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Best Concentrates to Use with Your Dab Rig

Although smoking weed in a joint, Glass Pipe, or Bong is a quick and convenient way to get high, some users seek out even stronger methods of consumption. Dab Rigs offer one of the best solutions for this- these powerful devices allow you to vaporize and inhale some of the most potent cannabis concentrates or dabs out there. So what are the best concentrates to use with your Dab Rig?

After lighting the nail of your Dab Rig with a Dab Torch (or even using an eNail) your device will be capable of vaporizing a wide variety of extracts. With that said, you might prefer a certain type. Some concentrates offer higher levels of potency or a better flavor whereas some are simply easier to scoop up and apply to your Dab Rig. No matter what your preference is, here are five of the best concentrates for dabbing.


Shatter has long been one of the most popular choices when it comes to potent and flavorful cannabis extracts. Shatter is a type of concentrate that looks like a thin, amber piece of glass. It also acts similarly to glass- if you bend Shatter, it can shatter into many pieces, hence the name. With that said, there are easier ways to handle it.

The best way to use Shatter with your Dab Rig is to initially use a knife or a sharp-ended Dab Tool to slice it into small pieces. Once you’ve heated the nail of your Dab Rig, you can then use your Dab Tool to gently apply a small piece of Shatter to the nail. Since Shatter often contains THC levels of 80% or higher, it won’t take long for the intense effects to hit you.

It’s easy to find a wide range of Shatter strains in cannabis stores and they usually offer an amazing dabbing experience. However, some users might be put off by Shatter’s fragility or may simply want to try other types of cannabis concentrates that offer even higher levels of cannabinoids and terpenes.



Budder is another popular type of cannabis concentrate that’s amazing for dabbing. It’s made using a similar extraction process to Shatter. However, the extracts must then be vigorously and continuously whipped to produce their rare, butter-like consistency. This makes Budder rarer to find but well worth buying.

Using Budder with your Dab Rig is particularly easy due to its soft and pliable consistency. You can slice through Budder extracts like a block of butter and easily scoop up a small piece to apply to your Dab Rig. What’s more, Budder is often just as potent as Shatter or even higher, with many Budder extracts containing THC levels of 90% or higher.

It’s considered one of the cleanest and best types of cannabis extracts out there. However, due to this, you may need to pay more for quality Budder extracts and might find it harder to find them in your favorite strains. Nonetheless, anyone who’s a big fan of dabbing should try dabbing Budder as it’s easily one of the best concentrates to use with your Dab Rig.


Wax concentrates are known by many names, such as Cannabis Wax, Honey Oil, or Butane Hash Oil. Whichever way, these concentrates are highly-regarded by dabbing enthusiasts as they can give you potent effects and are easy to scoop and use thanks to their liquid-like consistency.

Compared to concentrates like Shatter and Budder, Wax is more runny and oily, hence its name. It’s often compared to honey and, provided you have a good Dab Tool, you should have no problem taking a small scoop of Wax and applying it to your Dab Rig.

While it’s potent and easy to use, some users might find Wax a little too potent. It’s known for containing exceptionally high levels of THC and it’s easy to use too much and end up with an overwhelming high. But as long as you handle Wax carefully and use a small dose each time, you should have a stellar experience.


Rosin is a particularly interesting type of concentrate known for its exceptionally simple method of extraction. While most types of cannabis concentrates require complex lab equipment to make, Rosin can be made with household tools simply by applying enough heat and pressure to cannabis buds.

These extracts can vary in consistency depending on how they’re extracted. Some Rosin dabs are runny and oil-like whereas some are more stable. Regardless, Rosin extracts usually pack impressive levels of THC and are sure to give you a good dabbing experience.

While some users may prefer stronger or more flavorful extracts, one of the main benefits of using Rosin is that it’s easy to extract it at home using hair straighteners or a home Rosin Press. Many cannabis stores and dispensaries also stock many strains of Rosin extracts, so it’s easy to find.

Live Resin

Live Resin

While most types of concentrates provide potent levels of THC, Live Resin beats them all when it comes to flavor. Not only do Live Resin dabs pack plenty of THC, but they also contain extra-high levels of terpenoids thanks to the unique extraction process used to make them.

Before Live Resin is extracted, the cannabis buds used for the extraction are flash-frozen to maintain their natural terpenoid profile. This means that they retain the flavor of the buds used to make them, making for some exceptionally enjoyable dab hits.

Live Resin is also fairly fluid and malleable, making it great for scooping up a piece with your Dab Tool and applying it to your Dab Rig. All of these factors make Live Resin one of the best types of cannabis extracts for dabbing, although you’ll usually have to pay a good amount for Live Resin dabs.


These are five of the best concentrates to use with your Dab Rig, although you may also want to consider other options such as Sap, Crumble, or Distillate. No matter which type you prefer to use, you’ll need to ensure you have a high-quality device. Luckily, you can buy Dab Rigs online as well as all of the Dabbing Accessories you need at Fat Buddha Glass.

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