The Best & Latest Bong Brands - 2022 The Rundown
The Best & Latest Bong Brands - 2022 The Rundown
Best Bong Brands
The past two years have been a wild ride, and we at Fat Buddha Glass figured that the best way to chill out coming into the year of 2022 would be with a high-quality bong from a high-quality company! So, join us on this countdown of the bong brands that stand out to us best in the industry today. We are going to be going over exactly what we love and don’t love about each of these brands. You are a modern shopper in a modern world, and that means you deserve to have your needs met. Every brand on this list has attempted to meet your needs, but does that mean they all have succeeded? Have any of them come up short this year? By the end of this article, you will be able to find make an educated decision for each of these brands yourself!


Roor bong brand logo


Roor began in Germany during the mid-1990s. It was founded by a one Martin Britzle who already was an established name in the glass art world. Britzle also had experience within the business world. Using his ties, charisma, and pure grit he created Roor Glassware. The brand is still thriving today and boasts a fine line of thick, colorful functional glassware that they deem to be works of art. And we tend to agree with them. On their website, you can find this quote that regarding the way Britzle approached his humble beginnings. And we think it gives good insight into how they run their business still today. “His philosophy: highest quality and best functionality with an individual and appealing design.”. So let us give you our top three favorite aspects of Roor. 

  • Long-Standing History in the Industry
  • Thick, Colorful Glass
  • Large Variety of Options

Look, if you are interested in finding a massive new bong that may even be too big to take a whole rip from. Roor has you covered. Or if you are someone who is looking for an undisputed champion in the functional glassware world. Roor Glassware is a good name to look into. You can find all of your Roor bongs right here at Fat Buddha Glass’s online headshop

Famous Brandz Logo

Famous Brandz

Famous brandz has some of the biggest collaborations in the entire industry. We are talking big names like Cheech and Chong, Snoop Dogg, the trailer park boys, and many others! It is massive collaborations like these that have skyrocketed famous brandz to a world of instant success. And honestly, they have the bongs to back it up! Their owners have a combined 20+ years in the smokeware industry, and they use their experience to bring to you the best products that they can! Their pieces are uniquely shaped, thick as a brick, and typically designed beautifully. We have a lot that we could say about famous brandz, but let us tell you our top three favorite things first.

  • Big Name Collaborations
  • Bold Product Designs
  • Bold Color Options!

Famous brandz really is great at getting you special products that you are going to remember, such as a really cool Beatles ashtray. If you are really want to bring something special to the table. Then famous brandz provides you with a great way to do that.

Grab Brand Logo


Grav was created in 2004 in the creative hub of Austin, Texas. Austin has always been a place for big names in the art world to come together and create. Well, Grav is one of those big art names that established roots in Austin. From its founding, Grav has been all about creating high-quality art. More than that they have been about providing a space for talented artists to thrive. Capturing the talents of many sculptors, glass blowers, and artists, in general, has allowed grav to become the creative giant that they are today. You can see in the designs of their glass, that their was intention and heart put into each one. Let us tell you our three favorite things about Grav. 

  • Unique Glass Design
  • Creative Powerhouse
  • High Performance 

Grav really does know exactly what goes into making a cool and unique bong. They have something for everyone! So if you are looking for that extra little way to spice up your glass collection. Make a splash, and bring some grav home. You won’t regret it!

Empire Glassworks Brands

Empire Glassworks

Self describes as influential, innovative, and progressive. Empire Glassworks has been making waves since its start back in 2013. They truly have a well-seasoned design team at the helm of all of their beautiful creations. In the functional glassware world, there normally isn’t a lot of room for intricate creations. Empire does not believe that to be the case at all. They strive for the intricate, ornate, and beautiful. Their pipes, as well as their bongs, are unlike any others on the market today. Check out their thick glass and report back! Our three favorite things about Empire are…

  • Bold and Colorful options
  • Intricate Design
  • Obvious flair for Creativity  

If you are looking for something uniquely intricate. Empire Glassworks is always a good go-to. They truly are a force to be reckoned within the industry, and create glassworks that demand to be seen!

