What is a Dab Rig Banger?

What is a dab rig banger

Dab Rig Bangers, What, and Why 

A dab rig banger is a pretty awesome-sounding name for something, and yet, many people don't know what it is. If you break it down, you will see that dab rig is in the name, and from there it should be understood that whatever this is deals with dabbing. If you're new to dabbing or interested in getting started, stick around to learn what a dab rig banger is- it's important to know about all the parts of the equipment you use. 

What Does Banger mean? 

A banger is the part of your dab rig that heats up and vaporizes your concentrates. It is a type of dab nail. A banger works the same as a bowl on a bong and in fact, it is also the shape of a bowl (a little more flat than a bong bowl). Bangers are made from many different materials including titanium, glass, ceramic, and quartz. Material matters when it comes to bangers and quartz is the gold standard. 

Why Quartz nails are the best 

As just mentioned, quartz is hands down the best material for banger nails to be made from. Usually, there are pros and cons to each different type of material, leaving which is best is up to personal preference, but that is not the case with quartz dab nails. The only con is that it they are more expensive, and the pros are that it works better in every other way. Specifically, the most vital pro of the quartz material is its extreme resistance to heat. This allows you to heat your quartz to temperatures that are unsuitable for other materials. Titanium is the closest material to replicating this level of heat resistance but even it falters and deteriorates over time (unlike quartz). On top of this, quartz offers the same level of beauty as glass and is similarly able to be customized. The only reason every dab nail isn't made of quartz is that they are more expensive, but that's okay because they are well worth the price. 

Types of quartz bangers 

Although we've established now what a banger is and that it should be made of quartz, that doesn't tell us everything we need to know. Within the world of quartz bangers, there are many different types/styles and they all have different focuses. Below are three of the most popular banger styles right now.  

  1. Quartz banger buckets: the banger bucket refers to the shape of the banger nail. A quartz's banger bucket has a 90° design and looks exactly like (as you might've guessed) a bucket. This type of quartz banger is great for large dabs and times when you are smoking lots of concentrates. 
  2. Quartz flat-top bangers: A quartz flat-top banger is very similar to a banger bucket only it is flat on top rather than slightly slanted. This is to allow for carb caps to fit better. 
  3. Quartz thermal banger: Thermal bangers are focused on heat retention. In a thermal banger, both the outside and inside walls are heated, this will keep the banger hot for much longer than other types. They are usually a tad smaller but because they can stay hot for so long, they are also great at handling long dab sessions and large amounts of concentrates. 

How to use a quartz banger 

The basic steps in how to use a banger are to first attach it to your rig, heat it with a torch, place your concentrate on the banger, and inhale through the mouthpiece. Mostly it's a pretty simple process, the most difficult part is heating it correctly. 

How to heat a quartz banger 

The most common method is to heat your nail until it changes color and becomes somewhat red, and then when it starts changing back place your concentrate on it. Usually, you should heat your banger for about 20-60 seconds. After a few times of heating your banger with a torch, you will get a feel for exactly how long it'll take. 

Why is my banger turning black? 

Your banger will turn black if you overheat it. This is pretty hard to do with a quartz banger though, which is partially why it is highly recommended that everyone opts for that material. To cause a quartz banger to overheat you would need to get it to reach 1000° Fahrenheit. If you do manage this somehow, you will notice the banger start to become cloudy and develop a tar-like substance forming. There isn't all that much to do in these situations other than note what happened and learn from your mistakes so that it doesn't happen again. In the meantime, stop heating your nail to let it cool down, and after it has cooled use a Q-tip to remove the tar substance. 

Do you need a carb cap for a banger? 

A carb cap is an add-on tool designed for bangers that creates thicker and better hits. It works by sealing up the banger nails top and preventing the hot air from escaping. This makes it the case that your concentrate is now being heated in two ways, from the hot surface and now from the hot air that has been trapped by the carb cap. A carb cap isn't technically a necessity to use a dab rig, but it is the closest thing to it. Without a carb cap, you will have a hard time maintaining the right temperature and will have to keep heating/overheating your banger. This will reduce the potency of your dabs, ruin its taste, and make you hits thinner. No, you don't need one, but if you care for a good smoke session then you absolutely should be using a carb cap. 

How do you season a banger? 

Seasoning a banger is like seasoning any other cooking pan, you do it to add some flavor. With bangers, however, seasoning is especially important because on top of adding taste it also removes dirt and bad particles leftover from manufacturing. So, how do you season a banger? It's a simple process, first heat your nail to the point of it changing colors and then wait for it to cool some. Then choose an oil of your liking (reclaimed or natural oil is fine) and use your dab tool to place some in your banger. Remember you shouldn’t inhale this, just let your oil smoke and work its magic. Once your nail has stopped smoking and is completely cooled off you're done; now your nail is free from manufacturing debris and has an added taste. 


A dab rig banger is a vital part of the dab rig's anatomy and something that you should know like the back of your hand if you want to smoke concentrates. Hopefully, now you understand what it is, how to use it, and the answers to other common questions people ask about bangers. Now it's time for you to pull out your concentrates, heat up your banger nail, and have some fun! 


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