Hilarious Podcasts to Listen to While you're High

Best podcasts while stoned

Best Podcasts To Listen To While Baked 

Oddly enough podcasting has had a recent surge in popularity, and it has quickly become one of the most popular types of media consumption. Thousands of new podcasts pop up every day and you can find them about practically anything. One of the many reasons that podcasts are so popular is that they can be done in conjunction with many other tasks. Listening to a podcast while you're driving home from work, while you go on a walk, or while you're playing video games are common ways people listen to podcasts while doing other things. Another great activity you can throw into the mix while listening to a podcast is getting high. Ripping a massive high-quality bong and listening to podcasts is a great combo because they both enhance each other. Getting high makes the podcasts more entertaining because it becomes funnier or more thought-provoking. Podcasts make your high better because you'll enjoy your time more if you are constantly laughing or pondering something particularly interesting. With that said, here are some of the funniest and best podcasts to listen to when you're high. 

This Past Weekend 

This past weekend is a podcast done by Theo Von about things that happened over the last week. This podcast is great for rolling up some rolling papers for. The tagline for the show is things that happened this past weekend and sometimes what happened on other days. If you didn't know, Theo Von is a hilarious stand-up comedian, so he's not just some Joe-Schmo that is talking about the recent events. Theo has great delivery and makes sure to talk about the most interesting things he could find, he also responds to e-mail and video submissions from fans and guests and even hosts many interviews. Stoners should love this content as it is both super interesting and funny, and sometimes both at the same time. Some of the types of people you can expect him to interview are MMA fighters, sex workers, other comedians, musicians, and more. This Past Weekend is a general podcast for those that want a funny and southern perspective on recent events, making this a great stoner podcast. 


If you're looking for something that will push the limits of weirdness and awkwardness, check out Tigerbelly with Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kuhn. This is more of a bubbler podcast. Seriously, this podcast will take the mind places you never thought it would go, especially while you're high. A couple of the many topics this podcast talks about are social no-nos and animal behavior. Imagine listening to a super funny description of an antelope's mating patterns while you are completely stoned— you're going to be balling laughing. It's almost as if Tigerbelly was specifically made as a stoner podcast, it is definitely up there with the best things to listen to while high. 

Brilliant Idiots Podcasts 

Hot takes are a big fad lately, especially within sports, but the Brilliant Idiots Podcasts takes it a step further and focuses on hot takes about day-to-day life. Most of the ideas you'll hear on this podcast would never be discussed by traditional media, hence the idiot's part of the title. Idiots are funny to stoners, and that's exactly why this is a podcast that you should be baked for every time you listen. Another great thing about this podcast is that it has been going on since 2014, so there is plenty of content for you to catch up on (plus this means it at least must be relatively funny and successful). 

Your Moms House 

Your Moms House is a sneak peek into the lives of two married comedians in Tom Segura and Christina Pazitsky. You'll hear everything from stories about their daily lives to their takes on what is happening in the world. Additionally, because both are famous in their own rights outside of the podcasts, they have a lot of collective contacts to call on and they often bring them onto the show. Lastly, they help lucky fans who have been chosen to have their submissions read with tons of hilarious and wise advice. You can't go wrong with getting stoned and listening to this podcast, this one has stoner podcasts written all over it. 

The Fighter and The Kid 

The duo of comedian/actor Bryan Callen and Former MMA fighter turned comedian Brendan Schaub is a truly awesome pairing. Both guys have climbed the comedy scene ladder and are now huge in the realm, particularly on the west coast. In fact, both frequent the most famous podcast in the world, The Joe Rogan Experience. This podcast is somewhat similar to the Brilliant Idiots Podcasts in that they often give their unscripted takes on what's happening in the world and more hilariously and interestingly take about what should be happening in the world. You're going to want some big bong rips for this podcast as the episodes are often 90 minutes in length.  

Pardon My Take 

You can't have a podcast list without Pardon My Take on it. As the name suggests, Pardon My Take is another hot take podcast, except this time it is about sports. This isn't just any old sports podcast though; this is a sports podcast that prides itself on being biased and anti-analytic. These guys are extremely partial to their favorite teams and players, but they are aware of this. This can lead to some baffling and hilarious arguments and discussions between the hosts that you will surely want to be high for. The crazy thing is, some of their takes actually seem pretty reasonable, but that also could just be the weed talking. There are way too many serious sports podcasts out there, it's about time that a comedy-based one exists, that way you can get your sports fixing in and still laugh along the way. This is surely one of the best things to listen to while high and a true stoner podcast. 


Podcasts are here and they're here to stay, and this is great news for stoners. Nothing against music, that too can be a great thing to listen to while high too, but sometimes it's fun to switch it up. Who's to say you can't listen to music for a little bit and then switch over to a podcast later, if you have time just take another couple of hits and enjoys both while high. Either way, podcasts are super fun to listen to while you're stoned, you'll be laughing plenty and might at times be in deep thought about some cool conversations. This blog hopefully convinced you of that and pointed out some particularly good stoner podcasts to try out! 


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