What is a Chillum and how to use it?

What is a chillum

Chillum pipes have been around for hundreds of years, and they are now making their resurgence. These pipes have long been used for mediation and spiritual practices, specifically in eighteenth-century India. Recently though, chillum pipes have been adopted for recreational smoking. Continue reading this guide to learn all about what a chillum pipe is and how to use it. 

What is a Chillum for weed

A chillum pipe is a straight tubed pipe that has traditionally been made from clay or stone but now is made from many more materials including glass. A more popular name for chillums is one-hitter; the one-hitter name was coined when chillums started to gain popularity in the Americas. 

Reasons to use a Chillum 

There are a lot of great reasons to use a chillum, and that’s without even including their storied history. The first thing to point out about the chillum is that it is super discrete. They are quite small so they are easily hidden and can be tucked into your pockets swiftly. On top of this, many people would not even recognize what it is, especially if you are using a more traditional clay or stone chillum. A second perc of the chillum is that they are easy to travel with. Because of their small size, they can easily fit in any type of luggage and wedge into the smallest of spots. One more awesome benefit of the chillum pipe is that they are inexpensive. In comparison with other pipes and smoking devices, the chillum is a great bang for your buck. Its ancient technology cuts down on price without cutting down on the experience! 

How to use a Chillum 

Now that you know what a chillum is and why you might want to use one, let's go over exactly how to use a chillum. 

How to Fill a Chillum Pipe 

Packing your chillum is a quick and easy process. The first thing you need to do is grind your herb, this way you won't be smoking big nugs, which don't burn evenly. After this, place your herb in the open end of the chillum. Make sure to pack it densely, there is no filter to protect you, so packing it tight is how you keep safe from embers. 

How to Smoke a Chillum Pipe Properly 

While how to smoke a chillum might seem simple, many people don't use them correctly. Using them the right way will allow you to get the best puffs possible out of them. Chillums were made for slow inhales, and that's exactly the key to using a chillum properly. Make sure to take slow deep draws, and keep in mind that your draws should include some fresh air to help alleviate the harshness of the smoke. 

How to Hold a Chillum Pipe 

The most important step in holding your chillum is to keep the heat source as distant as possible. This is the case with most smoking devices but is more important with this one, so unless you like burning off your eyelashes, keep the heat source away from your face. Another tip on how to hold your chillum is to place your hands midway from the mouthpiece (or closer to the mouthpiece, but no further). Some chillums may have specific handles for your comfort and if that is the case then utilize them and ignore the midway to the mouthpiece rule just mentioned. 

How to Clean a Chillum Pipe 

Cleaning your chillum is easy and rather straightforward, and while some specific details will depend on the material and exact shape, most all are cleaned with a simple soaking method. Common cleaning agents you can use for soaking your chillum include boiling water, vinegar, or a specialty cleaner bought from an online weed shop. Once you have your cleaner, you will want to soak your chillum for about a half-hour. You can use a pick or cotton swabs to get out any stains or gunk that soaking doesn't take care of. Lastly, you should rinse out your chillum with regular water and then let it sit to dry. 

One-Hitter Pipes vs Chillum 

Often, one-hitters and chillums are referred to as the same thing, and while they are remarkably similar there are a few subtle differences that can be pointed out. For starters, chillums are typically larger, and one-hitters are smaller. Both are small devices, but the one-hitter is littler of the two. The other difference between the two is how much weed you can pack in each. A chillum will allow you to pack much more herb and therefore will give a lot more hits than a one-hitter. 

Chillum vs Bowl 

Unlike the one-hitter compared with a chillum, the bowl has many differences from a chillum that are worth pointing out. For starters, a bowl will produce a less harsh albeit a less flavorful hit. So, depending on your experience and preferences, this is an important thing to consider. Another difference is again size, but this time chillums are the smaller of the two. Bowls therefore can hold more herb and are better for longer smoker sessions. One last difference to note is that bowls can be tricky to clean, which is a big contrast from the supremely easy-to-clean chillum. 

Dry Herb Vaporizer vs Chillum 

Dry herb vaporizers are a very modernized gadget that offer plenty of advanced smoking features such as heat control. While chillums do not offer as many features, they make up for it in their simplicity and history. Chillums are easier to clean, and they are also more straightforward to use than a dry herb vaporizer. Lastly, keep in mind that chillums are much cheaper than a dry herb vaporizer, so you are going to pay for those features. 

Best Tips for Using a Chillum Pipe 

Although using a chillum is easy and we have gone over how to use them, there are a few tips that are worth highlighting and emphasizing. Most importantly, try not to burn your eyelashes. Seriously, the chillum pipe is shorter than what you are likely used to, and the flame will be able to reach your face if you aren't careful. Make sure to tilt your head back when you light up and only bring the chillum closer to you once the flame has dulled some. One other important tip with the chillum pipe is to clean it often. Chillums are easy to clean but get dirty quick and are known to have jams, so get ahead of any issues you might have by just cleaning your pipe out regularly.  

Where to Find Chillum Pipes for Sale 

Because chillum pipes have been around so long, you are likely going to be able to find them at many shops and brick and mortar stores. But for the largest selection of best chillums at the best prices, it is best to shop our online smoke shop Fat Buddha Glass.

Here are some of our best chillum pipes that you may love.

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Seahorse Chillum

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Blue Frit Chillum Pipe


Using a chillum pipe can be a wonderful experience and this is evident by its longevity and use dating back hundreds of years. Chillum pipes are an especially great choice for those who want to maximize taste, travel often, or need to be discrete. Their main drawback is that they give harsher hits than more modernized pipes. The only way to know for sure if the chillum pipe is for you is to give it a try! 

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