The Smoker's Ultimate Guide to Chillums
The ultimate chillums guide

Stoners Guide - Chillums 

What is a Chillum 

A chillum is a handheld smoking device that is similar to a one-hitter. Chillums are a great device for being discreet and smoking on the go. They take the shape of a hollow tube with a bowl on one end and a mouthpiece on the other, they are often referred to as hand pipes. Chillums have been commonly used for hundreds of years, dating back to the early 18th century. Although they're an older device, their popularity has been growing steadily throughout the last 50 years or so. There's good reason for their popularity too, and every stoner should have one of these in their weed collection. This guide will go over everything you need to know about chillums. After you become a pro on everything chillums, don't forget to catch up on our other useful guides right here as well.

Benefits of Using Chillums 

There are many advantages chillums have over other smoking devices; most of these advantages come from their size and simplicity. Chillums come in a few different types and sizes, but they are all small. Their small size makes chillums a great option for travel or smoking in public. They can conveniently fit just about anywhere you need to store them, including your pockets. Some of them are even so small that they can be hidden by your hands. This means you can pull them out of your pockets and keep them covered by your hands the entire time, this is perfect for smoking in public. Other advantages of chillums include offering better tasting hits than other on-the-go devices, being easy to clean (especially when you use quality cleaning products), and the fact that they are relatively inexpensive. Add all these advantages together and it's easy to see why chillums have stood the test of time. 

Types of Chillums 

As with most smoking devices, chillums have a variety of options when it comes to what type of chillum you want to get. Although they're all small and simple, each option offers a considerably different experience, so let's go over three of the most common types of chillums. 


As mentioned earlier, chillums are sometimes referred to as one-hitters, this is because a one-hotter is a type of chillum! One-hitters are essentially just an even smaller version of the standard chillum. This just amplifies the advantages of being discreet and great for travel. The one potential downside is that these types only offer one hit at a time, as their name suggests. So, while a standard chillum can deliver a few hits, a one-hitter is going to give you just one and therefore a quicker and milder high. This can be seen as an advantage though since one-hitters are a great starter device for those who don't want to risk getting too high. Their one-hit nature also means you won't be wasting any herb, potentially saving you money. 

Dugout Pipes 

The dugout pipe is more of an add-on than a separate pipe, but it is listed as a whole additional type because of how much this add-on does! The dugout pipe is a case for your one-hitter that also holds all your weed. This is super convenient for travel as you won't have to worry about having multiple different things to rummage through your bags for. The dugout pipe will also drastically change the look of your chillum, making it look like a pocket lighter. Dugout pipes are perfect for taking with you to smoke anywhere and everywhere. 

The Monkey Pipe 

The monkey pipe is the perfect tool for those who like novelty and just want something different. Derived from the dugout pipe, monkey pipes too were designed to be discreet and slide into your pocket. The difference with the monkey pipe is that rather than being the shape of a lighter they are the shape of a pocket knife. Monkey pipes are so unique and different that many people may not even recognize them as a smoking device. If it's discreteness you're looking for, a monkey pipe is perfect since it is small and even dressed in disguise to look like a knife. 

How to Use a Chillum 

Chillums are simple tools; this means they are intuitive and easy to use. The first thing you will want to consider though before smoking with it is whether your chillum has some kind of filter. Because chillums have been around for so long, some of the older types do not come with filters. If yours doesn't, consider adding some screens to protect your lungs and make the hits a little smoother. After that, grind your herb to a fine consistency and pack it tightly into the bowl. Following this just put the chillum's mouthpiece to your lips, light the bowl, and inhale. A pro-tip is to corner the bowl, meaning you should light the edge of the bowl rather than the center. 

Cleaning a Glass Chillum 

Given the fact that there are so many types and materials of chillums there are also a ton of ways to clean them. That said, many new chillums are made of glass, and glass chillums are super easy to clean. The most simple and best way to clean a glass chillum is to soak it in isopropyl alcohol. You are probably familiar with this method if you have any other glass smoking devices. The alcohol will sanitize your device and remove any residues. After an hour of soaking your chillum just rinse It out a few times, let it dry, and then it's as good as new.  

The Cost of Chillums 

Chillums have a wide price range and can be dirt cheap or one of the most expensive smoking devices in your collection. On the cheap side, you can get a chillum for as little as $5. Keep in mind that chillums of this price are not going to be great quality, but if you just want to try it out then go for it. $5 for any smoking device is a steal of a deal. On the expensive side chillums are going to cost about $100, and sometimes more. These are typically specialty chillums that have all the bells and whistles and are made from top-tier materials and brands. 


Chillums are small handheld devices that have the main purpose of being discreet and great for travel. Their simple nature also makes them super easy to use and clean. On top of all this, they are typically on the cheaper side of things. That all said, chillums are not going to be great for super long smoke sessions or getting extremely blazed, they are more for a great high outside of the home. Every stoner should add a chillum to their collection if they don't already have one, there's a reason they've stood the test of time. 


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