How to Get Unhigh?

How to get unhigh

What to do when you are way too high? 

Getting high is supposed to be relaxing and fun, and most of the time it is. You could be together with a good groups of friends ripping massive bongs having a good time, yet there are times that you may get too high and want to sober up. Getting too high is not fun, it mainly causes anxiety attacks and an overall odd unpleasant feeling.

Other symptoms of being too high include severe paranoia, nausea or vomiting, and extreme confusion.  Most of the time, people get too high because of edibles or hitting a dab rig, that’s because people don’t dose either of them properly, most tend to underestimate their respective effects.

Nobody attempts to get too high, and it’s important to know that getting too high is very rare. That said, it’s still worthwhile to know how to get unhigh in case you do ever end up in this situation. Keep reading for a bunch of tips and tricks about how to get unhigh.   

Marijuana can Affect Each Person Differently 

Before getting into the specifics of how to get unhigh, or to help someone else get unhigh, it’s important to understand that marijuana affects each individual differently. This is crucial to understand specifically in the case of smoking with a group of friends.

For one person the weed you are all smoking might be super relaxing and comforting while to another it might make them feel anxious and nauseous. So, if your friend starts to feel too high don’t blow them off just because the weed feels good to you. This is often the case when one person has a lot more experience smoking weed than the other. 

Someone who is a stoner will be able to handle a lot more weed and therefore they might feel fine with a certain potency of weed while someone who is new to smoking might be having an awful time. Genetic factors can also play a role in how marijuana is processed in each person, some people can naturally handle more weed than others.

Lastly, the environment someone is in can even affect how much marijuana someone can handle. If you’re in an environment where you’re already anxious, then there’s a greater chance that smoking will cause you to feel too high. There are several different factors that go into how high someone feels, and for this reason marijuana works differently in each person.   

Best Natural Ways to Get Unhigh 

1 Take a Walk or Exercise 

Exercise helps get blood flowing throughout your body and in turn wakes you up. This can cause you to feel more sober and less high. Try to exercise in a calm manner, as running may only add to your anxiety. Walking or stretching on the other hand is calming and will take your mind off being anxious. Sometimes all it takes is for your mind to be redirected. To do this effectively, try to focus on the feeling of each step that you take, really home in on the sensory of touching the ground. It helps if you are barefoot and walking in grass, it might look weird, but it helps. Also, avoid the treadmill, it’s better to get some fresh air. And when you are getting that fresh air, don't forget to leave the huge bong inside! Take as much space and time as you can away from your beloved pieces!

2 Drink Water 

Water is often the answer anytime you’re feeling bad, so it doesn’t hurt to drink some water and see if it helps. Plus, staying hydrated will put your body in a better position to get the weed out of your system quicker. It will also help you feel less nauseous and mitigate other regular symptoms of getting high. If you’re new to getting high, then feelings like cotton mouth or dry eyes might be anxiety provoking; staying hydrated fights off symptoms like dry mouth and dry eye and might make you feel more normal. While water is best, any drink other than alcohol should help some— tea, milk or soft drinks all work to some degree.   

3 Eat Foods That May Help Lessen the Effects of THC 

Eating in general is good, as having food in your stomach will ensure that weed isn’t the only thing in you. That said, some foods possess specific compounds called terpenoids which can serve as an antidote to being too high. Foods that contain terpenoids are pine nuts, lemons, and peppercorn. On top of foods with these compounds, there is good evidence that black pepper can also override the feeling of being too high. Black pepper contains alpha-pinene, which when consumed can sober you up quickly. Lastly, there is indications that CBD may help ease anxiety, nausea, and other symptoms brought upon by being too high— just be sure not to consume any product containing THC.   

4 Take a Hot or Cold Bath 

Depending on your set of symptoms, you will either want to take a hot or a cold bath to help you feel unhigh. If you feel hot, which is a common symptom of being too high, then take a cold shower and vice versa. If you don’t think it matters what temperature of bath you take then it probably doesn’t, though cold baths may be more jolting and sobering. It doesn’t have to be a long bath, even just dunking your head under some cold water can help you to feel unhigh.  

5 Practice Relaxation Techniques 

The first thing you should try before trying any of these other methods is relaxation techniques. Meditation and deep breathing have long been treatments for feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Cleaning has also been a relaxation technique to some. And hey, if you really want to pass the time you could clean up your pieces with some of our bong cleaners. Super satisfying. If you’re not sure what to do there are plenty of YouTube videos out there that will walk you through different relaxation techniques. On top of YouTube, there are podcasts and music out there that are specifically designed to be relaxing. Also note that it may be hard at first, but don’t panic or give up, eventually you will start to relax and feel unhigh. 

6 Take a Nap 

Finally, sleeping your high off can be effective. Time is truly the only thing that is going to get you unstoned. If you sleep through your high time will go by much quicker than if you’re awake to experience everything. Napping may not be an option if you are too anxious to sleep, but if you are able to this is the most surefire and easiest way to get through a bad high.  


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