Hemp Wraps: A Complete Guide

Hemp Wraps

Rolling papers are a super important part of rolling and smoking a joint, and while traditional rolling papers work just fine, some may find themselves even happier using hemp wraps. Hemp wraps have only recently become widely available, and they have been gaining steam fast. 

What is a Hemp Wrap? 

A hemp wrap is a type of rolling paper made from hemp. Hemp wrap can come pre-rolled, or you can buy them in flat sheets of paper and roll them yourself. They were created as an alternative to blunt wraps which usually contain nicotine. 

What are Hemp Wraps For? 

Merely answering what a hemp wrap is doesn’t get to the root of why they’re becoming so popular. Hemp wraps are for rolling your weed of course, but the important thing is that they are a healthier alternative to blunt wrappers. Hemp wraps derive from plants, in fact, hemp wraps are a type of cannabis (though they do not contain any THC). Hemp wraps are all-natural and do not contain any of the toxic additives that are commonly found in other rolling papers. Often you will see hemp companies advertise their products as natural hemp wraps, but really all hemp wrap products are natural. Other rolling paper materials such as rice also offer the health upside of hemp wraps but without the thickness hemp wraps offer. Rice wraps are very delicate and hard to roll whereas hemp wraps are thicker. Hemp wraps are a type of rolling paper made from cannabis that offers users a safer way to smoke. 

Benefits of Using Hemp Wraps 

The obvious answer regarding why you should use hemp wraps is first and foremost health. Hemp grown for the purpose of turning it into hemp wraps is typically all organic and non-GMO. There is no use of pesticides or anything that might be seen as dangerous. This is the case because the hemp companies know their customer base is interested in being healthier. Since hemp is a healthier alternative to blunt wrappers due to a lack of nicotine, the hemp companies know that people who buy hemp wraps want to be healthy. Knowing their customer base, the hemp companies try to make their product even more healthy by growing them organically. Okay so the main advantage of hemp wraps is health, but there is one other main advantage, and that is that hemp wraps give a slow burn. Hemp wraps burn much slower than other joints and because of this many people feel hemp wraps give much smoother hits. If you're looking for longer burn time or a healthier way to enjoy your herb, hemp wraps got you covered. 

Are Hemp Wraps Safe 

Whether hemp wraps are safe or not depends greatly on what you mean by safe. Any type of smoking presents some risk, no matter how healthy of a wrap or substance you use. Smoking anything in any way will cause some damage to your respiratory system. That being said, smoking a hemp wrap is not going to cause a ton of damage after a few uses, and you are better off smoking a hemp wrap than you are a tobacco blunt wrap. A good way to put it is that hemp wraps are relatively safe, with the keyword being relative. Compared to their counterparts, hemp wraps are healthier, and you could say safer, but even with that being the case hemp wraps still come with most of the dangers and risks that smoking anything has. 

Do Hemp Wraps Produce a High? 

Hemp wraps do not get you high. It's a valid question given that hemp wraps come from the cannabis plant, but they do not contain THC which is the compound in cannabis that produces a high. If you aren't using weed with your hemp wraps then you will not get high, the wrap itself does not contribute to getting you high. 

Where to buy hemp wraps 

Because hemp wraps are new (started getting popular in 2017), they may be more difficult to find compared to other marijuana products. You can't just go into a local shop and expect them to have it. That isn't to say no local shops will, but hemp wraps are not something that will be in every brick-and-mortar store you look at. The best option for buying hemp wraps is looking online. This will guarantee you don't waste your time looking for it in person. Hemp wraps are more commonly found in online shops anyways, so if you want to buy hemp, it's best to check out an online store. 

Hemp Wrap Brands 

Although hemp wraps are newer, there are already a ton of great name-brand hemp wraps, and each brand offers something different. The most known brands right now are Twisted, Skunk, Kong, Hemp Zone, Karma, and Good Times. Each brand offers slightly different features so be sure to investigate the brand that best fits your needs. For example, Hemp Zone claims to offer the most cost-effective hemp wraps while High Hemp boasts that their wraps include filters. On top of the different brands and brand features, hemp wraps come in numerous flavors, you can get a variety pack if you want to try them all. There are a lot of great hemp wrap brands out there already, and we imagine more are coming, just be sure to shop around brands to make sure you're getting what you want. 

How to roll Hemp Wraps?

Because hemp wraps lack the adhesion part that other rolling papers have, they are tougher to wrap and can take a bit of practice. Besides sealing the hemp wrap, the rest of the process for how to roll it is the same as a blunt wrap. To seal your hemp wrap, you should lick the edge of the wrap and pinch it closed. If you don't want to use saliva as your sealant, you can also opt for honey or even cannabis extract. Rolling hemp wraps can take some getting used to and isn't for everyone but after a while, it will become second nature and it won't feel any bit harder than a blunt wrap.  

Where can I buy hemp wraps?

You can buy hemp wraps right here at Fat Buddha Glass. We love glass but we do like to switch it up from time to time and enjoy a nice hemp wrap. Some of our favorites are flavored wraps. We're always looking to add new flavors and brands for your ultimate smoking experience.


Hemp wraps are the new wave of rolling papers and a great option for those who want to be as healthy as possible when they smoke their herb. The one drawback is that it can take some extra getting used to when it comes to rolling them because they don't have an adhesive. Hemp wraps are only getting started, check them out and see for yourself what all the hype is about. 


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