Smoking accessories for your next road trip

Smoking Accessories

Smoking Accessories and Essentials for Your Next Road Trip

Road trips are always a great time, they are a fantastic way to spend quality time with others while getting to where you need to go for cheaper! One of the most important parts of a good road trip is to be well packed and prepared, and for smokers, this includes having the right smoking accessories. This guide will outline all the best smoking accessories that will make smoking on the go easier than ever.  

Weed Grinder - the perfect 2 in one solution

Anytime you can get two functions in one device it is going to be good for travel. The grinder does just that as it not only grinds your herb but also is great for storing it. On top of all this, herb grinders are great for packing a cone. After you grind your weed just use the main chamber to scoop your herb into the cone. You would think that with all these functions grinders must take up a lot of space but in fact, grinders are super small and compact, making them easy to pack. Grinders are at the top of the list for smoking accessories to bring because of how many functions they offer in such a small easily stored device.  

Rolling Tray 

Rolling trays are great for road trips and travel in general because they help keep your weed in one place and therefore can prevent odors. So, unless you want to be smelling your weed for the entirety of your road trip, we recommend a rolling tray. Rolling trays are especially great for outdoorsy trips where you will be hiking, giving you a flat surface to put everything on. 

Pre-Rolled Cones 

If you're on the road, rolling a joint will be extremely challenging, to say the least (especially on those windy back-country roads). Pre-rolled cones are a much more convenient way to enjoy your herb. Plus, if you bring a grinder like we mentioned before, then you will already have a great way to pack your pre-rolled cone. 

Glass Pipe 

An alternative to pre-rolled cones if that's not your thing is to bring a weed pipe. You can never really go wrong with a glass pipe. They're easy to use, classy, and always deliver a good session. The one disadvantage to glass pipes, however, is that they can dirty quickly so you will need to rinse them out whenever you can. Otherwise, if you don’t clean them often, a dirty pipe will cause an odor and you probably don't want that. 

Lighters / Torch

This one is pretty obvious, but it's still worth reiterating because forgetting a lighter would be a tragedy! Going to set up for a smoke session and then realizing you don't have a lighter or torch will be quite the buzzkill. Of course, you can always stop by a gas station or convenience store, but this is only if you notice you're missing a lighter before you go to smoke (plus you may not be near a store if you're in the middle of nowhere). 

For Delicious Hits: Travel Bong 

Although bongs are typically not thought of as travel accessories, some people just absolutely love their mini bongs, and if you're one of those people you can make it work. Bongs are going to give you better hits than all the other specifically made travel accessories, so if you care for purity and taste consider still bringing a bong. Now there are travel-sized bongs out there, so you will want to get your hands on one of those. If you're willing to give up a little more space, a travel size bong can offer you the comforts of home smoke sessions on the go. 

For Concentrates: Travel Dab Rig 

So far everything on the list has been for dry herb, but if you prefer concentrates fear not, just make sure to bring a travel size dab rig. There's a good amount of mini dab rigs that can get the job done so just make sure to keep size in mind the next time you purchase one. Without a particularly small dab rig, you might find it taking up too much space or hard to pack, so be sure to look specifically for a compactness and portability.  

For Maximum Portability: Dry Herb and Wax Vapes 

Vaporizers are as compact as you're going to get. If your main concern is saving space or you want to be able to smoke at any time in a matter of seconds, then consider a vaporizer. Vaporizers are perfect for hiking trips; you can keep them in your pocket and take a hit anytime anywhere, including at the peak of the mountain. Vaporizers get rid of complicated setup, are super small, and as an added bonus won't leave any lingering odors. 

For Preventing Odors: Stash Container & Smell proof case

A few times already we've mentioned the possibility of strong odors if you aren't careful to prevent them. If odors are a great concern of yours on your road trip, then you'll want to consider stash containers & smell proof cases. Stash containers give you a place to store your weed with an airtight seal, so you can be confident there won't be any leaking odors. 

For Even Cooler Bong Hits: Ash Catcher 

If you're going to bring a travel bong, you might as well spare a little more space for an ash catcher. An ash catcher can drastically improve your smoke sessions by helping to filter your bong smoke. This added filtration will give you cooler and easier hits. Ash catchers will also keep your bong clean, so you won't have to worry about how to clean your bong during the trip. 


Smoking on the go has never been easier than it is in 2022. Nowadays, there are literally tons of smoking accessories that are specifically designed for travel and road trips. Taking a road trip no longer means you have to skip out on smoking, just make sure you prepare and pack your smoking travel kit beforehand. Whether you opt for a travel bong or want to keep it simple with a vaporizer you are sure to have a good time, there’s a way to smoke while you travel for all kinds of smokers out there. To check out some of the best travel spots for stoners read this article.


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