How to Choose Your First Dab Rig

How to Choose Your First Dab Rig

If you’re simply looking to smoke Cannabis Flower, then your best bet is using a high-quality Glass Pipe or Bong. However, if you’re looking to get the most powerful effects possible out of your Cannabis Concentrates or dabs such as Shatter, Wax, or Live Resin, then you’ll want to know how to choose your first Dab Rig.

A Dab Rig is a device that’s specifically designed for vaporizing concentrates. You use it by lighting the dab nail using a blow torch and applying your dab for instant vaporization. You can then take a deep hit from the mouthpiece, giving you sensational effects. Dab Rigs aren’t for beginner users or the faint-hearted, but if you love using potent cannabis extracts, you’ll love dabbing. Here are some of the most useful tips on how to choose your first Dab Rig.

1. Look For A High-Quality Piece

First and foremost, it’s important to look for high-quality materials when you’re buying a Dab Rig. Although you can skimp on quality and go for the cheapest Dab Rig you can find, it’s much more likely to break either from mishandling it, dropping it, or even due to heat cracking the glass.

Usually, the base of a Dab Rig is made from high-quality borosilicate glass, a sturdy type of glass that can withstand thermal shock. You should also check that your piece has the right type of Dab Nail. Fortunately, you can buy high-quality Dab Rigs online at FatBuddhaGlass quickly and efficiently.

A Dab Nail or banger is similar to a bowl, but it’s made with materials that can withstand high heat. As such, you can heat it to the point that it vaporizes your dabs instantly. The best Dab Nails are made with materials such as Quartz, Ceramic, or Titanium. Generally, all Dab Rigs will have one of these, but you can also buy a Quartz banger separately if you want an upgrade.

2. Check Out Different Styles

You can find all kinds of different Dab Rigs, so it’s worth checking out a range of types before you decide which one you want. Some are simple yet effective whereas others go above and beyond in terms of style and extra features.

For instance, users looking for portability so they can carry their Dab Rig wherever they need to use it will prefer a portable Dab Rig such as the Mini Dab Rig. Although it doesn’t particularly stand out and doesn’t have any extra bells and whistles, it’s perfect for users who want something straightforward that’ll do the job just fine.

On the other end of the spectrum, users looking for something fancy that’ll enhance their dab hits will prefer something like the Grav Orbis Coppa Dab Rig, complete with a large percolator downstem to cool their hits. You can also find stylish and colorful Dab Rigs such as the Unity Rig or Space Blazer Rig. No matter what you prefer, make sure you check out plenty of devices before making your decision.

Check Out Different Styles

3. Get A Dab Rig That Suits Your Needs

Although it’s always worth looking at a variety of unique Dab Rigs, the final choice ultimately comes down to your personal needs. You’ll want to consider the factors that are most important for you to ensure that you’re happy with the Dab Rig you choose.

Dab Rigs come in plenty of sizes so whether you’re looking for a portable Dab Rig or something to give you big hits, there are many choices. You should also consider extra features such as percolators if you want your hits to feel even smoother. Keep in mind that even small Dab Rigs can pack a punch, so you don’t have to go all-in on size if you want a hard-hitting high.

Budget is also a consideration, but luckily you can find many affordable Dab Rigs that can still give you a fantastic experience. With that said, some users like to splash out on lavish Dab Rigs as they also make for amazing collector’s pieces, especially if you enjoy glass art. Also, consider how much you’ll be using your Dab Rig- if you use it every day, it might be worth paying more for a top-notch piece.

4. Consider A Bong/Dab Rig Combo

While some devices are designed specifically for dabbing, you can also find Bongs that are capable of using both Cannabis Flower and Cannabis Concentrates. These devices allow you to switch out your glass bowl for a Quartz banger whenever you want, making them incredibly practical for users who want to smoke weed and dab their favorite extracts all with one device.

You can find these pieces at all price ranges. Those who want something simple and affordable will love the Wrap & Rake Marble Bong. For even smoother and more satisfying hits, check out the Lean Back Tree Perc Bong. You can even go all out with a huge and powerful device such as the Double Bubble Recycler Bong.

Although some devices provide you with both a Glass Bowl for Cannabis Flower and a Dab Nail for dabbing purposes, you’ll usually need to buy the Dab Nail yourself. However, it’s easy to buy a Male Quartz Banger or Female Quartz Banger and slide it into your Bong to transform it into a Dab Rig- just check which kind and size your device needs.

Get The Other Dabbing Accessories You Need

5. Get The Other Dabbing Accessories You Need

While getting your Dab Rig is the first step, you’ll also need a few other tools before you can start enjoying high-quality dab hits. A Dab Rig requires a few essential accessories to use it, and you’ll usually have to buy these separately.

You can find all the Dab Tools you need online, but some are more important than others. You’ll need a Butane Torch for heating your Dab Nail and you’ll also need a Dabber for applying your dabs to your heated nail.

Other tools and accessories are optional, but they’re often worth the investment. A Carb Cap helps trap the heat in your banger after applying your dab, giving you better hits. A Dab Mat is great for keeping all of your equipment in one place without damaging your table. You could even grab a Silicone Wax Jar Container for efficiently storing your dabs when you’re not using them.


Dabbing is a great option for users who want a method of consumption more powerful than smoking, and these tips will help you choose your perfect first Dab Rig. Remember to be cautious when dabbing- it’s much more powerful than smoking or vaping. However, as long as you’re responsible, you’ll have a great experience. You can find all the tools you need for dabbing and smoking online at FatBuddhaGlass.

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