diffused ash catchers and dry ashcatchers

Dry Or Diffused AshCatchers?

Cleaning your bong can be tedious and annoying and be a real pain when you want a quick high. Alternatively dirty bong water, especially old dirty bong water can actually make you sick as it has ash and leftover plant matter from your last smoke sesh. Using ash catchers can be a quick and easy way to make the bong cleaning process easier and faster while not being too much work. Ash catchers can also make your hits smoother and catch very thing you don’t want in your bong before it even gets there. Adding an ash catcher to your existing bong is a great way to get smoother hits and keep your bong clean while alleviating you of the stress of any kind of resin build-up in your bong that you may not want. 


An ash catcher is a glass piece that you attach to your bong in order to catch any unwanted ashes or small pieces of bud that burn off in the process of hitting your bong. These devices usually come in both 14- and 18-millimeter sizes and have both 45- and 90-degree angles. You can attach these pieces to an existing bong or bubbler to catch all the ashes and other unwanted byproduct of lighting your weed. Ash catchers are far and away the best way to cut down on cleaning time for your bong or bubbler. The water in your bong won’t get dirty as fast because the ashes are now being caught in your ash catcher versus going straight into your bong. An ash catcher usually only takes 5 or so minutes to clean versus the 15-20 minutes it takes you to fully clean out a bong. There are both dry and diffused ash catchers which each provide some benefits and downsides. Both can be used effectively it’s just up to personal preference because some might value certain qualities over others. 


There two types of ash catchers, dry and diffused ash catchers. A dry ash catcher is a bit deceiving because you do put a little bit of water at the bottom but its only purpose it so makes it, so it catches pieces of ash easier and is easier to clean. When using a dry ash catcher, the smoke does not get filtered any more than it would without an ash catcher. Its main purpose it to just solely catch any unwanted particles or pieces from getting into your bong. A diffused ash catcher, or a percolated ash catcher is very different from a dry ash catcher. While both do the job of catching any ash and making it easier to clean your bong, the diffused ash catcher also adds an extra layer of filtration to the smoke when you light it. When you light your bowl, the smoke goes down through the tube of the diffused ash catcher and filters through the water in your ash catcher once before it even goes to your bong. This leads to smooth hits but also makes the drags harder and longer. Dry ash catchers have no extra layer of filtration but will provide easier drags. Diffused ash catchers can provide that extra step of filtration which can be good if your current bong or bubbler may be hitting a little too harshly or if you just want longer and smoother drags. 


The main pro of both dry and diffused ash catchers is catching the ash and debris that comes with lighting up your bowl. Another pro of the dry ash catcher is that it’s very easy to clean. While the diffused ash catcher is also easy to clean, the dry is even easier because it does not have the extra tube through the center of it and is really easy to just rinse out that build up resin or ash that has accumulated in your ash catcher. A dry ash catcher also does not add any extra filtration to your bond rip making it quicker and easier. Using a dry ash catcher will not make your drags any longer and won’t be any different than what you’re normally used to. The major con is also that it doesn’t add any extra percolation. This means that your smoke will only be filtered once like a normal bong and can lead to harsh hits on your lungs. 


Again, the diffused ash catcher also catches any unwanted ash or debris from your bong and helps reduce resin build up in your bong. This also leads to having to clean your bong less. The pros of the diffused ash catcher are simple. The diffused ash catcher adds and extra step of percolation which means you’ll have longer and smoother bong rips. If your bong rips right now feel a bit too harsh and you want to mellow them out, then a diffused ash catcher is exactly what you need. The downsides of the diffused ash catcher are that the drag from your bong will take longer, and it will be harder to completely clear out smoke from your bong in one breath. Diffused ash catchers are also normally heavier than dry ash catcher and can be a bit tougher to clean if some of that debris and ash gets into the end up the tube that allows for percolation. It is relatively easy to clean, and it will save you from cleaning your bong so often, but it may be a bit tougher than a dry ash catcher. 


Whether or not you want a dry or diffused ash catcher is completely up to personal preference. Ash catchers aren’t even necessary for smoking out of a bong but can make your life much easier by cutting down on cleaning time. Everyone knows cleaning out a bong completely and thoroughly is a pain and having a dirty bong can make you sick. Using an ash catcher is a simple and relatively cheap way to clean your bong less and when you do it takes much less time. If you want longer and smooth drags, then a diffused ash catcher may be right for you. If your bong is already smooth and you don’t want to take extra-long drags but just want a cleaner bong than the dry ash catcher might be for you. Whichever one you choose, it will save you a lot of time and effort spent cleaning your bong and won’t affect the potency of your bud in any way.


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