How Long Does It Take to Heat Up a Dab Rig?

Heating a dab rig

How long does it take to heat a dab rig?

Dabbing can seem complicated when you first start getting into it, but it’s not too bad. While dabbing isn't quite as easy as smoking a blunt, it's still a simple process that you can get the hang of in no time. The hardest part of dabbing for most people is heating the rig correctly. It’s important to heat your rig correctly though because if you aren't dabbing at the right temperature you are going to either have to deal with an awful taste (too much heat) or you will simply be wasting your concentrate (too little heat). The fact that different types of nails heat at different temperatures doesn't exactly simplify things either. But don't worry, this guide will teach you how to heat up your dab rig like a pro. 

How Long Do You Heat a Dab Nail? 

How long it takes to heat up a dab depends on the material of the banger you have as well as what temperature you want your dab at. If you want to smoke at a lower temperature then it won't take as long and if you want to smoke at a higher temperature, you'll have to be more patient. The easiest way to know when your nail is heated enough is to wait for it to turn red/pink. Once you see color you will want to wait for it to start fading, and then you will place your concentrate on it. If you are the type of person that needs to know an exact time, then keep in mind that in general, it takes about a minute to heat the nail (20 seconds on each side and another 20 seconds on top). One more tip to consider is that you will want to use carb caps and other dab tools when dabbing. Carb caps will allow your nail to retain its heat better (by restricting airflow) so that you don't have to keep reheating your nail. Carb caps are a must-have add-on as they will grant you more hits and a longer smoke session. 

What Temperature Should You Be Dabbing At? 

Anywhere between 500-600° is fine, within that range though there is a lot of variation, and what specific temperature you want your rig at is up to you. On the low end of the spectrum, you are going to get the most flavor out of your concentrate. Some people even like going under 500° because they want to get the most taste possible, even if that means they are going to waste some of their precious concentrates. On the high end of the spectrum, you are going to get more intensity and a faster high (as well as comfort of knowing you aren't wasting your concentrates). It really comes down to if you prioritize taste or speed/intensity. It doesn't hurt to try out a bunch of different temperatures and see what suits you best. 

How to Monitor and Control Dab Nail Temperature 

Being precise with your nail temperature is tough. Still, it's doable if you are particular about the temperature you want to smoke at. Also, note that some nails make this process easier than others. 

Using an E-Nail with Digital Temperature Controls 

An E-nail is going to be both the easiest and most accurate way to monitor and control your nail's temperature, they are made for this purpose after all. Good E-nails will have a digital temperature screen and allow you to get to your exact temperature preference easily. E-nails are a product that we recommend not thrifting on, as the cheap products do not have features like the digital screen and will make it difficult to be exact (which is likely why you want an E-nail in the first place). E-nails will also make heating your nail easy, you will just have to plug it in and let the heating coil do its work. 

Using a Timer to Measure Temperature 

Using a timer isn't quite as accurate as an e-nail, but it will still be good enough for a great smoke and will save you some money. Once you have used this method a few times you will start to get the hang of it and be able to get to the right temperature consistently. You will probably not even care to know the temperature at this point, it will just feel right. In general, heat your nail for about 40-60 seconds. You can use your smartphone stopwatch or buy a one-minute hourglass to keep track of the time. The first few times heating your nail you should pay special attention to when it turns red/pink, then you can adjust your timer accordingly for next time. The timer method is a trial-and-error process, but you'll surely get the hang of it. Plus, you will get to experience both the high and low-temperature nails in the process, so if you're unsure of your preference this can be a great way to figure that out. 


There's no better way to know how long to heat up a dab rig than pure experience. Becoming a seasoned veteran in dabbing will give you a much better sense of how long your nail will take to heat than sticking to a general rule of 40-60 seconds. This is especially true if you are someone who learns by doing rather than seeing or listening. Whatever the case though, feel confident in knowing that you will get better and better as you keep dabbing. Like anything else, practice makes perfect, so you can think of all your dabbing mistakes as perfecting your craft. 


Although heating your dab nail to the right temperature can be tough at first, it will become second nature with a little time. It's also not something to worry about, the worst-case scenario if you are out of the ideal temperature range is that you waste some concentrate or ruin the taste of your hits. But really, it will be pretty hard to not be somewhere within 500-600° range if you follow the tips given in this guide. Have fun with your dab rig and try out all the highs, lows, and in-betweens of your nail temperature! 

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