Bongs Vs Pipes: Which is The Best Option for New Smokers?

Bongs vs pipes what is best

Bong Or Pipe For Your First Time? 

New smokers often have a tough time figuring out everything there is to know within the world of weed. Specifically, newbies are usually intrigued by all the different methods and devices used to consume cannabis; they always ask which one is best to start with. While there are plenty of different paths you can take to get started, most people will start with a glass pipe or a bong. This is usually the case because everybody has a friend with a pipe or a bong. This guide will detail all the differences in pipes and bongs so you can decide which friend you want to hit up to smoke you out, or which device you want to buy as your first one.  

Bong or Pipe- 4 Things You Need to Know 

Not all bongs are the same, and likewise, not all pipes are the same. Because there is some variation within each device some people struggle to tell bongs and pipes apart. There's an old saying that offers some brief clarity which says that pipes can be dry while bongs hold water. Although helpful, it's likely that this saying doesn't help you enough to understand the important differences of pipes vs bongs and which is best for you. With that said, below will explain all the common pipe and bong terminologies as well as each type's pros and cons.  

Dry pipe- What is it? 

Dry pipes are the most portable and convenient of the pipe family. They are small and easy to carry making them a great choice for smoking on the go. They are also quite simple and therefore very intuitive/easy to use. They can vary slightly in design, but they all have a tube body with a bowl on one end and a hole for inhaling on the other. Beginners can't go wrong with dry pipes since they are pretty much as simple as it gets.  

Dry Bong 

Dry bongs are bongs that don't use water. And while dry pipes are a great beginner device, that is not the case with dry bongs. Water is important in bongs because it filters and cools the smoke so that you can have smooth hits and hits that are easy on your throat. In a dry bong, without filtration, you will take extremely harsh hits (especially if you're new to smoking). If you're in a pinch and don't have water for whatever reason then sure hit the dry bong, in most cases though, stick to wet bongs. 

What is a Water Pipe? 

Now that we've covered the dry variations of pipes and bongs, you're probably wondering about the wet versions. To that, a water pipe (wet pipe) is pretty much just a bong. That's because a water pipe insinuates that it is a smoking device that filters its smoke with water (aka the main feature of bongs). Note that water pipes are often called by a plethora of names, those include bubblers, bongs, pipe bongs, gravity bongs, liquid pipes, and more. Hopefully, now you'll remember that a water pipe is just another name for a bong.  

Difference Between Bong and Bubbler 

You might've heard of bubblers, if that's the case then at this point you are probably wondering what their relation to bongs is. Well, a bubbler is a mix between a dry pipe and a bong. Really, a bubbler acts more like a bong but has more the appearance of a pipe. Bubblers are smaller than bongs, this means they offer greater portability than bongs, just like dry pipes do. Another key difference between bubblers and bongs is the downstem. In a bubbler, the downstem is set in place and cannot be removed. This isn't a big deal, although not being able to remove it makes it harder to clean. Both bongs and bubblers will offer similar filtration and give you super cool hits. What it really comes down to in deciding which one you prefer is your preference in appearance and shape. 

Best Weed Smoking Device 

Having read the above section, you now know all the necessary types and terminology to decide which is a better smoking device between bongs and pipes. Now it’s time to compare all the devices and figure out which one you think is best.  

Bubbler Vs Bong 

The biggest thing to consider when deciding between all these devices is how and when you plan to smoke. Specifically, in the case of bubblers vs bongs, consider if you want to smoke on the go or if you will be a home smoker only. If you only plan to smoke at home, a bong will likely be the better choice. You really can't get any smoother of a hit than a bong can deliver. There are also tons of different bongs, ensuring you can find one that suits your needs. On the other hand, if you're going to be traveling and smoking a lot then opt for a bubbler. Bubblers are easier to pack and smoke with on the go. Plus, bubblers are a little sturdier than bongs, bongs are known to break pretty easily if you drop them. Lastly, just consider if a slightly more difficult cleaning process will bother you, if the answer is yes then a bubbler is less than ideal.  

Bubblers Vs Pipes 

Maybe you've ruled out bongs because you're a traveler and are now left wondering whether a bubbler or pipe is best. The main difference between a bubbler vs a pipe is their level of discreteness. A pipe is going to be a bit more discreet, so if you need to smoke in public without others knowing this is the better choice. If you’re wondering what the difference is, it’s the bubbling sound (It's not shocking to learn that a bubbler makes bubbles and therefore also a bubbling sound). Keep in mind that a bubbler is still pretty discreet all things considered. Other than the discreteness factor, know that bubblers have better filtration and will deliver less harsh of hits than a pipe. This debate comes down to what's more important between discreteness and cool hits.  

Bongs Vs Pipes 

The last battle of the day is between bongs and pipes. The Bongs vs pipes debate is really just an exaggerated battle of bongs vs bubblers. Again, if you are only going to smoke at home you really don't have many reasons not to choose a bong. So, unless you are a big klutz or really want to look like sherlock when you smoke, get a bong for at-home smoking. If you smoke in public or on the move, then you will really want a pipe since they better for on-the-go smoking (even more so than a bubbler). This debate is easy because it's all about how you plan to smoke your weed.  


Hopefully, this guide has helped you to decide where to start in your weed smoking adventures. You should now be familiar with all the most common bong and pipe terminology plus all the different advantages/disadvantages of each. The last thing we'll say is that you should try them both! Otherwise, you should now be equipped to decide which is best for you, a bong or a pipe.  


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