How to Make a Can Pipe for Smoking Marijuana

How to Make a Can Pipe for Smoking Marijuana

There are many high-quality devices you can use to smoke marijuana nowadays, from Glass Pipes to Bongs. However, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have nothing to smoke with, there’s always a solution. You can make a smoking device out of a Water Bottle, an Apple, and all sorts of other household items. But one of the most popular homemade smoking devices is the Can Pipe.

The Can Pipe is a popular choice for crafty smokers due to just how easy it is to make. All you really need is a Soda Can and something to poke holes in it, although you might also want to add some foil. While it won’t be quite as satisfying as using a regular Pipe, it can get the job done when you need it. Here’s a guide on how to make a Can Pipe for smoking marijuana.

What You Need To Make A Can Pipe

A Can Pipe is one of the easiest homemade smoking devices you can make, and many crafty stoners will likely have made one of these in their time. You don’t need much equipment to make one and you likely already have everything you need lying around your house.

Naturally, you’ll need a Soda Can. You can use any pull-tab aluminum can. Due to the hollow shape of the can, it’ll give you quality airflow, leading to some pretty good hits. You’ll also need a needle, pin or small knife to poke holes in the side of your can.

While a Can and a pin are all you need to make a Can Pipe, you might want to consider using some aluminum foil for the bowl. This will prevent you from burning the paint on the side of the can, leading to healthier hits. Naturally, you’ll also need a lighter and some of your favorite weed. Once you have what you need, it’s time to make a quick and easy Can Pipe.

What You Need To Make A Can Pipe

How To Make A Can Pipe For Smoking Marijuana

Making a Can Pipe is exceptionally easy, hence why many smokers quickly whip one up when they need something to smoke out of. Make sure you have your empty aluminum Soda Can, a pin, needle or knife, a lighter, and some weed.

First of all, remove the ring tab on the top of the Can and dent a hole in the side. Turn the Can so it’s facing you. The hole that you usually drink out of will now be your mouthpiece and the dent in the side will become your bowl. Make sure the indentation is deep enough to hold your weed.

Poke holes in the dent on the Can using a pin, needle or small knife. You want the holes to be big enough for you to inhale the marijuana smoke without being big enough for the weed to fall through. While it’s optional, you may want to put some aluminum foil on top of the dent, stick it down with blue-tack or chewing gum, and poke holes through it. This way, you won’t burn and inhale any paint fumes.

Your Can Pipe is now pretty much ready to use. Just grind your favorite strain of weed, place some in the dented bowl on the Can, light your weed, and inhale through the mouthpiece. Since the Can is wide and hollow, it’ll quickly fill up with marijuana smoke for you to inhale. Take as many hits as you like until you’re satisfied with your high.

Should You Use A Can Pipe?

As effective as a Can Pipe can be, it does come with some drawbacks. It’s exceptionally quick and easy to make a pipe out of any aluminum Soda Can, but at the same time, it’s far from the best solution for smoking. Naturally, using a Bong or Pipe will give you much better, cleaner smoke. Plus, there are also other homemade devices you can make such as a Water Bottle Bong.

The main drawback of using a Soda Can Pipe is that you may burn unwanted toxins from the paint on the side of the Can. It’s often recommended not to use a Soda Can due to this. However, you can prevent this problem by covering the bowl of your can with some aluminum foil to avoid burning the paint.

With all of that said, a Soda Can Pipe can be very convenient. You can make one in seconds and it can give you fairly good hits when you don’t have any other options. It’s often used as an alternative to rolling joints when you simply want an easy way to get high.

Alternatives To Using A Can Pipe

Alternatives To Using A Can Pipe

While using a Can Pipe is quick and convenient, there are many alternatives to consider. Whether you want another cheap and easy way to make a homemade smoking device or want to invest in a higher-quality tool for smoking, here are some of the best alternatives to using a Can Pipe.

Water Bottle Bong - Another one of the best homemade smoking devices you can make is the Water Bottle Bong. Poke a hole in the side of a Water Bottle, fill it with an empty pen tube, roll some aluminum foil into a bowl, seal the hole, and fill the base with water. You now have a handy homemade bong that even filters your smoke through water.

Apple Pipe - The Apple Pipe is another classic for users who want a handy homemade device. It involves poking holes to meet through the top and side of an apple. Simply put some weed at the top of the apple and inhale from the side. It’s also quick to make and safer than using a Soda Can.

Pipe/Bong - Nothing beats using a high-quality glass device for smoking weed. While it’s not as cheap as simply using a Soda Can, the quality of the hits you’ll get make up for it. Plus, a good Pipe or Bong can last you a lifetime. You can buy Pipes online and buy Bongs online in all kinds of styles and designs.


The Soda Can Pipe isn’t the best option for smoking weed, but it’s a convenient choice for when you have nothing else to use. All you need is a Soda Can and something to poke holes in it, although you might want to add some foil as well. It’s quick, easy, and gives you some decent hits. However, you may want to upgrade to a better device from

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