Why Dabbing is Better than Smoking Flower
Why Dabbing is Better than Smoking Flower

Many cannabis users are familiar with the joys of smoking Flower- either via rolling joints or by using a Glass Pipe or Bong. However, those who want to enjoy even stronger effects may want to try dabbing. Dabbing involves using a device such as Dab Rig or a Dab Pen and some users even find that dabbing is better than smoking Flower.

Dabbing is mainly known for giving you extra-high levels of THC in each hit. Since dabs contain significantly more THC than regular buds of Cannabis Flower, it only takes a small piece to get hard-hitting effects. While it’s not always the most convenient approach, there are many perks to it. Here’s a guide to dabbing and why some users consider it better than smoking Flower.

What Is Dabbing?

Dabbing is one of the many methods of cannabis consumption available to users today. While many methods of consumption are focused on combusting Cannabis Flower and inhaling the THC, dabbing involves vaporizing potent cannabis extracts. This includes products such as Shatter, Wax, Live Resin, and many others.

Those who want to try dabbing will need a device known as a Dab Rig. While many of these could be mistaken for Bongs, there’s an important difference. While Bongs generally include a Glass Bowl, Dab Rigs contain a Dab Nail or Banger that’s made of a heat-resistant material such as Quartz, Titanium, or Ceramic. As such, they can withstand levels of heat high enough to instantly vaporize your concentrates.

For many users, dabbing is a step up from smoking. It allows you to enjoy products that are extra high in cannabinoids and terpenes, giving you some of the most potent and flavorful hits possible. Because of this, you might even prefer dabbing to smoking Flower.

What Is Dabbing

Why Dabbing Is Better Than Smoking Flower

Rolling a joint or smoking from a Glass Pipe is a great choice if you’re simply looking for a quick and convenient high. However, users who want to get the absolute best out of products like Wax Concentrates will want to try dabbing instead. After all, this can give you a hard-hitting high much more efficiently.

The main benefit of dabbing over smoking is that, even for experienced users, a single hit can give you an intense high. Instead of having to load a bowl full of Cannabis Flower, you can take a tiny dab of your favorite cannabis extract, apply it to your Dab Rig, and enjoy the powerful effects that it produces.

Although dabbing is not ideal for beginner cannabis users, some users might even consider it healthier than smoking. Burning cannabis can release unwanted toxins and chemicals whereas vaporizing concentrates can help you avoid this. While the effects will still hit you hard, you might find a single dab hit is easier on your lungs than repeatedly taking hits from a joint.

How To Dab

If you want to try dabbing, you’ll need to invest in a Dab Rig first. There are many types of these and you can even find some devices that allow you to swap between smoking Flower and dabbing concentrates. If you’re not sure where to start, you can read our guide on how to pick the best Dab Rig.

You’ll also need a few accessories, such as a Dab Torch for heating the nail of your Dab Rig and a Dabbing Tool for applying your dabs safely. Once you have what you need, you can heat the nail of your Dab Rig for around 20-30 seconds until it’s blazing hot. You can then apply a small dab of your chosen extract and cover it with a Carb Cap while you take a hit.

For many users, one hit from a Dab Rig is enough to give them intense effects- especially as Concentrates are packed with THC. Afterward, you can clean the nail of your Dab Rig with a Q-Tip or set it up for another hit if you feel you need one.

Where To Buy A Dab Rig

Where To Buy A Dab Rig

Users who want a phenomenal high can buy Dab Rigs online right here at Fat Buddha Glass. We provide a range of high-quality Dab Rigs to suit every kind of user, whether you’re looking for something small and effective or something to give you huge rips. Here are a few of the best Dab Rigs available right now.

5” Klein Recycler with Banger - This stylish and colorful glass device features a recycler, meaning the water will be recycled to make your hits as smooth as possible. It also features both a Quartz banger and a bowl for dried herbs, meaning you can enjoy both Flower and Concentrates.

7” Dual Function Oil Rig Glass Bong - This multi-function device comes with an 18mm bowl, nail, and dome, meaning it’s suitable for use with Cannabis Flower and Concentrates. It also has an eight-arm percolator to make your hits smoother.

Wax Poetic Dab Rig - The Wax Poetic Dab Rig is one of the coolest looking devices on the market. If you need a compact rig that’s made with high-quality glass and capable of producing potent dab hits, then this is one of the best options.

Should You Smoke Flower Instead?

Dabbing is better than smoking Flower for users who want to get extra high quickly. However, that doesn’t mean that sticking to dried herbs is necessarily a bad idea. Dabbing can be overwhelming for some users, and smoking is still worth it if you want a slow and steady high.

If you want to smoke Flower instead, you may want to invest in a Glass Pipe. These devices are incredibly handy as you can quickly load them up with your favorite strains of Flower and light them up to get a quick and easy high.

Alternatively, you might want to buy a Bong/Water Pipe. These are capable of giving you huge hits and also filter your hits through the water to make them cooler and smoother on your lungs, offering a great alternative to dabbing.


If you want to enjoy the pure potency of extracts like Wax and Shatter, then Dabbing is better than smoking Flower. You’ll only need one or two hits and you’re sure to have a phenomenal experience. You can find Dab Rigs online along with Glass Pipes, Bongs, and plenty of other devices and accessories at Fat Buddha Glass.

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