How to store cannabis gear

how to store cannabis gear

Many don't think much about storing their weed, but proper weed storage keeps your bud potent and fresh. Not to mention, without proper storage your weed will taste nasty. Luckily, proper storage isn't hard to do (but no, a little plastic bag is not proper storage) especially with the growing number of great options and development of storage technology. So let’s get into all the details about how to store cannabis!  

Best Way to Store Cannabis 

There are a great number of different containers and jars that will do the trick of effectively storing your stash, so rather than give a list of those, it's best if you know what types of things you should control and look for in those containers. Firstly, make sure that the seal on your container is airtight, exposure to air is the number one risk factor for losing THC levels. After air, the next most important variable is temperature. Try to keep your cannabis around room temperature, maybe even a little colder. Generally speaking, it's a good idea to keep your container below 76 F. Keeping weed above this temperature can cause it to get moldy or mildewy. The next important consideration is light exposure. This one is easy to get right, just keep your stash away from sunlight. Some storage containers may even have built-in UV protection. The last thing you should keep in mind is humidity. If your weed gets too dry it will age quicker and lose its taste. A great way to make sure the humidity levels are right is to add humidity packets, which can make any storage container the perfect humidity. These rules are not suggestions, they are important, especially if you are storing your cannabis long term.  

How to Store Concentrates Long Term 

When it comes to storing concentrates, all the same rules of storing cannabis apply. You will need to make sure your concentrates are in a dark area, at the right temperature, in an airtight container, and at the right humidity. Along with these rules, it's a good idea to store concentrates in glass or silicone containers, this will make it easy to get your goods out when the time comes (concentrates won't stick to glass or silicone). 

What is the Best Way to Store Glass Pipes 

Properly storing your glass pipes means keeping the glass intact and mitigating odors. There are many ways to do this, but in general, you will want whatever storage container your pipe is in to have some kind of padding or a layer of protection. On top of making sure the glass doesn't break, you want to mitigate the smell, you can do this by having an odor-proof box or through home remedies like adding a drier sheer. One neat tip if you're scrambling for a good storage solution is to use an old sock. Putting the pipe in a sock will protect it and the sock should absorb the odors, so it helps in both ways. Be sure to still put the sock in a jar or other storage container. 

Storing Bongs and Bong Equipment 

Bongs are the easiest to store of all, just stand them upright anywhere of your liking. If you have a cool bong that you want to show off it can even become a piece of decoration. Otherwise, if you need to be more discrete, you can still use a storage box, just keep in mind that it'll have to be pretty large. 

Storage for Joints, Spliffs, and Blunts 

Storing joints, spliffs, and blunts is relatively easy because there are tons of containers that work well given their small size and cylindrical form like this joint tube. All the same rules about how to store cannabis still apply here. 

Storage for One-Hitters 

One-hitters can be stored as easily as joints, spliffs, and blunts can, but if you want to get fancy there are storage containers made specifically for one-hitters. These containers will have a spot for your cannabis as well as a hole to slide your one-hitter into. These make it easy to store everything together, it's especially convenient for travel. 

Storing Vape Pens 

Vape pens are another small gadget that is easy to store. Although many people keep them in their pockets throughout the day, we recommend storing them in a more secure place when you're not using them. You can put them pretty much anywhere, just make sure the glass cartridge is safe. Other than that, stick with the basic rule of keeping them out of extreme temperature. 

On-the-go Storage 

By now you know the basics and everything you really need to know regarding the best ways to store cannabis. Another thing to consider however is if you are going to be traveling. When you're traveling, protecting your equipment, and reducing smell become way more important and at the same time more difficult. Make sure to add lots of padding/wrapping around all your equipment. The best thing you can do if you are going to be traveling is to buy specifically made containers for bringing your cannabis and gear with you. 


Storing your weed is just as important as any other step in the weed smoking process. Proper storage will keep your weed potent and in good condition. Remember that the 4 basic rules of cannabis storage are keeping a good temperature, an airtight seal, not too much light, and good humidity. Cannabis storage isn't difficult, so make sure you do it right! 

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