Weed Hangover 101: Prevention and Treatment

How to get rid of a weed hangover

How To Help Your Weed Hangover

We've all had a hangover, it's not a very nice feeling. Most of the time these hangover stem from alcohol usage but believe it or not, smoking weed can also cause a hangover. I mean if you haven't had one, you can easily imagine it by checking out one of our Craftsman Bongs and imagining ripping out of it a couple of times. That'll give you a weed hangover for sure. Weed hangovers are very different from alcohol hangovers, which is not surprising considering how different the two substances are. Keep reading to learn all about weed hangovers and how to prevent them. 

What is a Weed Hangover? 

A weed hangover is probably what you would imagine, it's a bad experience and feeling that you get the day after smoking weed. Fortunately for stoners, weed hangovers are uncommon and many stoners will never experience one. Plus, weed hangovers are not nearly as bad as alcohol hangovers; alcohol hangovers are way worse because alcohol severely dehydrates the body, which makes recovering harder. So, if you've gone through those before this will be a piece of cake. 

Weed hangovers are mild but nonetheless the typical symptoms of one are lethargy, haziness, dry eyes, and possibly mild nausea. None of these symptoms are particularly daunting, and lethargy and dry eyes are the most common of these symptoms anyways— which is great because they are the easiest to deal with. Nausea is the worst of the possible symptoms but it's not super common and it's always pretty mild, it doesn't even come close to nausea you can feel from an alcohol hangover. In short, because weed doesn't dehydrate you the symptoms of marijuana hangovers are much milder than alcohol hangovers, but they still exist and are something that can happen if you smoke too much weed. 

How Do I Know if it's a Weed Hangover? 

Before jumping to conclusions about whether you are having a weed hangover, it might be a good idea to rule out any other possible culprits. Here are some of the main culprits that people confuse weed hangovers with: 

Drinking alcohol or using other drugs while smoking weed: Just because you smoked weed doesn't mean the weed is what's causing your hangover. If you consumed alcohol the night before too then it's much more likely that what your experiencing is an alcohol hangover. 

Lingering effects of Weed: Sometimes you may wake up with some lingering effects of weed and confuse this with a hangover. If you took a higher dose than you're used to then it's entirely possible that you still haven't completely gotten rid of your high. If your only symptoms are feeling hazy and dry eye it is especially possible that you are just still a little bit high.  

If you're able to rule both of these possibilities above out and you've been feeling bad for over four hours after smoking weed the night before then you likely have a weed hangover. 

How do I get rid of a Weed Hangover? 

Typically, weed hangover must run their course and go away on their own. That said, there are some things you can do to relieve the symptoms are help your body try to rid of your hangover quicker. You could also attempt to get rid of it by trying to roll one up with these raw organic papers, might just help.

Stay hydrated: Even though smoking weed itself doesn't dehydrate you, drinking water is the best thing you can do to help with any hangover. In fact, you should be drinking water before, during, and after smoking weed if you can. Being hydrated will ensure that you don't get a headache and will also help with dry eyes and dry mouth. 

Eat a good breakfast: Eating a good breakfast is important every day, but it's even more important after having smoked a lot of weed the night before. Most importantly, don't skip out on breakfast, make sure you eat something. It's better to eat a healthy and well-rounded breakfast although anything is better than nothing. 

Take a shower: Taking a shower can greatly improve your mental, it will wake you up and reinvigorate you. Considering two symptoms of weed hangovers are lethargy and haziness showers are extremely useful. On top of clearing up your mind, the steam from the shower can also clear up airways. 

Make some ginger tea: Drinking ginger tea will help with any digestive symptoms you might be experiencing, including nausea. Take some ginger and add it to some hot water with lemon and honey and that's it, you then have a remedy for an upset stomach or nausea. 

Drink Caffeine: Drinking caffeine might not seem like it would help with a hangover but it's great for weed hangovers. Caffeine makes you feel more alert and can rid your haziness or lethargy. On top of this, caffeine can sometimes relieve headaches (though it can also worsen them, it depends on the person). Grabbing a cup of coffee or tea in the morning after smoking a lot of weed is a must. 

Try CBD: Interestingly enough, some studies show that CBD can reverse some of the effects of a weed hangover. Who would've thought that the same plant that caused your symptoms can also be the plant that relieves them, the marijuana flower is truly a magical herb. If you go with this method, just be careful not to consume anything containing THC, adding THC into your system when you are suffering from essentially a THC hangover is not a good idea. 

Take a pain reliever: If all else fails and you have persistent headache or stomach ache then an over-the-counter pain reliever can help. These won't help get rid of the hangover, but they will surely help you feel more comfortable while you're going through it. 

How to Prevent a Marijuana Hangover 

Now that we've covered what a weed hangover is and how to get rid of them, the last thing you should know is how to prevent them in the first place. The most obvious answer to this question is to smoke less weed or smoke less potent marijuana.  Or even try a smaller piece like one of our glass hand pipes!

Either way, you will be taking less THC into your system and therefore lowering the odds that your body suffers from an excess of it. Other than this, you should know to not smoke weed with any other substances and to use caution when you're trying a new product.  

Firstly, don't smoke and drink, it may seem like fun, but this is exactly how you end up with a terrible hangover. As for using caution with new products, just don't overdo how much you smoke when you don't know how strong the product is. For example, if you're trying dabs for the first time, don't smoke as much as you normally would when you rip your blunt.  

Lastly, avoid smoking weed before the night of a big event. While you never want to have to abstain from smoking weed, if you're someone who often gets weed hangovers than your best option is to avoid smoking when you can't afford to have a hangover the next day. 


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