Types and Styles of Banger Nails

Types of banger nails

If you are into dabbing, chances are you have heard about bangers, or as some call them, nails or quartz banger nails. Whether you know about bangers nails or not, you surely know about dabbing. That’s because while dabbing has been around for a very long time, the technology used to dab is constantly evolving. The dab rig as we know it was introduced around 2006, and shortly after we got the most important dabbing tool, the banger nail. 

What is a Banger Nail? 

A banger nail is a dab tool that is used to heat up concentrate, it fits right into the joint of your dab rig. A banger for dabs come with either a male or female joint, so it's important to make sure that it will work with your dab rig. Once your banger is inserted, you place your concentrates on it and then heat the nail up with a blow torch. The concentrate vapors will then travel through the joint and dab rig up to your lips. A banger nail is the most important and efficient tool to date for heating up your concentrates with a dab rig. 

Types of Bangers 

Bangers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials; so, there is a lot of variabilities when it comes to banger nail types. Different combinations are better for certain situations, so be sure to learn about them and get the right banger nail for you. 

What is a Banger Bucket?

Banger buckets are great for those in a rush, they can get your dab heated and ready in as little as 10 seconds. On top of this, the banger buckets' shape allows you to dab at lower temperatures- which is also partly why they can get your dab ready to use so quickly. One con with banger buckets though is that they do not retain their heat for very long. 

What is a Flat-top Banger?

Flat top bangers have a flat opening rather than a slanted one, this allows for carb caps to rest on top more easily. Flat-top bangers are by far the most popular option and for good reason, they have no apparent weaknesses or disadvantages. Their biggest advantage is their ability to give tons of great hits in one session, flat-top bangers can retain their heat for a very long time. 

Flat Top Banger

What is a Thermal Banger?

Thermal bangers combine the heat retention of flat-top bangers with the ability for low-temperature dabbing of the banger buckets. Thermal bangers can accomplish this because their anatomy features two levels of walls, separating the flame and the quartz. The one downside of thermal bangers is that they are notoriously difficult to clean.  

What is a Core Reactor Banger?

A core reactor banger is similar to a flat top banger but at the bottom is has a puck in the middle. The core reactor 'puck' increases the heat retention and improves the vaporization of your waxes and oils. Your concentrates will come in contact with more heated quartz ensuring complete, smooth vaporization. 

What is a core reactor banger

What is a Carb Cap?

Carb Caps are not really a banger per se, but they are a necessary part to use a banger correctly. Their job is to cover the banger in order to slow airflow, which is what will give you flavorful hits. 

Carb Cap

What is 90° Banger 

The 90°s refers to the shape of the neck part of the banger. This is the most typical banger neck angle and is the industry standard for banger nails. That being said, there are other angled bangers that are coming onto the scene and gaining popularity fast. 

90 banger

What is 45° Banger?

45°s again refers to the shape of the neck part of the banger. These are newer and are becoming dabber's favorites due to supposed improved vapor circulation which creates smoother cooler hits. Usually they're used with a beaker bong or a dab rig with an angled joint.

45 degree banger

What is a Terp Slurper Banger?

A terp slurper quartz banger is a banger with a dish on the bottom. When the concentrate melts in the bottom of the banger which allows the oil to seep into the dish. This maximizes the concentrate's flavors and ensures none of the tasty goodness is wasted.

terp slurper

Flat-Top Insert 

A flat-top insert is used in conjunction with a flat-top banger to make cleaning super easy. This will also allow you to get more indirect heat as opposed to direct, therefore wasting less of your concentrate. The way it works is you place the insert inside the flat top banger and then you can place your concentrate into the insert. Then just pull your insert out to clean it (all you do is soak it), this will keep your actual banger nail clean. 

Why is Quartz superior 

As mentioned earlier, there are many shapes, sizes, and materials of banger nails. While most of the time these types of differences boil down to personal preference, when it comes to banger nails that is not the case. Quartz is the best material for bangers because it offers all that a glass banger can with the added benefit of withstanding higher temperatures (which is important for this tool). On top of withstanding higher temperatures, it is also just in general more durable than glass. Quartz will do better if you accidentally drop it and will be more resistant to common wear and tear than glass. Lastly, quartz offers the purest taste. This may be surprising since glass is usually the standard for taste in the weed industry, but when it comes to banger nails, quartz's ability to withstand extreme temperatures allows it to give a purer taste.  


There are many different types of dab nails, and they all have their pros and cons. When it comes to the material you should opt for quartz if you can afford it, as it's the clear-cut best material. Other than material though, any banger can be great, it depends on what you're looking for. Banger nails are a vital part of the dabbing process, and hopefully now that you have read this guide you understand exactly what a banger is as well what banger nails do. Banger nails are key to a banger smoke session, so be sure to use one when dabbing! 

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