What is a one-hitter and why should you use one?

What is a one hitter

If you have ever wanted a snack-sized way to enjoy your cannabis, you're in luck, that's exactly what a one-hitter can provide. These days, there are tons of different devices used to smoke weed, and it can be tough to know which one best suits you. If you're looking for a quick, easy, and light way to smoke then this blog is for you, this guide will explore all there is to know about one-hitters and how to use them. 

What is a one-hitter pipe? 

A one hitter is a small compact smoking device that has the goal of being ultra-efficient. Their shape is that of a straight tubed pipe and it can come in a variety of materials. Also, when discussing what’s a one hitter, it makes sense to point out that they’re a device that you will only take one (maybe two) hit with at a time. A one-hitter should be your go to choice when you just want a quick smoke, want extra control of your dosage, or love to smoke on the go.  

Why should you use a one-hitter pipe? 

Although there are many reasons to use a one-hitter, the most cited reasons include it being a good entryway into smoking, convenient, discrete, portable, and efficient. 

One-hitters are great for new consumers 

Walk before you can run, they say, and that is exactly what a one-hitter allows for. Because one-hitters allow for greater manipulation of dosage, you can take in smaller amounts of marijuana at a time. You can feel comfortable knowing you won't overdo it. One-hitters are a great first step to smoking weed because you can be sure you won't do too much. 

They're convenient for on-the-go cannabis consumers 

One hitters are very compact and therefore easy to bring places, in other words, one hitters are very portable smoking devices. They aren't heavy either, so you will hardly even notice them in your pocket (yup they’ll fit in your pocket) or luggage. Although you might love your bong, it is probably pretty challenging to take everywhere with you, that's where one-hitters come in. 

One-hitters are discrete 

Another benefit of the one hitter's small size is that they are extremely discrete. They hide nicely in your hand and don't produce a ton of smoke. Additionally, the nature of their quick hits means you can quickly take a puff and slide it back into your pocket in a matter of seconds. For these reasons, one hitters are an obvious choice for smoking in public. 

One-hitters conserve cannabis 

It's never a bad idea to conserve your cannabis supply. whether you're low on weed or just want to save some money, conserving weed is a great benefit of the one-hitter. By lighting such a small bowl and consuming the entire chamber, you are saving your bud because you aren't overpacking. Plus, a one-hitter, unlike a blunt (which will stay lit) will put pit after just a single hit. Believe it or not, many weed smokers overpack and waste some bud. Weed conservation it is a very undervalued feature of the one hitter. 

How do you use a one-hitter pipe? 

How to use a one hitter is a simple process, but because it is often used by beginners it can feel daunting, so we'll go over that process in detail now.  

How to Pack a One Hitter 

The first step is to use a weed grinder, and while this isn't hard, try to make sure that you grind your bud to a decent consistency. Too fine of weed will cause it to quickly turn to ash, but just throwing a whole nug in there will not give you a smooth hit. You'll get better at this as time goes on. Once you have ground your herb, it is time to pack the bowl. To pack your bowl put your one hitter directly on top of your bud (standing vertically) and twist until it is loaded. 

How to Smoke a One Hitter 

The only thing left to do is put your lips to the mouthpiece, light up the other end with your cannabis, and inhale. Don't overdo it by trying to maximize the amount of hits, the name of this device is literally a one-hitter. If you need more hits just reload it and go again. Make sure when lighting your bowl to make contact with your ground weed, this will allow you to only need the lighter once. 

How to use a Dugout One Hitter 

A dugout one hitter is a one hitter that contains a specific space for both the pipe and your ground cannabis. You won't need a separate container to hold your ground cannabis, everything can conveniently be held all in one. The use of a dugout hitter is very similar to any other one hitter, with the exception being that you pack your ground weed in the specific space designed for it. Once you have done that, just dip your pipe into the ground weed and twist as you do with any one hitter. Once you have packed your dugout you are good to go because the smoking process for a dugout one hitter is exactly the same as we mentioned for a standard one hitter.  

How to Choose a one-hitter pipe 

The question what is a one hitter cannot be boiled down to a single answer! While one-hitters all share common features and main overall purpose, there are plenty of ways in which one-hitters can differ from one another. For example, like most other smoking accessories, there are a variety of materials to choose from. Glass gives a purer taste but easily breaks. This may not be the best option for one hitters given that they are often put in pockets and taken on the go. Other materials that are stronger include silicone, metal, and wood (but… all give a distinct and some would say unpleasant taste). Besides material, some one hitters will contain added features like an automatic ashing contraption. This feature will allow you to clean your device less often. Another possible added feature is extra chambers, this would aid the cooling process and create less harsh hits. One-hitters come with a variety of different add-ons and features so it's up to you to decide which of those you need in your device. 


One-hitters are a great device for those who want to be discrete, enjoy quick hits, or are new to smoking. Hopefully, newbies can rejoice now knowing how to use a one hitter pipe and all that one hitter's entail. One hitters are super versatile and practical, so if you're on the fence about them, it’s a no-brainer to get one (plus they're on the cheaper side of things). It wouldn't be any surprise at all if your one hitter turned out to be your favorite smoking device! 


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