page. 


Jennie, or she flies high, is a stoner diva, and her queen attitude is evident the moment you look at her page. Like most of the others on this list, Jennie is a professional model, and most of the pictures on her page are shot professionally rather than them just being a selfie or a mirror picture. Recently she has branched out some and started doing dispensary unboxing videos as well as Q&A sessions. Jennie has also started her own merchandising company called Tokin Asians, which mostly consists of T-shirts and accessory items. 


If you're looking for a more intense cannabis-centered influencer account, look no farther than pothead princess. She is a big dab enthusiast, and you can often see her hitting her dab while munching on her favorite stoner snacks (she is also a big foodie). She often talks about what her favorite concentrates are and even hosts giveaways. She is even a part of The Real Cali Collection, which is the second oldest seed bank in the U.S., the second oldest legal one anyway. Pothead princess is quite the hustler, she's got a lot going on and is worth the follow. 


Sarah Jain might be the most popular influencer on the list, she is a world-renowned cannabis cover girl. She is another influencer who is obsessed with dabs, and she considers herself both a hash and dab professional. She is often posting pictures of herself outside, and since she lives in the San Francisco area there are some really beautiful backdrops. Lastly, on top of all this, she also is a fan of psilocybin mushrooms and has some content with that as well. She goes to all the big cannabis events and can be seen taking pictures with tons of other stoner celebrities in the area, 


Koala puffs stand out on this list as she is more of an entrepreneur than a model. That's not to say she's not smoking hot; she just doesn't purposely post any steamy pics. Her followers don't seem to mind, and she has a ton of them. She focuses mostly on her own lifestyle company, which sells marijuana-related merch like vape pens, equipment bags, dab mats, bongs, and lighters. Koala puffs even produced a catchy song called Puff Pass, which is the perfect song to listen to when you're sharing a bowl with some friends. Koala puffs does it all, she's a great follow if you want to be exposed to a little of everything within the weed industry. 


Muh Riah stands alone because along with the gorgeous views that you'll see of her, you'll also see a bunch of beautiful pictures that she takes of others (and the outdoors) as she is both a model and photographer. Her brand Uprise Collective makes content for other influencers so you will often see her work on other people's pages as well. Muh Riah focuses on cannabis, travel, and women empowerment. Her interest in these facets as well as her photographer's eye make her stand out amongst other cannabis influencers. 


Lizzy Jeff is a self-proclaimed medicine woman, visionary curator, and rapper. She has her own brand-named Zen and Kush which focuses on music production, event hosting, brand consultation, creative direction, and one on one mentoring. Whether you're looking to be an influencer yourself or just want to understand more about the healing powers of marijuana, this account has a lot to offer. 


Sewkey Herrera is another influencer that seems to do it all, she is a cannabis model, actress, content creator, and even a professional music artist. She often draws on her background as part Korean and Mexican in the creation of her products. For example, her most recent creation is a line of cannabis genetics that she calls the Ramen Strain. One other note is that viewers should beware that Sewkey's content is more explicit than the others on this list, and she even has an OnlyFans for those that don't think her Instagram is revealing enough. 


Ashley dee is a cannabis model who does contest giveaways, owns a retail shop named Rustic Angels, and also has an OnlyFans for more steamy content. Her retail shop is antique-based and sells rustic furniture, collectibles, and vintage Knick-knacks. She often partners with many LA dispensaries and brands for her giveaways and even occasionally teams up with LA Kush, which is known to have some of the best herbs in the country. 


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