Top 420 Friendly Hotels Around the World
Top 420 Friendly Hotels Around the World

Although marijuana is still hard to access in many parts of the world, there are some amazing travel destinations for stoners who want to enjoy top-notch kush in peace. Many of these places also allow for all kinds of fun opportunities for stoners. For instance, not only can you find marijuana stores and 420 friendly tour groups, you can even find 420 friendly hotels.

The rules in each of these hotels vary. For instance, some allow you to enjoy marijuana on their rooftop balconies while some will even provide you with everything you need for an incredible smoking session. Whichever way, these hotels are worth checking into if you love weed and want to enjoy it on a relaxing vacation. Here are some of the top 420 friendly hotels around the world to consider.

Jupiter Hotel, Portland (OR), USA

If you plan on visiting Portland, then make sure you stay at the Jupiter Hotel. This stylish hotel is packed with everything to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Not only does it feature clean and comfortable suites, a music venue, and a bar, but it’s also very accommodating for marijuana users.

The Jupiter Hotel even offers a 420 package for marijuana-loving guests. The package gives you everything you need for a relaxing smoking session, including a stash jar, vape battery, rolling stickers, and some cool merchandise. Although you won’t get any weed with the package, you get a voucher to use in one of the many incredible weed stores in downtown Portland.

Magnolia Hotel, Denver (CO), USA

It’s no surprise that another one of the best 420-friendly hotels in the world is located in the heart of downtown Denver. Colorado was one of the first states to legalize cannabis for recreational use and it has since become a hotspot for marijuana tourists- especially in its capital city of Denver.

The Magnolia Hotel is surrounded by some of the coolest cannabis stores in the United States, so you’ll only need to walk for a few minutes to find all the high-quality weed you need. You can then enjoy your purchases in one of Magnolia Hotel’s comfortable 420-friendly rooms. It also boasts an impressive exterior with historical details, making it even fancier.

Magnolia Hotel, Denver

Eagle Creek Ranch, Trinity Center (CA), USA

Want to get away from the city and enjoy top-notch marijuana to your heart’s content? You’ll love the Feeling Groovy suite at Eagle Creek Ranch. This unique accommodation is located in Trinity Center, California, close to plenty of stunning mountains and trails to enjoy while you’re high.

You can relax and detox in these unique mountain suites that are specifically advertised as being 420 friendly. The ranch even features dedicated marijuana smoking and vaping areas so you can puff while you soak up the breathtaking mountain views and fresh air. It’s perfect for those who want some peace, quiet, and good pot.

Sir Sam's Inn & Spa, Eagle Lake (ON), Canada

While there are many great 420-friendly hotels in the United States, you might want to venture north to Canada to enjoy some of the finest weed along with amazing accommodations. Marijuana is fully legal for adults in Canada and you can find it at various cannabis stores or even order it online.

As for where you should stay, Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa in Eagle Lake, Ontario is one of the best 420-friendly accommodations you’ll find in the world. This tranquil resort features amazing lakeside views, luxurious spa treatments, and all the amenities you could need. Since it’s a cannabis-friendly resort, you’ll also find plenty of areas to smoke your favorite strains in peace.

Little Bay Cabins, Negril, Jamaica

It’s no secret that Jamaica is one of the greatest hotspots for anyone who loves weed. Although recreational use of marijuana isn’t explicitly legal, it has been decriminalized and you won’t have any trouble finding A-Grade marijuana. The country even hosts some of the finest 420-friendly accommodations in the world.

Little Bay Cabins in Negril, Jamaica is a marijuana lover’s dream. The resort is entirely cannabis-friendly and even offers a $50 420 package that equips guests with everything they need for a phenomenal smoking session. It’s also surrounded by beaches, beautiful nature, and is just minutes away from Bob Marley’s Little Bay home.

The Bulldog Hotel, Amsterdam

The Bulldog Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is another must-visit destination for marijuana tourists. The city is known for its weed-friendly coffee shops where you can try incredible strains and edibles. Some of these establishments are even connected to hotels and hostels. Take, for example, the legendary Bulldog Hotel in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

The hotel features a Lounge Bar that allows guests to sample some of Amsterdam’s finest products. Smokers can also hit the roof terrace if they want some fresh air. Although it’s technically a hostel, it has plenty of private en-suite rooms for guests who want some comfort and privacy during their stay.

Il Tano Suites, Punta Del Diablo, Uruguay

One of the best 420-friendly tourist spots you might not have considered is Uruguay. Uruguay was the first country in the world to legalize recreational marijuana use in 2013, and possession of pot has been decriminalized since 1974. That means you can enjoy top-quality weed without any guilt or hassle.

As for where to stay, Il Tano Suites in Punta Del Diablo is one of the most beautiful accommodations you can find. Not only will you get a private deck, complete with a pool and garden, but the hotel is openly 420 friendly and the owner even gifts guests with homegrown weed. It’s also close to breathtaking beaches and national parks, what more could you want?


If you’re looking for the most relaxing holiday of your life, then consider some of these amazing accommodations. These are some of the best 420 friendly hotels in the world, although you can also find various others in countries like Uruguay, Jamaica, Canada, and the United States.

Of course, if you’re planning on taking a THC-induced holiday, then you’ll want to make sure you’re well-equipped. You can find plenty of portable Pipes, Bubblers, Accessories, and even Travel Cases for all your smoking needs at Fat Buddha Glass.


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