Pulsar brand logo


We have been keeping a finger on the pulsar for a long time now. They are one of our favorites out there! The brand didn’t actually begin as a glassware company. They began as a vaporizer company! Pulsar vaporizers since their creation has been an undisputed big name in the vaporizer world. Thanks to their success in the vape world, they have been able to create a high-quality line of functional glassware. And we love it. Pulsar makes big bongs. Bongs that we recommend to experienced users. Not necessarily first-timers. Unless you are up to a challenge that is. Our three favorite things about Pulsar are…

  • Massive Line of Glassware
  • Colorful Accents 
  • Thick Glass

Though they are known for their vaporizers, we highly recommend you check out the line of bongs from pulsar. They have impressed us, and we think they just might do the same to you. IF you are looking for a new statement piece for your glass collection, we think that pulsar is a good option for you! This company is one of the best out there.

Phoenix Brand


And like a phoenix, from the ashes of your bong bowls, you shall rise! Phoenix is one of the coolest brands in the functional smokeware industry. Phoenix glassware comes from a parent company known as HF Glass Company. HF Glass has created some nice thick options when it comes to quality glass bongs. If you are looking for something with a unique from a brand that maintains an air of sophistication. Phoenix is a good go to. Our three favorite things about Phoenix are… 

  • Sophisticated Feel
  • A Plethora of Variations in Size
  • Colorful Options

When you are feeling down and out, always remember that like a phoenix you too can rise from the ashes. With a brand new phoenix water pipe! All jokes aside, we really do respect the craftsmanship put into each of these bongs. We know that you are here to find the best bongs, and though phoenix may not have the best bongs in the market, they are sure to impress. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us!

Bodhi brand logo


Bodhi Glass has made such a colorful splash in the world of bongs and water pipes! Bodhi is the newest line of colorful soft glass from Fat Buddha Glass. The word “Bodhi” comes from Buddhism. It is a noun that means supreme knowledge or enlightenment. Which is at the core of what this line of colorful glass is trying to help you achieve. Bodhi offers an impressive variety of styles as well as colors so you are sure to find the right piece for you! If you want a big bong, bodhi has that for you. If you want a smaller bong, bodhi has got your back! Bodhi was born during the pandemic, and if we learned anything from that time period. It is that time, and a lot of pressure can make diamonds. Which is exactly how we feel about this line of soft glass. Soft glass, like the name implies, is actually softer glass. You will be able to feel the difference when you hold it. This type of glass allows for much more design, and color to be added. Making it perfect for this collection. Let’s go over our three favorite things about Bodhi. 

  • Insanely Colorful
  • Wide Array of Shapes and Sizes
  • Soft Glass (Cool Design)

So if you are looking for something to spruce up your sessions with. Maybe even add a major splash of color. Bodhi glass is the perfect line for you. With their focus on zen, and bringing peace and happiness. Bodhi has earned the number two position in this list of the top bong brands out there. We love their mission and style. Not to mention the affordability that they bring!

Fat Buddha Glass Logo

Fat Buddha Glass 

Fat Buddha Glass is the best bong brand and online headshop in the industry! No doubt about it. Look. We want to be as upfront with you as possible. That is why first we are going to acknowledge our implicit bias when it comes to speaking about ourselves as a brand. And you know what, maybe that played into our decision to rank ourselves at the top of this list. But hear us out, and maybe you will get some insight into why we have made this decision. 

Fat Buddha Glass has been around for just a few years now. We were started by two best friends with a passion for glass art and a mutual disdain for the inflating prices of their local headshops. They knew that the bongs that they saw online, and around town were not affordable for the average consumer. So with the dream of bringing accessibility through affordability to the functional glassware industry, Fat Buddha Glass was born. We keep our shelves stocked with hundreds of the best bongs, pipes, rigs, accessories, and more so you have a one-stop-shop for everything you are going to need in the stoner world. Improve your glass collection with a thick piece of glass from Fat buddha Glass. Our three favorite thing about Fat Buddha Glass are. 

  • Incomparably Innovative
  • Massive Rotating Selection
  • Affordability Meets High Class (and glass)

So if you are looking for that new statement piece to bring to your glass collection. Then you are already home. One other main thing that makes Fat Buddha Glass stand out in the overly saturated world of consumer glassware, is our customer service. We are dedicated to helping you stay informed with whatever you may need to know to accomplish the perfect session. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or maybe you just want some advice on a new piece, feel free to reach out. We love, and look forward to hearing from you. Our hope is that now you have finished the article you have a much better understanding of these bong brands, and what makes each of them great. But as always, the best way to form an opinion is to find out for yourself. So start browsing, buying, and making informed decisions as to what makes the best bong, for you. Good luck, and we hope that you find your piece.

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