How to Hide Being High

Hiding being high

How To Be High Secretly 

Not everything can be planned for, sometimes you have to expect the unexpected and that includes when you're high. Perhaps someone that you weren't planning on interacting with approaches you after a big smoke session with a bong bigger than your body. Or maybe you must work on something that you didn't know would come up until after you have already gotten high.

No matter what the specifics are, there are going to be times when you'll need to pretend that you aren't high when you really are. It's something that you don't want to wing either, it's better to know ahead of time the things you can do to hide your high. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about hiding your high, from how to hide dilated pupils to activities you can do that make you look inconspicuous. 

Stay Hydrated & Eat Food 

As soon as you realize that you need to hide being high start drinking water. Drinking water will help you to feel less high, which in turn should help you act less high. Staying hydrated does this by getting rid of your cotton mouth and dry eyes. Along the same lines, drinking coffee can help you to feel soberer by making you feel alert.

It wouldn't hurt to have both a glass of water and a cup of coffee, that way you can reduce your dry eye and dry mouth symptoms while feeling more alert. And while drinking fluids is a must, you should get some food in your system too. Specifically, foods that have been known to help combat THC. Foods that do this are pine nuts, lemons, peppercorn, and black pepper.

Interestingly, CBD is also quite good at reducing symptoms of THC and keeping you calm. Consume as many of these things as possible and you'll feel and act soberer. 

Consciously Fight the Common Symptoms of Being High 

When we get high, there are a few common behaviors that most of us have, and these can be used against us since if others notice them they may suspect we're high. One of those behaviors is excessive laughter. It might be true that everything seems hilarious to you when you're blazed, but for you to hide your high you're going to need to try and keep more of a straight face.

Constant giggling and a huge grin are dead giveaways that something is up. Another harder to conceal side effect of being high is clumsiness, and it's better if you're not bumping into everything. Do your best to avoid situations in which you'll be moving a lot.

Lastly, keep your brain awake— when people are high they tend to zone out and forget things, but you have to nip that in the bud. Write things down on your phone if you have to, but constantly forgetting things is going to set off sirens that you're high. 

Take Care of the Smell 

There's no point in any of these other tactics to hide your high if whoever you're hiding it from can smell weed on you. Now it may be too late for this, but the best thing you can do to not smell like weed is to take the right precautions while you're smoking. Smoking outside or into an odor catcher can significantly lessen the amount of odor that sticks to you. If you didn't take these precautions though, there are still a few things you can do. For starters, it would be a good idea to change your clothes. If you are inside, consider spraying some 420 odor spray to help with the smell.

This only takes a minute and should cut down how much you smell like weed by a lot. If you have time, you can take a shower too. Other than that, remember to take care of your breath, you can do this by eating mints or chewing on some gum. Lastly, regardless of how well you think you mitigated the smell, it's best not to take any chances, aka don't get into people's personal spaces.

Having a good distance between you and others will make it harder to smell any faint traces of weed that might've gotten through your smell reduction process. 

Look the Part 

Not only do you need to smell right and have the right mental capabilities, but you also need to look as if you are sober. One obvious clue that you're high for instance is having bloodshot eyes. An easy solution to this is to carry some eye drops on you.

If this is not an option for you then chug some water and hope for the best. You can also wear sunglasses if you're outside, and you probably should as sunglasses also hide dilated eyes. Another tactic is to claim that allergies are making your eyes act up. If you want to sell this you can offer whoever you're talking to some of your allergy meds and have tissues on you or nearby.

If you are in a pinch and you don't have any tissues or allergy medicine nearby you can also tell them that you slept with your contacts in on accident. Do your best to conceal your red-eye and/or your dilated eyes because that is the biggest sign that someone is high. 

Don't Talk Too Much 

If you're in a conversation, let the other person lead it. Trying to make discussion and take the lead while you are high is not ideal. You may say some stuff that is strange and leads to suspicion or you might even accidentally say that you're high without even realizing it at first. If you're not in a conversation, don't start one.

Avoid eye contact with others if you're at a function with multiple people, otherwise, you may be approached and chatted with. If you're already in a conversation and it's a bigger group that is chatting together, try to agree with what someone is saying. Interjecting your own ideas and thoughts while high isn't a great idea but staying completely silent is suspect too. Instead, keep it short and agree with a point that someone else is making. 


Hiding a high is not ideal, it can ruin the fun of being high and it also isn't easy. But still, sometimes it needs to be done and it's a good idea to have a plan for how to hide your high before you need to put it into action. The best things to do while you are high and trying to be discreet are the ones that you would do while sober. It's best to look natural and not like you're trying to hide anything.

Aside from that generic guideline, there are a lot of different strategies you can take to help yourself look less high, but make sure that no matter what you do you attempt to hide your dilated pupils. Hopefully, you never need to hide your high, but if you ever do, now you know-how. 

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