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Different Types of Quartz Bangers

Since dabbing really became popular almost 10 years ago, the market has been flooded with different types of bangers and dab tools. There are hundreds if not thousands of different options to choose from which can be very confusing. There are also ceramic and titanium bangers, but the overwhelming majority of dabbers have made quartz the leading option. Quartz bangers tends to last longer and has better heat retention than any other material that is sold today. While dabbing has become very popular in recent years and quartz is the unanimous choice for most dabbers the design of the bangers is a very varied market, and each banger serves different purposes. Keep reading to see what different types of bangers there are and to know which one is best for your dabbing needs. 


Before we talk about the different kinds of bangers it is important to know where they are coming from. There are many different domestic manufacturers of bangers here in the United States but the bangers they sell are going to cost you a lot more than foreign-made bangers. While Chinese or other imported bangers may be sold at around 20 to 30 dollars, American made bangers can cost you over 100 dollars. The biggest difference between American-made versus imported bangers is quality. The quality of American-made bangers is much higher and you can really see the craftsmanship in each banger. These American quartz bangers will last you much longer than their imported counterparts but may cost you up to 5 times as much. The quality of imported bangers varies widely from high quality to sloppy, low-quality workmanship that can be shown when you use it. The key is to find a trusted importer of bangers like Fat Buddha Glass that ensures the quality of these imported bangers before they are sold. This way you will get high-quality bangers for an affordable price. 



Thermal quartz bangers have a section surrounding the bowl filled with air, when you put heat on the banger it heats up the air around the bowl allowing for long-lasting heat retention. These are great for holding heat for a long time. There are also thermal core quartz bangers that have a similar function, but the air is instead held in a pocket at the bottom that surrounds the concentrate with the hot air. 


The opaque bottom banger is a great design that is meant to hold heat for a long time. With the bottom being opaque the bottom of the bowl will hold for much longer than any other banger, but the sides of the wall will cool down faster than the thermal banger. The opaque bottom banger also heats up faster than other bangers which can be nice if you’re in a rush or just don’t want to wait around and waste your butane. 


The color-changing cadmium banger will save you heaps of stress when trying to figure out how long to heat the banger for. This is because the cadmium banger changes color from a bright yellow to a dark orange the hotter it is. This is great for knowing when the banger is hot or not and when you can touch it without hurting yourself. This banger is great for safety precautions and after a while, you won’t have to time the heating process because you’ll have a feel for whatever color/temperature is best for your dabbing needs. 


The banger with inserts is a new idea to the market which essentially just makes your banger easier to clean. You heat up the banger as you normally would but instead of putting the concentrate directly into the banger, you put it in an insert first. Then you drop the insert down into the banger and hit it when your concentrate starts smoking. This means you only have to clean the insert and not the banger which will save you a lot of time and effort. 


The angle cut banger used to be the norm for everyday dabbers but over the years flat-top bangers have become more and more popular. The angle cut banger is a good banger but can be difficult because your carb cap might not sit on the angle correctly or you’ll have to hold it there. With the flat top banger, which can come in opaque bottoms and non-opaque bottoms, the carb cap sits directly on top, and you can go hands-free when using it. 

6 – Low Temp Core Reactor Bangers 

Low temp core reactor bangers are great for retaining heat and generally can handle large dabs with lower temps than other bangers. It has a notch or upside-down bucket-looking shape that you heat up which then allows the air to get trapped in there and heat up the banger well. The downside to these bangers is that you’ll need a special carb cap which can be an extra purchase and make the banger more expensive. 


Black Market Glass is one of the best American quartz manufacturers in the country. They produce great bangers that will last a very long time while also being the most affordable of any banger manufacturer in the United States. 


The type of banger you use is completely up to personal preference but if you’re a regular dabber that dabs every day then the insert or opaque bottom types will serve you best. They aren’t made for the biggest dabs, but they are efficient and will get the job done day in and day out. If you like dabbing a lot and you take some seriously big dabs, then you’re looking at more of the core reactor or thermal bangers because those allow for large amounts of concentrate to be used at once and are going to be worth the purchase for sure. If you have never dabbed or only do it occasionally then the flat top or angle cut bangers are going to be your best bet. The thermal or core reactor bangers might be a bit too much for new dabbers, while the flat top is the best combination of easy to use and a perfect amount of concentrate.


The world of bangers and dabbing may be confusing at first because of the endless number of options but knowing what you want can cut down on the options tremendously. If you want American, then go with American but know you’ll be paying more than the imported ones. Read the guide above and once you know which banger you want then go out there and get once and enjoy your great highs to come!


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