How to Keep Your Weed Fresh and Potent? - Complete Guide
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How to Keep Your Weed Fresh & Potent? - Complete Guide 

Weed truly is one of the greatest green gifts on this globe! It is a flower that grows from the ground that just keeps giving. However, the potency of your weed can make a large impact on how well you are able to achieve your desired effects. To properly extend the potency of your bud you are going to need to know a few things. In this article, we are going to be going over the top ten best ways to keep your weed fresh and potent. 

Throughout time stoners have found that keeping your weed fresh is the best way to prolong the potency of any flower. Whether you are wondering how to keep an ounce fresh, or even just how to keep a small amount of weed fresher longer, the key is a solid place of storage. Once you find your perfect storage solution, your sessions will change dramatically. Any experienced flower lover will tell you that the fresher the flower is, the more you are going to get out of your sessions. So lets get started. Let’s dive into the top 10 different ways to store your weed. 

Here are 10 ways to keep your weed Fresh and Potent. 

  1. Store in a glass jar with a lid 

The first and most classic option of them all is the glass jar with a lid. Now you can find a variety of different lid glass jars. Say, a mason jar with the screw-on lid, or maybe even something a little more expensive. Whatever glass jar you are going to choose to use, what is happening here is you are minimizing the amount of air that comes in contact with the weed. Which makes the potency of your flower last a lot longer. 

  1. Don't throw that medicine bottle yet 

Maybe you don’t want to purchase something as nice as a glass jar. Well, you know our mission here is to bring you top-of-the-line smoking accessories at an affordable price. And what price is more affordable than free? 

One free option that you may have lying around the house is an old medicine bottle. Medicine bottles are good for storing your chronic, as well as keeping it fresh. They have lids that are perfectly made for them. They even have a little bit of a child lock for added comfort and security! 

Medicine bottles are a solid option if you have run out of other storage options. If your guy gave you this last bit of flower in some tinfoil or a horrible little plastic baggy, then the medicine bottle will be a huge quality upgrade. If you couldn’t find an empty pill bottle and are still looking around for some household storage options. We have them for ya. Keep on reading to find out!

  1. Freezing for freshness: A good idea?

A great idea. Oh ya. You read it right. It is time to freeze! So it is no secret that freezing things keep them at whatever stage they are in for quite some time. 

This goes the same for your green! If you combine this option with any other storage option, you will reap the maximum benefits. Like putting your weed in a sealed glass jar, and then putting it in the freezer. 

The idea here is to keep as much light, air, and warmth away from your flower as possible. These three things are at the base of what you need to think about when choosing the perfect storage solution for you. 

  1. Vacuum Sealing

Ok, so the absolute best way to keep your marijuana fresh is to fly it up to the icy vacuum of space and leave it there while you are not using it. Oh, wait? You aren’t a multi-billionaire that can afford to make your own rocket just to fly you to space for a little bit? That is ok. 

Lucky for you, we live in the modern world, and in the modern world, we bring space to you. You can do this through a vacuum sealer. If you take your green put it in the plastic wrap that you use with a vacuum sealer, and seal it up. It will last you quite a lot longer than if you were just to leave it out. This method however still isn’t perfect. 

Your flower can still be exposed to light with this method. So if you do vacuum seal your green. Be sure to find a nice dark place to store it as well for maximum potency prolonging. 

  1. Light Vs Dark: Always prefer a dark, tinted container over a transparent one.

We really gave you the most important information in the lead here. When you are choosing a storage container, be sure to choose a dark-tinted container. Clear glass jars are great and do provide more of a seal than just leaving your weed in the air. But a good seal is not the only thing you need to prevent your weed from degrading quickly. 

Light and heat make quick work of degrading your weeds’ potency. So be sure to watch out for these two factors. A good way to be sure you are keeping your marijuana away from light is with a dark tinted glass container. 

  1. Avoid a lot of heat exposure 

Have you ever sat in a sauna a little bit too long? If you haven’t. Imagine being in a small and confined room that just gets hotter and hotter, with an immense amount of humidity. When this happens our bodies have truly put to the test. But there is no denying that the heat and the humidity affect us quite a bit. Our weed feels the effects of the heat and humidity like thirty times more than we do. Heat attacks your weed quicker than any other factor. So when you are choosing a place to store your weed, keep the temperature in mind. 

  1. Do not add any other organic matter to the storage jar

When you are planting a garden you don’t want to place your plants too close to each other or else you run the risk of your plants attacking each other from under the ground. Their roots will compete for space, which will result in both plants not growing up to their full potential. The same type of thing happens on a much smaller scale within your weed storage unit. If you are adding other organic material to the same container that your weed is in, you run the risk of lowering the potency of your precious flower! Remember, it is always best to play it safe and keep anything that isn’t weed out of your weed jar. 

  1. Titanium Containers 

Are you a butter fingered person? Do you invite butter fingered people to your smoke sessions? If you answered yes to either of these questions. We advise you to not hold onto your glass weed container for extended periods of time. To avoid the risk of dropping it, and having to pick your green out of a bunch of glass shards! If you don't want to run this risk at all however, a good option for you is Titanium containers. Titanium containers are the best option for you to properly seal your green in a dark place, where it is unaffected by sunlight. As well as ensures the safety of your green around any friends who may have some inadvertently slippery fingers.

  1. Boveda Packs 
Boveda packs are an essential to this list. They are the cutting edge technology when it comes to keeping your green as fresh as possible. They are two way humidity controlling packs. Sound confusing? It is. We don't fully understand the science behind these astonishing little packs, but what they are going to do is keep the humidity of whatever container you choose to use, consistent. Keeping a consistent humidity in your container is an essential part of maximizing your flowers potential! 
  1. Cannabis Humidors 
Cannabis humidors are the real one stop shop for everything essential survival need that your ganja requires to stay at its peak freshness. Typically they are air tight boxes that are able to hold a large quantity of your desired flower. This is very advantageous for anyone that is serious about the upkeep of their stash. 

As you can see there are many options for proper weed storage. When deciding what you are going to put your bud into for storage, you now can make that decision while considering the most important variables! This means you are a weed storage expert! So what are you staying around here for, go off into the world and spread your newfound knowledge. Or simply take all that you have learned and apply it to your own personal stash! Whatever you choose to do with this information, we are happy that we have had the chance to share it with you. If you have any further questions about anything weed storage, or smoking accessory questions, or anything at all really, feel free to reach out to us or check out our weed storage containers
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