How to choose a bubbler?

How to choose a bubbler

How to choose a bubbler 

Choosing the right device to smoke your weed out of is the first step to a good time. There are tons of great options out there so picking the best one for you might be a challenge if you don't know about many of them! One of these great options is the bubbler pipe, this article will cover all you need to know about the bubbler so you can see if it is something you want to try! 

What is a Bubbler Pipe? 

A bubbler pipe is a mix between a bong and a water pipe. Glass bubblers consist of a bowl, stem, water chamber, and mouthpiece, so you can see why it is very similar to a bong. One advantage a bubbler pipe has over a bong though is that it is much more portable due to its smaller size. So, what's the advantage over pipes? Well, it is much healthier than a pipe, as you take a hit, the glass bubbler is cooling down the smoke which limits the impact of the smoke you inhale on your lungs as well as creates very smooth hits. Water bubbler pipes are a great option due to them being very portable and offering smooth hits. 

Types of Bubblers 

There are six types of bubbler pipes, and while all have common features like a bowl, a stem, and a water chamber, there are still plenty of differences among the bubbler types. 

 Pendant Bubblers 

As the name suggests, pendant bubblers can be worn like a necklace. These are typically the smallest bubblers and are great for bringing to events. 

Double Bubbler 

Double bubblers have two chambers rather than one, the point of this is to create extra smoke filtration. Doing this will give the user a supremely clean and cool rip. 

Concentrate Bubbler 

Concentrate bubblers are for smoking essential oils. Concentrates have male joints rather than female, but otherwise, they work the same as any other bubbler. If you ever want to switch things up, grab some essential oils and use a concentrate bubbler. 

Sherlock Bubbler 

Sherlock bubblers get their name from their looks, as they closely resemble the pipe used by Sherlock Holmes. If you want to look as cool as you feel, consider the Sherlock bubbler. 

Hammer Bubbler 

Like the Sherlock, the hammer bubbler is named after its apparent look. Shaped like a hammer or mallet, this bubbler has the added feature of being able to lay nicely on any flat surface. 

Sidecar Bubblers 

Sidecar bubblers were intended to fix the issue of water-splash back, they accomplish this by having an additional mouthpiece that extends from the side of the chamber. Splash-back is not a huge deal, but you may experience some with bubblers like the Sherlock and the hammer. 

What to look for in a High-Quality Bubbler 

Along with bubblers having a few different distinct types, they also, like everything else, come in varying qualities. Sometimes it may be obvious which bubblers are high quality and which aren't, but for the cases where this is not the case, there are a few general rules. First off, look and see if the bubbler advertises that it is made from lab-quality or scientific glass, this is a great assurance that the product is high-quality. Other good rules of thumb are to look for newer bubblers and read the reviews of people who have already used the product. Other than those general guidance's, it is up to the user to decide what specifics they want in their bubbler. 

Choosing The Best Glass Bubbler Pipe 

If you are wondering how to choose a bubbler pipe you are in luck! Choosing the best bubbler pipe means sorting out what it is that you want out of your bubbler pipe. If you are most concerned with portability, then it would make sense to opt for a nice pendant bubbler. Likewise, if you care much about style then you may want to consider a Sherlock bubbler. Whatever the case, the first step in choosing the best glass bubbler pipe would be to identify which type you want. After this, there are still other things you can consider like the size of the bowl or the size of the stem. One last thing to consider when buying a water bubbler pipe is that it is not a good idea to look for the cheapest one. Cheap bubbler pipes can break more easily, especially given bubbler pipes are smaller in size. 

Bubbler Size & Design 

Bubbler pipes range in size and typically fall within 4-10 inches in length. If you want to prioritize travel, then it would be a good idea to get a bubbler pipe in the 4–6-inch range. If you want something a little bigger that might provide a smoother hit, consider getting a smoke bubbler in the 8–10-inch range. 

When it comes to design, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The design will not impact the functionality and is just a matter of what looks and feels the best to the user. In regard to shape, you can opt for an upright bubbler pipe, the hammer bubbler pipe, or an S-shaped (Sherlock) glass bubbler pipe. Each shape will have tons of different colors and designs that may draw your eye, so be sure to look around. 

Cost of a Bubbler Pipe 

The price of a smoke bubbler is going to depend greatly on the quality of the pipe. You can buy cheap bubblers for as little as 10 dollars; other bubblers can exceed 100 dollars. If you are not using your bubbler often or as your main smoking device then it might make sense to buy a cheaper one, they can still give you a good smoke. In general, however, don't penny-pinch when buying a bubbler. High-quality glass and reliable name brands will cost more, but they are well worth it. High-quality bubblers are important if you care about having good filtration and creating awesomely smooth hits. Aside from this, it should be noted that glass bubblers can be hard to clean due to their shape and size, buying a cheap one will only make cleaning that much harder. You can buy a bubbler for nearly any price, but keep in mind that the good ones can cost more than a few bucks.

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Glass bubblers are the perfect combination of bongs and pipes. They make for great options due to their portability and perfectly smooth hits. There are tons of different bubbler pipes out there, no matter what you are into, there are water bubbler pipes for you.   
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