How To Put Out a Joint and Save it for Later Use?

How to save your joint for later article

How To Stash Your Joint, For Later 

Every now and then you find yourself already pretty high with half a blunt left. Maybe you were just given a new strand that was strong, or maybe you rolled a really fat blunt (using sweet rolling accessories) to split with a buddy that ended up not making it. Whatever the case, there's likely going to come a time when you need to save a blunt for later. This guide will go over exactly how to put out and stash your joint so that you never have to worry about wasting any weed. Before you move on however, remember that bowls like these are big enough to last all day. 

The Best Way to Put Out a Joint 

Before getting into how to save a joint for later, you first need to understand the different ways to put out a joint while keeping it in good shape.  

1- Through Stubbing 

Stubbing your joint means taking it and pressing it against a hard flat surface until it is no longer lit. This is what most cigarette smokers do so you are likely familiar with the action. Unlike with cigarettes though, you need to be careful when stubbing with a joint, otherwise your joint will break and lose its shape. 

2- The Flick 

The flick method involves flicking the tip of your joint towards your lighter. You should flick your joint so that it is pointed towards your ashtray. This method works by separating the part of the joint that is burning from the rest of your herb. The flick method is slightly more challenging than stubbing but there is less risk of breaking your joint, plus, the flick method looks way cooler.  

3- The Graze 

The graze is pretty much just a more delicate version of stubbing. To graze your joint simply brush the tip of it across your ashtray. This will eventually remove the burning cherry and allow you to store your joint. This method will probably take a few seconds longer than stubbing but won't be as likely to cause your blunt to break. This is also probably the simplest and therefore best method for beginners, even if it does look a little silly.   

4- The Knock 

The knock method requires that you knock the side of your blunt on the side of your ashtray or whatever else is near it. This is essentially just whacking your blunt until the flame goes out. You will likely have to knock your blunt against the tray several times. Be sure to double-check that the flame is out. This is the most destructive way to put out a joint and it is not recommended if you want to use your blunt again.  

5- Cutting 

If you are new to joint smoking and don't yet feel comfortable handling it, then cutting is the method for you. Just take a sharp knife and cut off the burning cherry from the rest of the joint. Just try not to cut off too much since you don't want to waste any herb. This method does require that you have scissors, or a knife so make sure to plan and carry a pocketknife with you if you want to use this method away from your home.  

6- Drowning 

How do you put a fire out? You put it in water. That is what the drowning method consists of, putting the flame of your blunt into a small amount of water. If you aren't near any usable water then you can also use saliva. This method has the pro of being extra safe since there is no chance of an accidental fire. In the other methods, if you aren't careful with where you put your detached burning cherry you could start a fire. The big con with drowning is that if you accidentally wet too much of your blunt it won't light again later.  

7- Blowing

The blowing method is a cool one. Blowing will separate the burning cherry from the rest of the joint while at the same time increasing the burn rate of the now separated cherry. So, the burning cherry will detach itself and then consume itself. To do this you need to blow directly into the blunt for about 10 seconds.  

Keeping your Joint Fresh 

Now that you know the different ways you can put out your joint, it's time to talk about how to keep it fresh. If you don't store your joint properly it won't stay fresh, and it'll lose both its taste and potency.  

Use a Glass Mason Jar 

Glass mason jars are the industry standard for storing weed. Whether it's just a bunch of plain cannabis or a half-consumed joint a glass mason jar will do. Storing joints in a glass mason jar can also surprisingly be a very nice aesthetic. More important than aesthetic though, is that your mason jar has an airtight seal. It's best if you ensure this by buying a jar specifically designed to store weed.  

Using a Doob Tube 

Unlike a glass mason jar, a doob tube is specifically designed to store blunts in. Doob tubes are super effective at both keeping your joints fresh and also keeping odor enclosed in the tube. Doob tubes may keep your blunts fresh for longer too because they do not allow as much air inside, their shape is only a tad bit bigger than the blunt itself. One other bonus of these tubes is that they are more easily portable, they can fit nicely into a backpack, purse, or even a pocket.  

Using Ziplock Bags 

Everybody has Ziplock bags, and they work just fine for storing blunts for a short time. Ziplock bags are not as effective as the other two options because they allow more moisture inside and they also are more susceptible to physical outside damage. That said, they are a very convenient option and are still better than just leaving your blunt on the counter.  

Safety Precautions 

Although how to put out a joint and how to store a joint seem like relatively easy steps do not take them for granted. If you aren't careful about putting out your joint correctly you have the potential to start a fire. Make sure to double-check that the flame is completely gone and nothing in your blunt is burning anymore. And just to be on the safe side, if you are throwing your blunt away rather than keeping it, do not throw your blunt anywhere that is flammable. That means not throwing your blunt into the bushes, grass, or a plastic bin.  


There's no shame in not finishing a blunt from time to time, it happens to all of us. When this does happen, make sure to follow the right procedures in both how to put out your joint and how to store it. It's easy but a little different of a process than if you aren't saving it. You can't just stop on it, for example. That said, if you follow all the right steps and take the right safety precautions, saving a blunt is as easy a task as they come. And this easy task comes with the great reward of another high for later!  

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