How to Smoke Inside without Anyone Knowing

Smoking weed inside secretly

Smoking Weed Inside Without Stinking, Possible?

If you live with roommates or share walls with your townhome neighbors then smoking weed can sometimes get tricky. Maybe your neighbor complained that they can smell it through the walls or maybe your roommates are sticklers for not allowing anyone to smoke indoors.

Either way, sometimes you just want to smoke without anyone nagging you or arguing with you about it. Some people simply don't understand and arguing with them often only makes things worse.

Instead, masking your smoking habits might be your best option. If they can't tell that you're smoking then they won't get upset and everyone's problems are solved. This guide will help you learn all the best tips and tricks for smoking inside without anyone knowing. 

Pick the Right Consumption Method 

Some smoking methods are more discreet than others, so it's important to choose an appropriate one if you're trying to get high in private. You may not want to pull out a massive bong. The only foolproof way to not tip off your roommates that you're smoking weed is to not actually smoke weed and take edibles instead.

Edibles can still be a super fun time and they don't have any smells or require any equipment— making them ultra-discreet. That said, edibles don't always suffice, sometimes you just need to smoke some flower.

In that case, your best option is a vaporizer. Vaporizers are virtually odorless; your roommate or neighbor would have to be standing right next to you to have a chance at smelling anything. If you don't have a vaporizer, a small pipe or bong isn't the worst idea. Whatever you do, just don't smoke blunts or joints, those have too much aroma. 

Exhale With Care 

Being mindful of where you exhale can go a long way in allowing you to smoke weed without anyone knowing. First, the obvious don't do would be exhaling towards your neighbor's wall or where your roommates are, don't give the odors a head start in going that direction.

The best place you can exhale your smoke is out your window. Doing this will send all smoke and smells outside and away from anyone that could complain. As soon as you exhale it'll be gone in the wind and no longer a problem you have to deal with. To be even safer you can angle a fan so that it's pushing air out the window as you exhale that way.

However, sometimes the window is not always an option, something you can do in this case is make your own odor catcher. Simply take a toilet paper roll and stuff it with dryer sheets. Once you have that you’re good to go, when you smoke just blow into one end and the device will do the rest, your smoke will come out the other side odorless. 

Think Distraction, Not Disguise 

If you can't help it and you get to a point where the weed smell is already all over the house think distraction and not disguise. If you try to disguise the smell by spraying Febreze or some other air cleaner everywhere it's not going to work, instead, you are just going to create a mix of the two smells.

It will still be obvious to whoever you're hiding it from that you've been smoking weed, they'll be able to deduce what happened and that you tried to hide the smell with Febreze. This might further enrage them since now they have caught you trying to lie to them about smoking.

Instead of trying to hide your smells with something like Febreze which is an obvious odor masker, do something more subtle like bake cookies. (you could also try some weed odor eliminator) The smell of the cookies will work better at distracting your roommate from smelling the marijuana. It also wouldn't be a bad idea to light a candle and open some windows. Lastly, if you want to ensure your roommate doesn't smell anything, you can try to get out of the house with them for a couple of hours. 

Don't Forget About Yourself 

When you smoke weed the smell doesn't just stay in the here, it also attaches itself to you, especially if you smoke a lot. Given this, it's important to make sure that you not only do your best to mitigate the smell in the house but that you also make sure you yourself don't smell like weed.

An easy way to do this is just to hop in the shower after smoking. Always showering after a smoke session can get pretty annoying though, and if you're not feeling that then you can also just change your clothes and put on some cologne.

Additionally, pop in some breath mints or brush your teeth to be extra safe. Make sure not to overdo it though, you don't want to smell like a ball of cologne, one because that smells bad, but two because that might alert your roommate that you were trying to cover something up 

Other Tricks 

Another way you can ensure nobody smells your weed is to buy and use an air purifier. Air purifiers can also be left on most of the day even when you're not smoking weed. This is good because it won't tip off your roommate or neighbor, unlike using a bunch of cologne or some of the other cover-up options that you only use when you smoke.

Using an air purifier doesn't remove every ounce of odor, but it does get rid of the smoke and that will make the odor go away much quicker. 

Try dabbing inside instead. All you need is a dab rig, a nail, and some dab tools! Dabbing is different than smoking standard weed, for instance dabs can have THC concentrations of above 80% (compared to dry flowers average of 15%).

That’s not the only difference though, dabs also smell much less. Dab's do still have an odor, but it's not nearly as noticeable as dry flower. So, unless whoever you're hiding smoking from has an extremely sensitive nose you should be okay with smoking dabs. If you want to be extra cautious you can couple up smoking dabs with some of the other tips listed in this article. 


Some people are just difficult, and if you live with or near someone who dislikes you smoking weed you know exactly who we're talking about. If this is you, then you'll have to be extra careful when you smoke weed, especially inside.

If you take the right precautions though and utilize some of the tips given in this blog you should be okay. Good luck with your sneaky smoke session adventures! 

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