Best ways to clean a nectar collector

Cleaning Nectar Collector

How to clean nectar collectors

Nectar collectors are a great device for smoking concentrates, but for all the good they bring they do have one issue; they are hard to clean. First off, they are small, combine that with their odd shape and you can see why cleaning them is difficult. Regardless of the difficulties of cleaning them, nectar collectors need to be cleaned regularly. If you own a nectar collector or are considering getting one, this guide is for you, we'll be going over all there is to know about cleaning nectar collectors. 

What Supplies do you Need to Clean a Nectar Collector? 

When cleaning just about anything it's important to know what products and tools you will need for the job. And even better than just knowing them, getting everything out before you start the process will make things run smoothly. Think about it like cooking, it's best to get all your ingredients out before you get into it. 

  1. Sea Salt: Salt makes it easier to scrub off any residue that might be clinging to your nectar collector. Do not use your regular kitchen salt, you will need to get coarse salt if you don't already have it, but don't worry it's cheap! 
  2. Isopropyl Alcohol: Commonly referred to as rubbing alcohol, this is a household product that you probably already have. This is what you will combine with your coarse salt to scrub off any tough to get smut. 
  3. Pipe cleaners: Pipe cleaners will be what you use to scrub with, pipe cleaners work well with nectar collectors because they aren't as harsh as a brush which can damage your nectar collector. 
  4. Q-tip: If your pipe cleaner doesn't get the job done, you can use a Q-tip instead. Q-tips will allow for a bit more pressure and maybe even more control without you having to worry about damaging your device. 
  5. Other Materials: Other materials include plastic containers, warm water, and paper towels. These will come in handy after you scrub all the smut off. Plus, sometimes your nectar collector will just need a quick rinse and not the full scrub, in these cases warm water is perfectly adequate. 

Step by Step: How to clean a nectar collector 

Follow these easy steps to make sure you properly clean your nectar collector. 

  1. Separate the pieces of your nectar collector kit: Separating out all your parts will give you a better look at everything so you can see what's the dirtiest and therefore needs the most attention. Separating everything also makes it less likely that you will cause any damage throughout the process. 
  2. Soak your pieces in Isopropyl Alcohol: Now that you have all your pieces separated, you need to soak them in the cleaning agent (the alcohol and salt). Put your cleaning agent in a container or a bag and then begin soaking all the parts of your nectar collector (unless you have a titanium nail, in that case do not soak the nail). Typically, you will want to soak for about a half-hour, but you may require longer soakings on some occasions. 
  3. Scrub with Q-tip or pipe cleaner: Once the residues on your nectar collector have loosened from soaking it, you should begin to scrub them off with a Q-tip or pipe cleaner. It may take some continued scrubbing to remove all the grime, especially stubborn bits. Make sure not to apply too much pressure or you will risk damaging your equipment. 
  4. Rinse and dry: Once you have scrubbed your nectar collector to your liking, it's time to get it a nice rinse. This is an important step; it will wash away your cleaning agent and make your device safe to use again. Alcohol particles are not good to inhale so be extra careful to remember this step. You should rinse with running water for about two minutes. After those two minutes, take your nectar collector and set it on some paper towels to dry. Make sure you wait till your nectar collector is completely dry before using it again, if water is still in the chamber, it will damage the nectar collector. 
  5. Cleaning a nectar collector nail: If your nail is titanium, then you will need to burn it clean. If your nail is ceramic or quartz, then you will be okay to use a cleaning solution. 

What happens if its still not clean?

Well, if you're not cleaning your nectar collector regularly than regular rubbing alcohol and q-tips may not cut it. You can step up to a dedicated cleaner like Resolution Gel and Crud Buds.

How to clean a glass nectar collector vs How to clean a silicone nectar collector

Cleaning a glass and silicone nectar collector can be the same, but it doesn't have to be. Because Silicone nectar collectors are extremely durable, they offer additional ways to clean them. If you have a silicone piece and don't want to soak it you don't have to, you can instead remove and place the tip in the freezer overnight. In the morning when you take it out just squeeze it to get rid of all the residue. This process is easier than soaking it and requires fewer materials (but remember, you can't do this with glass). That being said, you are still welcome to soak it if you prefer, just like you would for a glass nectar collector. 

How Often Should I Clean my Nectar Collector 

The question everybody really wants to know is how often do I have to clean my nectar collector? The simple answer is about every 3-6 months, this can act as a good benchmark for when it's time to give a thorough cleaning. You can even do it on the same schedule as your oil changes if that makes it easy (if you use conventional oil). Keep in mind though, that this is a benchmark estimate, and exactly how often you will need to clean your nectar collector depends on how often you use it. The more you use it the more often you will need to clean it. One other thing to keep in mind is that you can (and should) rinse your device more often than every three months. Every three months you should deep clean, but you should give a quick rinse after every few sessions. 


Cleaning a nectar collector can be tedious, but it still needs to be done so it's important to know how to do it. On the bright side, all the materials are household items, so cleaning does not usually require a trip to the store. And if you happen to have a silicone nectar collector, cleaning is super easy. Regardless, cleaning your nectar collector is necessary and will grant you better smoke sessions. 

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