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Glass blunts have had a giant surge in popularity as of late, and for good reason, they are super practical smoking devices. They require little effort to keep them well maintained, they are durable, and they aren't too complicated. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions for how to use a glass blunt, so stick around if you're a newbie or even if you just need a refresher. 

How the Glass Blunt Works and What Makes It Great. 

The glass blunt is a device that makes it easy to smoke your herb without the hassle of rolling a blunt. It's a great option for those who want to be able to light up at a moment's notice. The glass blunt will let you experience the bliss of smoking blunts without the same prep. You no longer have to wonder about how to smoke a blunt, all you have to do with the glass blunt is load up the pipe and you're ready to go. Everybody knows the inconveniences of both having to buy blunt wraps and wrapping them (and most even know somebody who can't wrap them). For those who are greatly bothered by the inconveniences of traditional blunts, the glass blunt is to the rescue. 

How to Pack Your Glass Blunt Pipe 

If packing your glass blunt is so easy, then how exactly do you do it? Well, we'll get into more detail in the step-by-step guide, but the extremely shortened version is that you will have to pull the screw off, fill the tube with the right amount of herb, put the screw back in place, and then remove the cap on the opposite end to light up. The rest of the article will provide more help in how to smoke a blunt, this was just the appetizer. 

Tips for Packing a Glass Blunt 

Experienced blunt smokers always have great tips and tricks for how to smoke a blunt, and we're going to share a few of them so that you can start on the right foot. The first tip is to make sure to take strong hits, this way your blunt will stay lit for as long as possible (blunt will still blow out after a few minutes). Another great tip is to make sure you grind up your marijuana before packing it in the tube and use the screw to push it closer to you. Keep in mind that the more weed you pack in your blunt the stronger your hits can be. Lastly, just have fun and remember that you will get better at it the more you do it. 

Are Glass Blunts Safe 

Glass blunts are perfectly safe if you use them appropriately. If you are filling them with safe substances and acting responsibly then you can rest assured. And don't worry about burning yourself, the glass is specifically made for you to hold and put to your lips, so feel confident knowing you won't burn yourself! 

How to Use a Glass Blunt – Step-by-Step Guide 

Step 1: Remove the screw 

First things first, you must remove the screw to fill the blunt. The screw is twisty, but you can simply pull it to remove it, you do not need to twist. On the opposite end is a cap (not twisty) that will catch all the weed you put in. 

Step 2: Fill the Tube 

Now that the screw is removed, fill the tube up. Remember that a lot of weed can give you stronger hits but will also put out your blunt faster. Make sure there is at least some space so that your blunt can stay lit long enough. If you want to be precise, one gram is the recommended amount. 

Step 3: Twist/Push 

Once you have filled the tube to your desired amount, it's time to put the screw back on. Before you secure it in place though, make sure to twist the screw counterclockwise until your weed is evenly distributed throughout. After that, push the screw in until you hear a pop, that will let you know it's firmly in place. 

Step 4: Remove the Cap 

The last step is to remove the cap which is opposite of the screw you just put back on. To get rid of the ash, turn the screw in a clockwise motion. 

How to Clean a Glass Blunt 

Luckily for you, glass blunts don't take a ton of effort to clean. Nonetheless, they still need to be cleaned just like every other smoking device and you should know how to do so. To adequately clean your glass blunt you will need a brush and a picker tool. The brush is necessary to clean the inside of the tube (your hands can't reach). It will help you to clear out any remains. After that, you should use warm water to rinse out the tube, make sure to let it dry before your next use. The picker tool is used to clean the smoking holes of the blunt, which get buildup after a few uses. A good rule of thumb, if you don't know whether your glass blunt needs cleaning, is that it does… if you must wonder, then it should be cleaned. Also, keep in mind that it's better to clean it right after you use it than wait to clean it right before you use it. Overall, though, cleaning a glass blunt is easy. 


Glass blunts are great devices that simplify and quicken the process of smoking a blunt. This guide hopefully alleviated any questions you may have had like how does a glass blunt work or how to smoke a glass blunt. With this info in hand, you can go relax and focus on having fun. And if this new info about glass blunts isn't enough to motivate you to get one, you're either crazy or haven't checked out the awesome collection at Fat Buddha Glass. 

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