Stoner Fashion Trends

Stoner fashion trends

Stoner Fashion Trends

Weed is not just an amazing plant, it’s also a culture. With more and more states (and nations around the world) legalizing weed, we’re seeing a revolution in weed culture. It’s now more popular than ever to be a stoner and stoner events are starting to pop up. Part of stoner culture is stoner fashion.

You can’t really have a good smoke session without feeling the part. After all, the saying is that if you look good you feel good and if you feel good then you’re smoke session will be good!  This guide will clue you in on all the current stoner fashion trends and teach you how you can look the part of a true stoner culture enthusiast. 

Weed aesthetic

What is Weed Aesthetic? 

Don’t overthink it when trying to figure out what weed aesthetic is; weed aesthetic is simply incorporating weed and weed-like imagery into your personal appearance, vibe, and feel. Wearing a T-shirt with a marijuana leaf on it, for example, would qualify as fitting the weed aesthetic. The weed aesthetic doesn't necessitate an actual picture of weed however, anything weed-related fits the bill. If your intuition tells you that a certain style fits the weed aesthetic then you are probably right. The color green, almost all plants, and trippy colorings are common stylistic options that qualify as weed aesthetics. 

And weed aesthetic is more than just clothing, it's more than just holding a bong or a pipe, it also includes a person's vibe and feel. Having weed artwork hung up in your home for instance can add some weed aesthetic to your vibe and feel. The amount that you smoke will also impact your weed aesthetic. If you are often high then your vibe is going to be much more in touch with stoner culture.

Similarly, if you can often be seen with a blunt in your hand then you’re going to both appear and feel more like a stoner (because you actually are). In short, don’t try too hard to get a weed aesthetic, if you’re a stoner it’ll come naturally, just wear a little more green. But, if for some reason you desperately want to increase your weed aesthetic in a hurry you can try making your social media more 420 friendly, that will surely do the trick. 

best brands

Best Current 420 Clothing Brands

Beyond simply wearing clothes with an actual marijuana leaf on them, there are specific brands that were made with the weed aesthetic in mind. 

Bored Teenager

Comedian Blake Anderson, who is best known for the show Workaholics, is the founder of a weed aesthetic clothing brand named Bored Teenager. Bored Teenager focuses on the perspective that a stoner feels. This is a unique take, as most weed clothing brands focus on what weed culture looks like from the outside looking in. Because of Bored Teenagers' goal of providing a stoner POV, they carry a lot of trippy graphic tees that are full of color. You can find the Bored Teenager brand online or in many skate shops. 

Mowgli Surf

Mowgli Surf is the perfect clothing brand for those who are both stoners and beach bums. And considering some of the first recreational marijuana dispensaries opened in beach plentiful states like California and Maine, there are surely a lot of stoner beach bums out there. A beach and stoner cross means a lot of warm colors and water-themed designs.

Sugarhigh Lovestoned

The last current stoner brand you need to be paying attention to is Sugarhigh Lovestoned. Sugarland Lovestoned focuses on comfort and doing good in the world. A good portion of their proceeds is donated to charity or used directly by the company to help people in need. In addition, Sugarland Lovestoned is one of the few stoner brands with a bunch of feminine options. 

Future stoner

The Future of Weed Aesthetic 

While the current weed aesthetic still mimics a lot of what weed aesthetic has looked like for the past 50 or so years, the future of weed aesthetic is shaping up to be drastically different. For starters, weed has become very politicized. Pretty much any store that sells weed clothing now also sells graphic t-shirts that have political undertones regarding weed. This is sure to continue for as long as weed is classified federally as a schedule 1 drug. So expect to see more weed shirts with political messaging on them. 

Another future crossover that you can expect to see in the weed aesthetic is weed X mushrooms. Mushrooms are also gaining some steam to become legalized, there are many mushroom advocates coming about nowadays. A mushroom X weed crossover makes so much sense for a lot of reasons, but mainly because their aesthetics are already similar. 

Other than crossovers, the future may also hold that weed aesthetic features clothing made out of hemp rather than cotton. This would make more sense, as you’d literally be wearing the marijuana plant! On top of this, hemp can be grown in greater abundance than cotton and also has some perks such as being flame retardant. The only reason there isn’t more hemp clothing already around is because of the hemp-growing laws, which are slowly changing. So expect and get excited about wearing hemp.

Lastly, in the more distant future, you can expect weed aesthetics to branch out into many different subcategories rather than being one specific aesthetic. Soon more non-traditional smokers will enter the weed game and that will in turn create a new weed aesthetic. What this means is that there may eventually be a mom weed aesthetic, and imagine how crazy that would’ve sounded just 20 years ago. 


Weed culture is nothing new, but it’s blossoming in 2022. Weed aesthetics can be seen everywhere and it’s fun to participate in. You can gain a weed aesthetic by smoking more weed, wearing marijuana-themed clothing, or simply by wearing more green/nature-like clothing. Three specific brands to be on the lookout for are Bored Teenager, Mowgli Surf, and Sugarhigh Lovestoned. As for the future of weed aesthetics, expect more crossovers with politics and mushrooms. And in the distant future don’t be surprised to see entirely new factions of weed culture, such as stoner moms or dab daddies. 

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