Are Laser Bongs and Levitating Dab Rigs the Future of Weed
Are Laser Bongs and Levitating Dab Rigs the Future of Weed

The Bong is a relatively simple device featuring a bowl, downstem, chamber, and mouthpiece. It’s so simple that you can even learn how to make a homemade Bong with a few household items. However, that hasn’t stopped inventive stoners from coming up with exciting innovations. Scientific Bongs feature features like ice catchers and percolators, but things are now being taken even further with Laser Bongs and Levitating Dab Rigs.

These ideas have mainly come from a few creative individuals who have successfully shown that you can burn your favorite strains and dabs using lasers. You can even make your dabs levitate while you heat them. However, are Laser Bongs and Levitating Dab rigs the future of weed, or are these devices purely for novelty?

Are Laser Bongs The Future?

While many stoners are happy sticking to their regular Glass Bongs, an interesting new type of device was shown on Reddit by lazerdabs. The post in question shows a fancy, high-tech Dab Rig and a dab being heated with a laser torch, causing it to vaporize.

This was merely a prototype, and the idea has now been expanded upon significantly. The same user who posted the prototype on Reddit now has an Instagram page showing various models of similar devices, making for a fascinating way to enjoy your favorite strains and cannabis concentrates.

The idea of using lasers to light dabs is an interesting prospect for stoners. Many users currently use a butane torch to light dabs, but lasers may be capable of doing the same job in a cleaner and more precise fashion. Some users might prefer to simply use an e-Nail for their dabs.

Whether the trend of Laser Bongs and Dab Rigs will take off is yet to be seen. Although the technology looks cool, it doesn’t necessarily seem more convenient or efficient than simply using a good old-fashioned Glass Bong or Dab Rig for your cannabis needs.

Are Laser Bongs The Future

What About Levitating Dab Rigs?

Another one of the coolest features demonstrated by the prototype device was levitating dabs. While dabs are usually applied to a heated nail, these high-tech new devices can keep dabs floating in the air while they’re heated.

This is convenient in some senses. When the dab is floating in mid-air, it’s fairly easy to heat it for vaporization. Of course, this effect also looks much cooler than leaving a dab sitting in the dish of a Quartz nail.

Arguably, it could also save stoners at least a little bit of hassle. When you’re dealing with levitating dabs, you won’t need to worry about them getting stuck to your dab nail and having to repeatedly clean it. Although cleaning your Bong or Dab Rig is a fairly easy process, many marijuana enthusiasts would probably rather avoid it if possible.

With that said, levitating dabs aren’t a necessity. Although it looks cool and might have a couple of perks, heating a regular Quartz or Titanium banger is already efficient and convenient enough. What’s more, the ability to keep your dabs levitating in mid-air likely won’t come cheap.

Are Laser Bongs and Levitating Dab Rigs the Future?

There’s no doubt Laser Bongs and Levitating Dab Rigs look awesome and will easily impress any marijuana user. But are these devices the future of weed? Although owning one of these devices would be a plus, there are a few drawbacks to consider.

Although these devices are innovative, they won’t come for cheap. For instance, the B-Laze laser Bong was only made in a limited quantity for $2,400. Other devices like this will likely also cost users well into the thousands.

Additionally, they aren’t the most convenient to use. You’ll need to apply special eyewear before you can use one of these experimental devices. While this is only a minor inconvenience, it might simply be less hassle to use a regular Bong or Dab Rig.

With that said, these devices aren’t necessarily designed for every regular user. They’ll likely appeal to cannabis connoisseurs who are interested in investing in futuristic smoking and dabbing devices at high prices, much like enthusiastic glass collectors will happily pay higher prices for a well-designed Glass Bong.

Where To Buy A Bong or Dab Rig

Where To Buy A Bong or Dab Rig

Luckily, you won’t need to shell out thousands of dollars for the latest and most innovative devices. You can find plenty of high-quality Glass Bongs and Dab Rigs right here at Fat Buddha Glass. Whether you’re looking for an affordable Scientific Bong or something simple like a compact Mini Bong, there are plenty of choices available.

Here are some of the best Bongs and Dab Rigs you can buy right now.

Double Matrix Bong - If you want a powerful device with plenty of extra features, check out the 18 Double Matrix Bong. At 18 inches tall, this device is bound to give you massive hits. On top of that, it has an ice catcher and multiple matrix percolators to make your hits exceptionally cool and smooth before they hit your lungs.

Wrap & Rake Bong - Looking for a device that’s portable and affordable yet still capable of quality performance? The 5 inch Wrap & Rake Bong is ideal for you. This compact device will give you smooth and satisfying hits thanks to its wide chamber, curved mouthpiece, and high-quality glass construction. You can also swap the bowl for a Quartz banger if you want to use it for dabbing.

6 inch Showerhead Bong - This small scientific Bong is surprisingly effective. It’ll give you smooth hits thanks to the showerhead percolator and, although the design is simple and minimal, this device won’t let you down when it comes to performance.

Spy Glass Oil Rig - If you want high-quality dabs, try the Spy Glass Oil Rig. This impressive device comes with a 14mm Quartz banger, a disc percolator, and sturdy borosilicate glass. The result is a device that’s reliable, powerful, and perfect for dabbing.


Are Laser Bongs and Levitating Dab Rigs the future of weed? Although devices equipped with these features will make for great novelty pieces, most users will be more than happy with the classic, tried-and-tested Glass Bongs and Dab Rigs. If you’re looking for high-quality glass devices, you can find what you need online at Fat Buddha Glass.

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