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Storage Containers For Cannabis - 2022 

Every weed smoker has at one point or another just tossed their week into a plastic baggie and called it a day. While it may be the easiest and maybe even the most common, storing your weed in a plastic baggie isn’t the best and can actually damage your weed and make it less potent. And if you are ripping from a bong you are going to want your weed to be top quality. The best way to keep it that way is to store it correctly. Storing weed especially for long periods of time is vitally important to the quality of your bud and there are many different kinds of cannabis storage containers. Cannabis containers can come in many different materials, sizes, shapes and qualities. While plastic bags might be the worst kind of storage there are many other factors that go into what container you should use and where you should put it in order to have the highest quality weed over long periods of time. With a good cannabis container, you can keep large amounts of weed for a very long time without worrying about it losing any potency and worsening in quality. The last thing you need is to waste your hard-earned money by ruining your weed in a bad weed storage container. Keep reading to find out which storage container is best for your precious bud. 


A cannabis storage container or a weed container is whatever you use to put your weed in when you’re not smoking. Cannabis storage containers can be plastic, glass, metal or even wood and each can have their own pros and cons. A staple of the weed growing community is glass mason jars while a lot of avid smokers use a seal tight metal container. There are also many differing sizes of weed containers from one ounce to full 16-ounce containers. There is also varying price points across all sites based on size and quality. While some of these containers may seem expensive there are also good cheap options that will store your bud just fine. If you’re spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on weed per year it makes sense to invest a little into a good cannabis storage container in order to keep that weed just as you want it. 


The best cannabis storage containers are always made of glass. A glass mason jar with an airtight lid is preferred by weed growers and they should be used by you too. If you can’t trust the people who grow the weed you will be smoking on how to store it, then who can you trust. Glass is always better than plastic or metal for many reasons. First, while plastic and metal containers may be fine if you’re only storing your weed for a few days, after a few days the plastic and metal can actually start affecting the taste and smell of your bud. This change is irreversible, and glass will not change how your weed tastes or smells at all. If you’re using a plastic bag, you might notice that some of your bud is sticking to the sides of the bag, this is because of a static electric charge created inside the bag that can pull your bud apart. No static electricity is created in a glass jar ensuring that your bud will stay intact no matter how long it’s in there. It is also very important that your jar is airtight, any exposure to oxygen for long periods of time can degrade the THC in your weed and make it more sedative and less the psychoactive effects of THC. It is also important that your weed container isn’t in direct sunlight as this can also degrade your weed and turn it that more dull brown color that nobody wants to see. You can either store your glass mason jar in a dark place like a drawer or cabinet or you can get a more opaque mason jar that will block out the detrimental UV rays. 


Storing your weed is very important to the longevity of quality in your bud. Plastic and wood containers can lead to molding which can make you very sick. If you’re storing your weed in any way and you start to see a growing white mold on it, then you’re going to have to throw it away. Wasting weed can be very tough on the wallet, even if you can still smoke the weed, the dull brown color it gets from storing it in a baggy will give you a much worse high and waste your time and money. If half the weed you buy loses its potency and some of its THC then you’re really wasting half your money on bad weed. Metal containers attract heat easier and create an oven inside when they are hit with direct sunlight or near a direct heat source. This will also worsen your bud and cause you to waste money. While buying a cannabis storage container like a fully airtight mason jar might seem like a bit of an investment, especially if you’re on a budget, it is important to remember that you might save money in the long term by only smoking the highest quality of weed which will last you longer. 


Having a high-quality cannabis storage container might not seem that important especially if you are a casual smoker but the investment in one can save you so much time and anxiety down the road. Using an airtight mason jar is your best option for storing weed because it won’t allow any oxygen in while also not attracting heat or changing the taste and smell of your bud. Also always remember to put your cannabis storage container is a temperature neutral place because both heat and cold can degrade the quality of your bud. If you’re going to buy a mason jar either buy one that is opaque and can block out those harmful UV rays or make sure to store it somewhere away from direct sunlight. Now you know which cannabis storage container is best so ditch those old plastic bags that are destroying your weed every second it’s in there and go get a new cannabis storage container. Go enjoy your worry-free high while the rest of your bud is safe and sound in your brand new cannabis storage container! 


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