Weed Smoking: Common mistakes and How to avoid them

Weed Smoking Common Mistakes

Common mistakes while smoking weed and How to avoid them

Smoking weed is a great time, it can be a way to relax after a long day or it can be an awesome time hanging with your buddies. And while smoking weed isn't a challenging activity, there are a few common mistakes that may be hindering your experience. These mistakes don't always make or break your experience, but still, why not try to avoid them and take your weed sessions to the next level! Don't assume mistakes are only for rookies either, even pro-weed smokers make mistakes from time to time. 

Using a Poor Lighter 

A good lighter is a must for weed smokers. For starters, a good lighter is easier on your lungs since many bad ones contain harmful chemicals. If you use matches, for example, you will be inhaling Sulphur and burnt Sulphur at that. Don't use regular lighters either because inhaling butane isn't any better. On top of this, the taste of the butane will not be a good one. If you need more motivation to ditch your regular lighter, consider that the non-biodegradable plastics used to create them are awful for the environment. 

Instead of a regular (butane) lighter or matches, you're best off using a hemp wick or an electric lighter. A hemp wick lighter is all-natural and does not contain any harmful chemicals, this also means you will get a smoother hit. An electric lighter may be another good alternative since they are flameless and do not have butane. 

Not knowing Indica from Sativa 

The mistake of thinking all weed is the same is mostly a problem for beginners, all weed is certainly not the same. There are two central strains of marijuana, one being Indica and the other Sativa. These strains can give cause very different vibes so it's important to know the difference (especially for beginners). 

Indica is a relaxing strain, and this is what you will want to smoke if you are planning on spending the night on the couch with some snacks. On the other hand, Sativa is more energizing and might be better for large groups or activities that are more active. As a general rule of thumb, it's better to start with indica because you are less likely to experience anxiety. Lastly, it should be noted that there are hybrid strains that can provide varying levels of the effects depending on the mix. All strains are pretty great, but it's still a good idea to know the differences.  

Not Cornering Your Bowl (Aka Torching the Bowl) 

Not cornering your bowl is a big mistake for any smokers that enjoy their herb in groups. In fact, this is exactly how not to smoke weed. Cornering the bowl is when you light just the edge of your bowl so that you leave some fresh weed for your friends. This won't change your hit at all, and your friends will get a better one. If you light the whole top of the bowl you are going to be passing them ashes, and they want to be smoking weed, not ashes. 

Not Knowing How to Use the Carb Hole 

Carb holes can let the smoker have more control of airflow and their hit, and yet so many smokers still don't know how to use them correctly. The carb hole is a tiny hole in a pipe located near the bowl. When you light up, put your thumb over the carb hole until you create enough smoke for your hit. Once you've done that remove your thumb and inhale. Doing this will clear the smoke from your bong and better your experience. 

Inhaling Too Deep or Too Shallow 

Surely everyone knows the story of goldilocks right, well it's the same story here. It is a common misconception that the bigger the rip the better the high. In reality, the first second of the hit is when all the THC is absorbed anyways, so bigger does not equal better in this case. At the same time, however, a tiny hit is not going to get you high and will just be a waste of your mary jane. So, for the best time, try for a medium hit and enjoy the ride. 

Not Storing Your Weed Correctly 

Storing your weed correctly is vital to a good smoke session. Without proper storage, you run the risk of dealing with a nasty taste and even worse, the THC losing its potency. A good storage container will be airtight, cool, dry, and out of the sun's reach. Mason jars are a safe option that are tested and able to store your weed for some time. There are plenty of other weed storage options that may work even better, just make sure they have the qualities mentioned earlier. Don't ruin your weed by thinking the storage process isn't important because it definitely is. 

Not Drinking Enough Water (And Forgetting Lip Balm) 

Every weed smoker knows about cottonmouth, aka a dry mouth. Good hydration is one way to fight this, so make sure to load up on not only weed but water too. It's a good idea to always bring water with you whenever you plan on smoking. On top of drinking water during the fun, make sure to drink water before and after too. 

Along with taming your cottonmouth, it's a good idea to prepare for any chapped lips you might deal with while smoking. An easy way to ensure you don't have to deal with the annoyance of chapped lips is to make sure you always have some lip balm on you, it's as simple as that. 

Not Having a Good Grinder 

A good grinder is an essential tool for weed smokers. Once you use a good grinder you will never go back. They allow you to roll even joints and get an even burn that feels perfect. If you get a really good one, they will come with a kief catcher which will definitely brighten your adventure- kief can be sprinkled on a bowl to add flavor. A good grinder is essential if you want to take your weed smoking to the next level. 

Not Using Screens or Keeping Spares 

Nobody wants to inhale ash or plant particles into their lungs. This is where pipe screens come into play, they keep you from inhaling ash and everything that is not the weed you're trying to smoke. When using screens, it's important to change them often so they keep working well. With that in mind it is important to have plenty of spares, trust me, you will need a lot. 

Waiting Too Long to Clean Your Equipment 

Weed smokers often procrastinate when it comes to cleaning. When it comes to your smoking equipment, however, make sure this isn't the case. Dirty equipment will begin to smell and can completely ruin the taste of your herb. After each use, you should at least rinse your equipment with hot water, and a deeper cleaning is in need at least every few sessions. 


There you have it, some of the most common mistakes while smoking weed and how to avoid them. With the knowledge of this list in hand, you now know the best ways to smoke weed. Whether you knew most of these tips or were quite humbled by the list, surely there is something to be learned by every weed smoker, even the seasoned vets. 


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