Dab Tools Every Stoner Needs
Dab Tools Every Stoner Needs

Glass Pipes, Bongs, and Vaporizers are all top-notch tools for stoners who want a satisfying high. However, those looking for an even harder-hitting try will want to try dabbing. Dabbing is the perfect option if you want to get the best out of your favorite cannabis concentrates such as Shatter, Wax, and Live Resin. However, you’ll need to invest in some essential Dab Tools.

While many smokers get by with nothing but a lighter, a grinder, and their smoking device of choice, dabbing requires a few unique tools to get the best experience possible. Not only will you need to get a Dab Rig, but you should also consider getting a few other important dabbing tools to make the process easier. Here are the Dab Tools every stoner needs.

Dab Rig

First and foremost, you’ll need a Dab Rig. A Dab Rig looks similar to a Bong- it’s a glass device with a base full of water, a large stem, and a mouthpiece for inhaling the powerful vaporized hits it produces. The main difference is that it features a Dab Nail or banger instead of a bowl- this can withstand much higher temperatures, allowing you to vaporize your cannabis concentrates.

Dab Rigs come in many shapes and sizes. Some users might prefer getting a portable Dab Rig that’s easy to hold and travel with. Some may prefer larger Dab Rigs that’ll give you massive hits. You can also look for Dab Rigs with extra features. For instance, some offer an interchangeable banger and bowl so you can enjoy weed as well as concentrates.

If you’re not sure what kind of rig to go for, then you can read our handy guide on how to choose your first Dab Rig. No matter how much you choose to spend on one, it’s a worthwhile investment that’ll enhance your sessions for many years to come. While this is the most important tool for dabbing, you’ll also want to grab a few other important accessories.

Dab Rig

Dab Tool/Dabber

A Dabber, also commonly referred to as a Dab Tool, is another one of the most important things you need for dabbing. Dabbing involves dealing with incredibly high temperatures, and trying to transport your dabs by hand will result in nasty burns. Using a dabber makes it easy to apply your dabs to your rig without any damage.

Pretty much any small, narrow tool can be used for scooping up your dabs and applying them to your Dab Nail. However, it’s best to get one that’s designed for dabbing. Dabbers can even be found with some cool and unique designs, such as the Pencil Dabber and Golden Dabber.

As well as being useful for handling your concentrates, dabbers also come in handy in other ways. For instance, they can be used to separate your concentrates into small doses and they can even come in handy for scraping residue away from your Dab Rig. As such, every stoner should have at least one of these.

Dab Torch

Along with your Dab Rig and Dabber, a Dab Torch is an essential accessory for anyone who wants to try dabbing for themselves. Lighters and matches aren’t capable of applying enough concentrated heat to your banger, and while there are a few other methods you can use, nothing beats a handy Dab Torch.

Dab Torches are generally handheld butane torches designed specifically for dabbing. These make it exceptionally easy to light your banger until it’s hot enough to vaporize your dabs. Pretty much any butane torch will do the job, but a couple of the best options are the Special Blue Butane Torch and the Blazer Big Buddy Torch.

Quartz Banger

Although Dab Rigs come with a built-in Dab Nail or banger, you might want to buy one separately. There are a few benefits to this. For instance, bangers can be used with certain types of Bongs to transform them into Dab Rigs. Plus, even if you already have a banger, you might want to upgrade it or keep a spare one handy.

While bangers can be found in many materials, Quartz Bangers are the most popular choice. These work exceptionally well and will also give you plenty of flavor from your dab hits. You can buy a Male Quartz Banger or a Female Quartz Banger depending on which type your device needs.

Quartz Banger

Carb Cap

While some dabbing tools aren’t essential, they’re still worth buying purely to enhance your dabbing experience. Carb Caps are a prime example of this. Carb Caps are placed over your Dab Nail or banger after you’ve applied your dabs. This helps trap the heat, resulting in smoother, more potent, and overall better dab hits.

If you’re a dabbing enthusiast, you’ll want to have one of these just to improve your dabbing sessions. Plus, you can find a lot of awesome designs when it comes to Carb Caps. For instance, you might want to use the Glow In The Dark Carb Cap or even the Rubber Duckie Carb Cap to add some style and fun to all your future dabbing sessions.

Dab Container

Improving the hits from your Dab Rig isn’t the only thing you need to worry about when dabbing. It’s also important to store your dabs properly whenever you’re not using them. Leaving cannabis concentrates in a baggie or out in the open is a terrible idea, and glass jars don’t work as well for dabs as they do for weed. As such, you should buy a specialized Dab Container.

Dab Containers are usually small glass or silicone containers that often look similar to makeup containers. One of the best options for storing your dabs is the Silicone Wax Jar Container. Not only will this keep your dabs fresher for longer, but it’ll also make it much easier to scoop a dab out whenever you’re ready to use your Dab Rig.


If you want to get into dabbing, then make sure you grab these must-have Dab Tools. Some will make your dab sessions more convenient whereas some are simply designed to improve the quality of your hits. Whichever way, none of these will break the bank and they’ll all enhance your experience. You can also find plenty of other smoking devices and accessories at Fat Buddha Glass.

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