Simple Stoner Drawings

Simple stoner drawings


When you get high, everything is fun. I mean everything. You could be staring at a wall, and find something entertaining about it. However, what could be more fun to do while high, than be creative? A good sesh with a nice bong can get your creative juices flowing and you should listen to your creative impulses when they strike! This is why we are here. 

We hope to provide you with some inspiration for what to draw. The best things to try and go for are just your average simple stoner drawings. You know, some really easy simple stoner drawings. The kind that you don’t have to think about, and can just let your creativity spill out onto the page. Stoner drawings are some of the most fun images to look at, so you might as well make some yourself! You don’t have to share your creations with anybody if you don’t want to, but after you are done, we would love to see what you have made. 

So to give you inspiration for your stoner trippy painting, we put together a list of a few different artists and ideas to check out! This is a mix of digital artists, photographers, painters, and general ideas for helping you start creating your own art. If you think we left someone important off this list be sure to hit us up in the comments so we know what or who to add. Alright. On with the easy stoner drawing inspiration. 



The first up on our list is an Instagram user that goes by the handle @bambashkart. This digital artist creates some of the most interesting stoner-based drawings we have seen. They are all very surrealist. Some superimposing old 50s pinup girls into a whole plethora of different situations. 

You can take inspiration from this by either trying to recreate one of his drawings or making your own simple stoner drawing based on one of his pieces! Either way, you are sure to have a lot of fun.

Do Some Nature Drawings

Ansel adams

One fun way you could get your creativity flowing is by going into nature! Get outside! Close your eyes, take in a deep breath of fresh air and listen to all of the life that surrounds you. Of course, not all of us have the luxury of being able to step into nature whenever we want. We have to travel to find anything good. So the next best thing is to take inspiration from artists' photos of nature! And who better to inspire you than Ansel Adams? After 20 minutes of staring at his black and white photography, you will definitely find yourself inspired and ready to take pen to paper!

Weed Feed

Another Instagram account that we take a lot of creative inspiration from is the infamous Weed Feed. Weed feed always comes in with the best memes. Their beautifully curated page is full of fun photos with weed nugs intricately photoshopped in, pastel colors, and hilarious memes. If you are looking for a good place to look at for creating something simple, there is no better place than weed feed. Don’t just take it from me, however, take it from their 514K followers on Instagram as well! Browse and enjoy!

Jimmy Alonzo

Alonzo art

Jimmy Alonzo is a surrealist artist that draws cartoon-like characters with vibrant colors and zany expressions! These art pieces truly are one of a kind. His style is a lot of fun to look at immediately after a joint, he makes it easy to get lost in the art. Following his bold lines up and down the page. This is an artist that deserves a lot more respect than he gets, so show it to him by using him as some solid inspiration for crazy stoner art of your own! You will love what you create!

Get Inspiration From Our Bongs

Our bongs

Ok, this is a shameless plug. But let us rationalize it. Our collection is a solid work of art in and of itself. Meaning evey single piece that you can choose on our site really is a stand alone art piece. Our bongs are handcrafted, and when you look at them your creative juices really start to spark up. Once you actually end up using one of them, your creative juices will be bursting at the seams. So next time you are looking for some easy stoner drawing ideas, do it with a Fat Buddha Glass bong. 

Get a Coloring Book

coloring book

Alright look we know that not everyone is a full-fledged artist. We can’t all be Monet, Picasso, or DaVinci. If you don’t have the same skills as the great artists of our time, does that mean you shouldn’t try to make art? Heck no! It means you should try even more because you aren’t doing it for anyone else but yourself. For fun! One way of doing this is by getting a coloring book! Coloring books provide you with easy access to fun creative sessions. Put a coloring book by your bong for your next session, and then tell me it wasn’t the best idea you have ever had. Let us know how it goes!

Recreate A Classic

class weed art

All great artists have inspiration. We stand on the shoulders of giants that came before us, so let us acknowledge those on whose shoulders we stand! One way of taking your stoner painting ideas to the next level, look at those that came before us! Then attempt to recreate their work! 

If you are getting to this point in the article and you still haven’t found the perfect cute stoner drawing idea to make your night perfect, go back to the top of the list. All of these ideas are perfect for keeping you busy for the next few sessions, at least! If you want to be the life of the party, bring one of these ideas to your next group session to see your friends go crazy with excitement. In the meantime, happy browsing, and we hope that you find your piece!

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