How to clean a glass blunt?

cleaning glass blunts

Cleaning a Glass Blunt? Read This 

Glass blunts are awesome, they give you the feel and portability of a blunt and you don't have to roll anything. They can come in so many different shapes and sizes. Like this little glass fish blunt, or even this seahorse chillum! Glass blunts also last longer than a standard rolled blunt (obviously). You can reuse your glass blunt over and over, which means you don't have to buy rolling papers all the time.

The one drawback with glass blunts, however, is that you must clean them regularly rather than just being able to throw them out as you do with a regular blunt. That said, glass blunts are extremely easy to clean, they won't take much time and it will ensure that you can continue to have great smoke sessions with your glass blunt for a long time.

If you're now wondering how to clean a glass blunt, you're in the right place. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to properly clean a glass blunt. Don't worry, it won't be as tedious as a massive bong!

Why Do you Need to Clean Your Glass Blunt? 

If you smoke often with a pipe, then you might be aware that smoking out of a dirty pipe can be a very unpleasant experience.

The same is true for a glass blunt, you won't have nearly as good of a time smoking out of a dirty blunt compared to a well-kept one. First off, dirty blunts will produce an unkind taste. Unless you prefer the taste of smut over your herb, you should be making sure to clean your glass blunt regularly.

If your glass blunt gets really dirty it may even begin to smell, which is unpleasant in and of itself, but this will also add to the bad taste you experience as smell enhances taste. Plus, if your glass blunt is dirty to the point of smelling bad you might be putting your health at risk by smoking out of it.

Lung infections aren't common but can occur when you inhale harmful bacteria, which is a possibility when you smoke with a dirty glass blunt. 

How Often Should You Clean your Glass Blunt 

How often you should clean your glass blunt will depend on how often you are smoking with it. As a general guideline, you should clean your glass blunt at a minimum once every month if you're a casual smoker, meaning you smoke once or twice per week. If you smoke more than this then you will need to adjust accordingly and clean your glass blunt more often.

Aim to clean your glass blunt at least every 4-6 uses. Keep in mind that it doesn't hurt to clean your glass blunt more than this, some people even clean theirs after each use just to be safe and to ensure the purest tasting smoke possible.

If you forget exactly when the last time you cleaned your glass blunt is it's probably a good idea to not take any chances and just go ahead and clean it. Still, if you want to clean only when absolutely necessary, here are some signs that your glass bong needs to be cleaned: heavy resin buildup, white or grey mold on resin build-up (this is very dangerous to inhale), a potent smell, or discolored/foggy looking glass.

Don't wait to clean your glass blunt, it's a simple process so just buckle up and do it! 

What Materials Will You Need? 

Check out our page of 420 cleaning supplies. In order to keep your glass blunt well kept, there are a few items that you should always have on standby, those items are: some type of glass cleaner (or blunt wipes), a pipe cleaner brush, and either paper towels or Q-tips. In fact, 

How to Clean a Glass Blunt? A Step-by-Step Guide 

Step 1: Disassemble your glass blunt: In order to get into every crevice and cranny you'll need to disassemble your entire glass blunt. Everything screws off pretty easily. If you just want to perform a really quick clean (as opposed to a deep cleaning), you can simply unscrew the two ends of your glass blunt and wash those. 

Step 2: Apply your cleaning solution: At this point, once you have all the parts of your glass blunt laid out, you should begin to use your solution to cleanse them. If you're using isopropyl alcohol you will need to soak each part for a few hours, you can also leave them to soak overnight. If you're using a glass cleaner then you can just apply it with a Q-tip and move directly to the next step. 

Step 3: Use your pipe cleaner: Once you have applied your solution it's time to scrub away at any more resistant imperfections. To do this, rotate your blunt while pressing the pipe cleaner to it. After you do a few rotations you can just focus on scrubbing the parts of your blunt that appear to need more work. 

Step 4: Rinse and dry: Your glass blunt should now be clean and sterile, but still, it's not done. You're going to be smoking out of this device, and you don't want to be inhaling any glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol. To ensure your safety, thoroughly rinse each piece multiple times until you're positive there's no remaining cleanser. After this, let your glass blunt dry. 

Step 5: Reassemble and get to smoking: The last step in this process is to put all your newly cleaned parts of your glass blunt back together. After this, your device should be ready to go, and you can get to smoking. 

Final Words 

Make sure to clean your glass blunt. If you don't, you might potentially inhale harmful bacteria and you'll for sure have smelly bad-tasting smoke sessions. Even if you won't be sharing your glass blunt with anybody else, it might be helpful to pretend that you are going to always be passing your blunt around. And if you wouldn't pass your friend a blunt that hasn't been cleaned in who knows how long then you shouldn't smoke from it either. Plus, cleaning a glass blunt is easy, in 5 simple steps your glass blunt is as good as new. Hopefully, you now know exactly how to clean a glass blunt and you actually do it too! Enjoy smoking with your squeaky-clean glass blunt. 

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