Ultimate Shatter Buying Guide

Ultimate Shatter Buying Guide

Best Guide To Shatter Dab 

If you're new to the weed scene, you probably only know about typical marijuana that you smoke in a blunt or bong. You might even be aware that there are different strands of marijuana but what you probably don’t know about are concentrates (specifically shatter). And while we won't blame newbies for not knowing about shatter, you're missing out, shatter produces one of the best and most potent highs marijuana can give you. This guide will cover everything you need to know about shatter.  

What is shatter? 

Shatter is a marijuana concentrate that contains about 60% THC, sometimes it can even contain as much as 90% (standard marijuana contains about 20%). Shatter is so much stronger than other cannabis because it is created through a process that strips away everything besides the most potent parts of the plant. This process involves soaking marijuana in butane and then heating it to the point where all that's left is butane hash oil. Not only is shatter higher in THC, but it also contains many more terpenes and CBD. In terms of what shatter looks like, it will be see-through and appear like glass resin (hence the name shatter). It will also feel a bit like glass in your hands. Shatter is an extremely concentrated form of marijuana that looks and feels like glass resin. 

What are Concentrates? 

Perhaps before we just classify shatter as a concentrate and move on we should first explain what a concentrate is. Concentrates are marijuana that has been manipulated to be more potent and purer. Concentrates can come in many different forms such as budder, wax, live resin, oil, shatter, crumble, and more. All these forms are highly concentrated. Concentrates make for a great new experience for those who have long been smoking marijuana and need something stronger.  

What is Dabbing? 

Dabbing is the name of the process of smoking concentrates using a dab rig. A dab rig is a device that is similar to a bong, only it is specifically made for concentrates. To dab, you simply heat your rig, place your concentrate on the dab nail, and inhale. Unlike smoking from a blunt or bong, dabbing will get you high almost immediately after inhaling. This is because in dabbing you are inhaling purified marijuana vapors while in a bong you are inhaling smoke. This also means that dabbing is less harsh than smoking marijuana, and some even consider it healthier. To put the cherry on top dabbing is also much tastier than standard marijuana and each concentrate will have a different taste.  

The History of Shatter 

For all the history buffs out there, let's briefly recount the origins of shatter. Shatter is a new addition to the concentrate family and has been recorded being used since 1990. 30 years is not a long time in cannabis terms. To put that in perspective, people have been smoking marijuana for thousands of years. To add more perspective, dabbing in general became a thing only 20 years earlier than shatter in the 1970s. Still, even with dabbing itself being new, shatter is among the newest concentrates and that should explain why many consider it to be the strongest concentrate out there.  

How do you use shatter weed? 

You can consume shatter in several different devices. If you're a shatter/concentrate connoisseur then you would want to use an oil rig (this is viewed as the best way to smoke shatter), otherwise, you have options. The reason we don't just recommend an oil rig to everyone is that they are way more expensive than other options and you can still have a great time with other devices. Unless you care greatly for a slightly better taste and a tiny bit of extra potency, oil rigs are not for everyone. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you want to cheap out you can simply use a pipe. Similarly, you can even smoke shatter out of a blunt. As you can see, there are many ways to smoke shatter, an oil rig is the purest method but is also super expensive and not necessary for a casual shatter smoker.  

How to Store Shatter 

To store shatter properly you want to seal it in something airtight. Like food, you don't want your shatter to be exposed to any bacteria that might be in the air. Ideally, you can keep it in a Ziplock bag but if you don't have any bags you can also wrap your shatter in parchments paper and place it in a jar. Other than an airtight container, make sure you keep your shatter somewhere cool, dark, and dry. If you happen to live somewhere that is extremely warm and moist you may even want to consider storing your shatter in the refrigerator. If you do store your shatter in the fridge just make sure that it is not placed next to the fridge light, remember it needs to be in a dark place. Proper storage is important to maintain potency and taste, for shatter that means an airtight, cool, dark, and dry place.  

How to Buy shatter? 

Buying shatter is the same as buying marijuana. In states where buying marijuana is legal, buying shatter is also legal and in states where you can't buy marijuana, you will not be able to buy shatter. Keep in mind though that many people including some law enforcements don't know what it is or mistake it for something more dangerous so be just wary of that. If you're in an area where shatter is legal then you can buy shatter at local hemp stores or dispensaries. And if you don't live near any dispensaries you can also find shatter online that can be delivered to you. The last thing to consider when buying shatter is the price, don't be shocked when you see shatter going for $50 per gram. If you want the purest cannabis out there it's going to cost you, but it will be well worth it to get the intense high that shatter brings. Buying shatter is just like buying weed, they are both legal and illegal in the same states and you buy them from the same places, the only difference is the price.  


Shatter is a type of concentrate that is one of the purest forms of marijuana and can contain as much as 90% THC. It is no doubt more expensive than regular marijuana as well as more difficult to use. That said, shatter can grant you the highest of highs and a long-lasting one too. It is definitely worth the hassle and if you are ready to experience weed in a new form and get a better high then look no further than shatter. 


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