Homemade Bong 101 How To Make A Bong That Is Perfect In Every Way
Homemade Bong 101 How To Make A Bong That Is Perfect In Every Way

If you've landed on this page you most likely googled home made bong. In this article we will cover everything a smoker needs to know about home made bongs.

There are many good ways to smoke marijuana. When you’re out and about with friends, you might prefer to roll a joint and share it with them. When you’re at home, a high-quality Glass Bong or Pipe will usually get the job done. However, whether you’re out of options or just want a fun D.I.Y. project, it’s worth learning how to make a Homemade Bong.

Homemade Bongs are surprisingly easy to make and usually require nothing except things you have lying around your house. Although you’ll need to be careful to ensure you use the right materials and make your Homemade Bong safe, it’s still a very straightforward process with surprisingly satisfying results. Here’s a Homemade Bong 101 on how to make a Bong that is perfect in every way.

What To Use For The Base? | Homemade Bong 101

Naturally, the first step for making your Homemade Bong is to find the perfect base. Your base needs to be something hollow with a closed bottom and an open top. It’s best to use something that can stand up by itself and also something easy to make holes in so you can add a downstem and bowl.

Usually, the best base for a Homemade Bong is simply a water bottle or a similar beverage bottle. You can choose which size you want and easily refashion your bottle into something that’ll give you amazing hits.

Alternatively, you could use something such as an aluminum chip can. These work particularly well as you can burn your weed without the risk of burning any plastic. Plus, they’re nice and large and hollow making for some amazing hits. You can even make a Bong out of fruits and vegetables, although it’s better to use a bottle or something that’s similarly-shaped to a regular Bong.

How To Make A Downstem

How To Make A Downstem | Homemade Bong 101

Once you have your base, the next step is to make your downstem. There are a few ways of doing this but the easiest and most efficient is to use a pen tube. A pen tube can quickly be made into a downstem simply by removing the insides so you’re left with nothing but a hollow tube.

While any kind of tube can work, it’s best to use a metal tube. That way, you can avoid accidentally inhaling burning plastic. If you’re using a plastic tube, cover the end with aluminum foil to be safe. If your pen has a metal cap for the nib, you should also keep this and put it to one side for later.

To place your downstem into the base of your Bong, you’ll need to make a hole in the side. You can do this using a lighter, although you might simply want to use a thin knife or even a pen. Alternatively, if you’re using a metal base, you’ll need a drill to make a hole in the side. Make a hole big enough to fit your downstem in at a diagonal angle. You might want to use tape to get the angle right.

Creating A Bowl For Your Homemade Bong | Homemade Bong 101

Now, you’ll need a bowl for placing your weed. There are also a few ways you can do this, but your bowl must be covered in a safe material one way or the other. Using your metal pen cap from earlier can work great as a bowl, but you can also use a thin cone made out of aluminum foil.

If you want a larger bowl, you might want to take the cap of your water bottle and make a small hole or a few small holes in the bottom. Make sure you thoroughly coat it with aluminum foil- you don’t want to burn the plastic. Caps with a hole for drinking work particularly well for this- you’ll just need a pin to make holes in the foil.

Alternatively, you can simply use a glass downstem and bowl for your homemade Bong. Although you’ll need to spend some money on this, it’ll make your hits better and avoid any low-quality materials. Just make sure your downstem and bowl are safely attached to your Bong.

Adding The Finishing Touches

Adding The Finishing Touches | Homemade Bong 101

Your homemade Bong is almost ready- you just have to make a few finishing touches. First of all, make sure the hole around your downstem is sealed. This will ensure that no smoke escapes from the base of your bong. You can use tape, blue-tack, or even chewing gum if you have no other option.

You might also want to make a carb hole in your Bong. This is as simple as making a hole in the side of your Bong (make sure it’s above the downstem) that you cover as you smoke. A carb hole allows you to hold the smoke in with your finger and release it when you’ve finished inhaling.

If you’re using a plastic downstem or bowl, make sure the plastic is covered with aluminum foil. This is simply to avoid you burning any plastic when you light your weed- plastic fumes are dangerous to inhale and will leave a nasty stench in the air.

How To Use Your Homemade Bong | Homemade Bong 101 

After a few simple steps, your Homemade Bong is ready to use. Using your handcrafted device is just as easy as using any other bong. Start by filling the base with some water so it reaches just above the end of the downstem and you’re ready to smoke.

Grind your weed until it’s fine enough and add some to your bowl. Then, simply light your weed, inhale from the mouthpiece at the top of the Bong, hold the hit for a second or less, and exhale. Repeat the process until you’re satisfied with the effects.

That’s all there is to it, and you’ll be impressed by how well your Homemade Bong works. Once you’ve got the hang of making homemade smoking devices, you might even want to get creative and make more.

Conclusion Homemade Bong 101 | Conclusion 

Making the perfect Homemade Bong is quick, simple, and satisfying. Once you have the right base, it’s easy to create a downstem and bowl and start enjoying hits from your brand new device.

While making a Homemade Bong is great for situations when you’re out of options or want to try something new and unique, nothing beats the quality of a high-quality Glass Bong. Luckily, you can find plenty of great Glass Bongs, Pipes, and other devices online at FatBuddhaGlass.


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