How To Create A Bong-Themed Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is right around the corner? It seems like we just celebrated Christmas last week! But I guess when you’re having fun, time really does fly. With that in mind, many of you have probably started thinking of Valentine’s Day gifts for your partner. But if you want to break away from the same old gifts of flowers and chocolates, we have some stellar gift ideas for you to consider. More specifically, we have some awesome gift ideas for the smoker in your life.

Whether your loved one is an avid and experienced bong smoker or just getting into it, a bong-themed gift basket makes a super great gift that can be customized to their smoking preferences, lifestyle, and likes. So sit back, grab your bong, take a rip, and enjoy the read! Ready to start your search for bongs to give as gifts for Valentine’s Day? Head over to Fat Buddha Glass and shop our online headshop for the highest quality bongs, pipes, bubblers, and smoking accessories!

How to Build a Bong-Themed Gift Basket

The Bong

First things first — the bong. The bong will be the center of your gift basket, so you’ll want to choose the bong wisely. A good rule of thumb is to pass on getting your special someone a cheap bong made from materials like plastic, and opt instead for a high-quality glass bong. Glass bongs are durable, easier to clean, come in many different styles, and feature a range of aesthetic qualities for an enhanced smoking experience.

Next, take a look at what kind of bong(s) they already have, or if there’s one style they’ve been talking about getting for their next bong. This can help guide you in your search. Are they more of a heady glass bong type, or do they prefer the more complex water pipes like recycler bongs and percolator bongs? Check out our recent blog articles, Scientific VS. Heady Glass, What Is A Recycler?, Types of Percolators, and How to Choose Your Next Glass Bong, for a little extra guidance.

If you’re still unsure of which bong to choose, you can always contact our knowledgeable team at Fat Buddha for help in finding the perfect gift bong!   

Bong Accessories

Gift baskets present the perfect opportunity to stock it with smoking accessories that could make their weed smoking experience even more enjoyable. You can’t go wrong with getting them a weed grinder, which can make for a smoother hit. A grinder is also ideal for grinding herb to roll perfectly sized and balanced joints.

If your special someone is into dabbing, stylish glass dabbers make an excellent addition to any bong-themed gift basket.     

Add Personalized Gifts to Make It Extra Awesome

No bong-themed gift basket is complete without a few personalized trinkets and treats. Throw in a pack of lighters, a few of their favorite candy bars and snacks, and a nice card, and you’ve got yourself a complete bong gift set that the smoker in your life will love! Just one more thing to bring it all together...

The Container

Find a sturdy box, basket, or simply use a gift bag to hold and deliver all the goodies in. Add in some tissue paper and top it off with a bow and you’re set!

Shop For Cool Bongs

When you want to find the highest quality glass bongs online for your Valentine sweetheart, visit Fat Buddha Glass. We have a massive selection of cool bongs, glass pipes, glass bubblers, and a whole bunch of smoking accessories. Want to shop our favorites? Check out our Staff Picks! At Fat Buddha Glass, we offer excellent glass pieces at affordable prices and backed by 100 percent customer satisfaction. Shop our online headshop today! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and as always, happy smoking!


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