7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a High-Quality Bong?
High quality bong

Reasons Why You Should Consider A Good Bong?

Way too many smokers out there are using cheap and badly built bongs. Going cheap is perfectly fine when you're first starting out, especially if you're not sure you're going to like bongs (though who doesn't), but you're not going to want to keep using your cheap starter bong forever. If you're wondering why that’s so, you're in the right place, keep reading to learn about the 7 reasons why you should buy a high-quality bong. 

1 Can Seamlessly Fit in with your Aesthetic 

Bongs are the most artistic of all the smoking devices, they're often called the centerpiece of a weed collection because of how much attention they command. It's not uncommon to buy a bong specifically because you like the design and how it looks, you can even have a custom bong made if you want it personalized. The catch with these super awesome-looking bongs is that they're all high quality, meaning you are not likely to find a $10 bong that is super cool looking. The artwork is more than worth a price increase though, think about it, you are going to be using and looking at this device for a really long time. It's not like a joint or blunt where looks don't matter at all, this is something that is going to be reused over and over again. Opting for a higher-quality bong can help you find a bong that fits your aesthetic better and is more appealing to look at. 

2 High-Quality Builds 

Higher-quality products typically offer a better experience, and that holds true in the case of bongs. Cheap bongs are made from acrylic or silicone and while these bongs have their advantages and are good for their pricing, they cannot compare to the purity of glass bongs. Silicone is going to ruin the taste of your hits and acrylic bongs might even emit harmful plastic fumes every time you inhale. Glass bongs on the other hand offer the purest taste, meaning you will taste nothing but your weed, and they don't emit any harmful fumes. Some might point out that glass is the more breakable of the materials, but this is often the case with more expensive and higher-quality items. If you take care of your device this isn't a worry. Glass bongs are greatly superior to other materials, and this is reason alone to opt for a higher-quality bong.  

3 Delicious and Flavorful Rips 

Higher quality bongs are going to have your tastebuds thanking you, and not just because glass offers purer taste, but also because of the extra filtration that is often in place. First off, higher-quality bongs often sport an overall larger design, and this means you are going to be using more water and therefore your smoke will be cooled and filtered more. On top of this, nicer bongs have added percolators, and this too will make your hits taste better. You can feel sure that you will have flavorful rips with a high-quality bong because basically every single impurity will be removed thanks to all the extra filtration, and on top of that, the glass material doesn't interfere with the taste like other materials do. 

4 Better for Measuring your Doses 

Compared to many other consumption methods, bongs are better than most at allowing you to measure your dosage. All you must do to figure out how much weed you’re smoking is fill up your bowl to your liking and then weigh it. Once you understand how much you are consuming just keep track of how much you smoke each time and then you can figure out where your sweet spot is. If you have a good bong, you will be able to interchange multiple different bowl sizes in and out of the device. What this allows is for you to have multiple-sized bowls for different occasions, for instance, you can have a bowl that is just one hit worth of weed for any time you don't want to get super high. Better control of how much you smoke is huge because it gives you the ability to completely guide your high and overall experience; buying a good quality bong will ensure that you have this ability. 

5 Better for Effective Smoke Sessions 

When you smoke with a good bong you waste none of your herb. When you smoke with other devices, like a joint for example, there is often a trail of smoke that you do not get to consume and ultimately waste. Bongs also immediately cool down the smoke from your herb and this preserves weeds active ingredients and keeps it as potent as possible. If you don't want to be buying weed that you don't even get to smoke and want to make sure that your weed is as potent as possible, you need to be smoking with a high-quality bong.  

6 Offer Higher Resale Value 

This one isn't for everyone, but if you're someone who might possibly resell their bong in the future you should definitely go with a high-quality bong. It's simple, good bongs appreciate over time, but the same cannot be said for lower quality ones. Nobody wants to buy an old and used silicone bong for a few bucks, they can just go online and buy a brand-new crappy bong, which is already going to be cheap. Contrarily, good quality bongs offer many reasons someone might want to buy an older used one. Because high-quality bongs are more artistic, there are plenty of bongs designs that get discontinued or can be hard to find as time passes. This means that people who see your cool bong that they can't find anywhere else might be willing to pay a pretty penny to get their hands on your used goods. 

7 Enhanced Smoking Experience 

If you put all the other reasons together what you will conclude is that high-quality bongs clearly create the best smoking experiences. They offer the most artistic value, they have more filtration, they create more delicious hits, they allow you to better measure how much herb you're consuming, they don't waste any herb, and they offer higher resale value. If all these reasons don't add up to a better overall smoke experience compared to cheaper bongs I'm not sure what would. There's no better feeling for a stoner than upgrading your bong, everyone deserves to graduate from their first cheap bong and experience the greatness of a high-quality bong. 


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