What is a Gravity Bong? And how does it work? (2022 Buyer’s guide)

What is a Gravity Bong? And how does it work? (2022 Buyer’s guide) 

What is a gravity bong? If you are asking yourself this question, you are at a very important point. Truly, a point of no return. Once you dive into the magical world that is the gravity bong you may never want to leave it. So strap in because gravity bongs are one of the more intense options for smoking, in the world of everything 420. They were created from pure stoner ingenuity. When something harnesses the powers of nature to help you achieve a more blissful state, you have to give it a lot of respect. And we have nothing but respect for the gravity bong. 

So how do these powerhouses actually work? Are they complicated? Are you able to make one at home? These are all questions we will be exploring within this buyer’s guide, so stay close. Our goal is to give you vital information about the gravity bong and all of its inner workings so you can make an informed decision of whether to use one or not. If you are one who has already used a gravity bong, you still may just pick up a few quick tips and tricks from this article, so stay close. First up, we will go over what exactly a gravity bong is. After that, we are going to break down how gravity bongs work. Afterwhich we are going to explore the question of “Should I make a gravity bong”. Then talk about the different types and benefits that they can bring to you. Once you make it through, you will be able to consider yourself a gravity bong expert. Welcome to your first lesson.

What is a Gravity Bong? 

A gravity bong is a device that uses gravity to burn a pre-lit bowl of herb and pull the smoke into an enclosed space. Typically you will then inhale the smoke from the gravity bong. A gravity bong can be made from many different materials. The best of which being glass. However other materials can include, plastic, metal, Or sometimes even all-natural materials like a hollowed-out gourd. Whatever material you choose to use, the result will be the same. When you use gravity to produce your smoke, bowls tend to pull at a steadier, and longer pace than possible from a human. Which users say is a more intense experience than your normal water pipe. But how do these things work? Let us get into it.

How Does a Gravity Bong work?

How gravity bongs work is a relatively simple process. Typically, it involves a bowl, a smoke container, and a larger water container. The bowl needs to be removable and attached to the smoke container. The smoke container needs to be smaller than the water container, and have an opening on the bottom for the water to go in and out of. Once you light a bowl on top of the smoke container

Should I Make a Gravity Bong?

We would never tell you whether or not you should or should not do something. However, we are also in the camp of, don’t knock it until you try it. Ok, let us revise that, we feel that you should always be fully informed on all aspects of whatever new activity you are about to take part in. This is exactly why we have put together this comprehensive guide of everything you need to know regarding gravity bongs. But let’s go over a few of the pros and cons of gravity bongs. The cons could be that it isn’t a very portable option for you and that the experience itself is a lot more intense than your normal smoking options. The pros could be how it is something completely unique, and how it really is a fun process to watch happen! Though, keep reading through the rest of this article to be sure of your decision when you make it.

DIY Gravity Bong

The DIY Gravity bong has been around since the beginning of time. I am not a hunting man but i do imagine that creating a gravity bong and then pulling a hit from your creation is a very similar feeling to achieving a solid hunting accomplishment. And bringing home food to your family. Maybe we are completely wrong about that, but we hope it paints the picture. 

If you are wondering how to make a gravity bong never worry! We will go over two simple types of gravity bongs that you can easily make from the comfort of your own home with very few necessary items. 

Types of Gravity Bongs 

There are many different types of gravity bongs. But the two we are going to focus on here are the bucket bong and the waterfall bong. Because these two types of gravity bongs happen to be the easiest to make at home, and we are all about leading you to the most convenient option for you. Let’s start with the bucket gravity bong. 

  1. The Bucket Bong 

This type of gravity bong is widely regarded as the most classic style of gravity bong. Mostly thanks to their popularity among college dorm rooms and the ’70s. There are three separate parts that go into the bucket bong. All of which we mentioned earlier. The bowl, smoke container, and water container which is in this case, the bucket. Typically for your container at home, you use a plastic water bottle of sorts. The tougher the plastic the better. Remember, you are going to be inhaling smoke from this, so you really don’t want to go on the cheap end. To prepare the container, you puncture one to two medium holes on its bottom. In its lid, you puncture a hole to place your bowl into. Once your container is prepped, you will fill your bucket with water. After that, you will submerge all but the bowl of your container into the water. You can then load your bowl with material, and light. Once you light your bowl you are going to slowly pull up on the bottle. As the water inside of your bottle drains back out into the bucket your bowls material will burn. And your smoke will fill up the bottle. Once you have your desired amount of smoke, you unscrew the lid and slowly inhale the smoke within the container. There you have it! That is the basis of using a gravity bong.

  1. The Waterfall bong 

The waterfall gravity bong is a much more portable version of the standard gravity bong. How this one works, is you start of with a container that is already filled with water. Such as a filled plastic water bottle. Then you puncture a hole in the lid to place your bowl. Once your bowl is secured airtight in your lid, you fill your bowl with your preferred herb. The next step is rather quick and requires a quick hand. You are going to puncture a small to a medium-sized hole in the bottom of your liquid container, and then immediately plug it up with your finger. Once you are at this step, you light your bowl and release your finger at the same time. Make sure to not spill any of the waterfalls onto your clothes or friends’ clothes, but the final step is to unscrew your lid, and inhale. 

Benefits of a Gravity Bong

The benefits of a gravity bong are that you are able to get the maximum burn out of your bowls, immediately. You won’t have to worry about getting the most out of your material with these devices. Our recommendation, and it is a strong recommendation, is that you use a glass gravity bong over plastic. When you are using a high-quality glass gravity bong you know that you don’t have to worry about any residue from the plastics making it into your rips. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Another solid benefit of the gravity bong is the unique experience they bring to your smoking sessions. If you have grown tired of the hand pipes, or the regular water pipes, give a gravity bong a try.  

Well, we hope that you now consider yourself an expert in the matter of all things gravity bongs. You know how they work. You know different ways to make them at home. And you now know how to master all of the elements to properly approach a gravity bong. So fear not, and let gravity take you! 


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