Should You Put Ice in a Bong?

Putting ice in your ice bong

Should You Put Ice in a Bong?

Debating whether you should put ice in your bong? The answer is an easy one. Yes! Ice does a great job at cooling the smoke in your rips to make for a smoother, more pleasurable experience. If you are someone who has been having a hard time with their bong and has not been able to take big rips as you used to. It might be time to look into putting some ice in your bong! There are a whole plethora of benefits that come with using an ice bong. Putting ice in a bong might just be the thing you need to take your sessions, to the next level. Keep on reading, and we will break down everything you need to know about ice bongs, and what ice does to your rips! Or if you already knew what we are breaking down, just send this article to a friend of yours who needs it most! We change the world little steps at a time.

Ice Bongs: What Are They? 

Ice bongs are amazing. But what makes them different from a “regular” bong. Well. It is simple really! It is the ability to efficiently hold ice! That small, but crucial, feature allows you to take your smoking sessions to an icy mountain top without having to leave the comfort of your couch. This feature is called the ice catch or ice chamber. Ice catches and ice chambers are typically located at the bottom of the neck of your bong. They create them by pinching the glass inwards, making a little stand where your ice will be held. Putting the ice inside of your neck is very advantageous for creating a nice cool rip. How does this happen though? Why does this happen? Let's break it down.

Does Ice Affect The Smokes Temperature?

As smoke travels through the ice-filled neck of your bong, the smoke will drop in temperature ever so slightly. In our experience, every degree of temperature difference makes a huge difference in how the smoke feels in your lungs. Which also results in a healthier rip!

Cooling down your smoke is not a new idea, but over the years the forms of ice catchers have improved in design. Both aesthetically and functionally speaking. Making for a better user experience overall! The ice catchers of today are some of the most efficient pieces of design we have seen in the world of everything 420. The level of cool rips they give you is comparable to a bong made of ice! So what types of glass ice bongs are out there? What types of ice catcher styles are there? Let's get into it.

What Type Of Ice Catcher Styles Are There?

 As we said above, ice catchers really are a massive convenience that has been brought to our industry! The stoner world was sick of harsh rips, and out of that disdain came a game-changer. Today there are many different styles of ice-catchers in bongs. Like the bullet ice pinch. The industry standard of today is the three-four-pinch ice catch. They can be found on bongs like this one! However, a lot of glassblowers have opted out of providing an ice catch in their glass pieces. Which is totally ok! What are you supposed to do if you find one that does not have an ice catch? Are you supposed to just sacrifice the potential of a nice cool rip? Or better yet…

Can I Just Put Ice In Bong Water?

Putting ice in the water of your bong instead of an ice catch is just as effective as an ice catch. The whole idea is that you give yourself just a little bit of time to cool off before you inhale. This typically is best done in the neck of the bong, but any amount of temperature change is great! So if you have found yourself with a beautiful bong, that just doesn’t have an ice catch, never fear! Throw some ice in the bottom chamber (if you can fit it in) and rip it away. The results are bound to impress you. Chill out with your friends, and find a way to cool your bong rips down. Everyone will thank you for it! 

What if your bong cant fit any ice? Is that the end of your hopes for cool, smooth rips? Fear not our friends. We at Fat Buddha Glass have a solution for all of your woes. If you are a mini bong owning part of our fat buddha family, or if your bong can’t fit ice at all. Our best tip for you is to throw your bong into the freezer for a solid 20 minutes. Check on it every 5 or so to make sure it doesn’t freeze all the way through, but cooling down your water before a rip will be exactly what you need to make your smooth rip dreams come true! Our last option for you is to go into the market for a new bong! Here at Fat Buddha Glass we even have a bong that has a FREEZABLE CHAMBER. Meaning you can detach it, set it in the freezer for as long as you would like, and then take it out and enjoy a nice cold rip! You can find our freezable bong right here

Can Ice Bongs Be Dangerous? 

Ice bongs are far from dangerous! In fact just the opposite. We believe that the health benefits that come from ripping smoke that is cooler in temperature is the main point that you should take from this article. Aside from having a more pleasurable experience overall, if you are a heavy user every little thing you can do to lessen the negative effects of smoking will help you out in the long run.

Overall, if you are wondering if you should give ice in your bong a try. We say go for it! There is no downside, and better yet, no cost! Freezing some water and throwing it into your bong is the easiest way to change up your smoking situation, and if you haven’t done it yet know that you are missing out! If you have any questions about ice bongs, putting ice in your bongs, or ice catchers, feel free to reach out to us! We love to hear from you. And our goal is to bring you as much information as possible so you can make the most informed decision possible.


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