3 Essential Elements for Marijuana Sherlock Pipes

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3 Essential Elements for Marijuana Sherlock Pipes

Pipes have been used to smoke cannabis for thousands of years. Most marijuana users have used a pipe at least once to enjoy the convenience, flavors, and buzz that come from these tools. Pipes come in many features, shapes, and sizes. From bubblers to classic hand pipes to more unusual options, you might feel overwhelmed by your choices. 

With so many fancy pipes available, you might find that you are interested in using a traditional-looking one. Sherlock pipes are one of the most classic options you can get, and they can help you put an old-fashioned spin on your smoking time. 

What Are Marijuana Sherlock Pipes?

Think about a classic pipe or the kind that you saw Sherlock Holms smoking. This is what a sherlock pipe is like. This classic hand pipe is also known as a saxophone pipe. They are designed for smoking tobacco, and there is a bowl on one end with a mouthpiece that goes up and away from the bowl.

Unlike with chillums or spoons, the sherlock pipe has an arched design, so you can take a cooler and smoother hit before inhalation. That reduces your chances of coughing from a harsh hit that you might get from a dry hand pipe. 

Sherlock pipes are usually made from an extremely strong material. They are often made from glass and can also be made from wood. They have a classic shape and usually come in a larger size, making them good to use at home. You could have some relaxing times by yourself or with your friends with this style of pipe. 

Sherlock pipes come with a large bowl, which also has a carb hole on the side. They are usually very colorful, and some come with colors that have been applied to the glass from the interior, allowing the outside to stay smooth. 

Why Use a Sherlock Pipe?

There are many terpenes in marijuana, which give each strain a unique scent. There are pungent strains and citrusy ones, but there are also some that have woody notes. By using a wooden sherlock pipe, you can spice up your sensory experience. A heated woody pipe can leave some undertones that enhance the aroma profile.

Using Your Sherlock Pipe for Marijuana

Using Your Sherlock Pipe for Marijuana 

You can use your sherlock pipe for weed, even if it is designed for tobacco. It will work like other kinds of marijuana pipes, except for the arched design that will produce gentler, smaller hits. 

There are a few tips for using this kind of pipe for your next time smoking. First, ensure that you use this pipe for only weed. If you have one that you use to smoke tobacco, make sure that you wash it well before even putting a bit of your flower in the bowl. Otherwise, you will end up leaving the tobacco resin at the bottom of your pipe, which can combust again and leave a bad aftertaste when you inhale. Plus, some people believe that it is not healthy to inhale this leftover tobacco.

When you use a tobacco pipe, remember that the bowl is more spacious than a cannabis pipe is. When you use it, you can put a smaller amount of marijuana in the bowl, ignite it, and take a hit. If you want to burn the weed more evenly and make the most out of it, you should fill the bowl well. That makes it a good one to share with your friends. 

The mouthpiece is a bit smaller than with regular marijuana pipes. You will want to make sure that you maintain it well, so you prevent it from clogging. 

Essentials for Packing Your Pipe

There are a few essentials that you need to use your sherlock pipe. Once you have gathered these things, you will be ready to pack up your pipe.

1. Heating Element

The most basic heating element is a lighter. You can use traditional butane lighters, but there are many other non-butane options out there, as well. That way, you can avoid having a butane flavor in the bowl. An effective lighter will allow you to carefully control the heat when you combust your bowl.

Some people like to use a hemp wick to light their bowl. This is a piece of hemp string covered in wax that can easily light. It also has an even burn and does not have a bad aftertaste. You could also use a glass wand that can be heated just enough to vaporize your flower but not cause it to burn. That can eliminate the smoke from combustion and give you a different experience with your flavor and cannabinoids. 

Heating Element

2. Screen

This is optional, but you can avoid inhaling bits of burn material with a screen. You can use pipe screens, but if you do not have one, then you can use a bit of paperclip or wire in a coiled shape. You can also use the screen from the faucet head. However, you should avoid using a window screen or soda can since these often have potentially hazardous chemicals coating them. 

3. Cannabis Grinder

It is essential to properly prepare your cannabis before you smoke it. That way, you can maximize the airflow throughout the device, allowing for a more even smoke. Breaking down the herb is vital to do this. With a grinder, you can make a homogenous airflow, allowing the smoke to move through evenly. 

Closing Thoughts

Many people would not think of using a sherlock pipe to smoke their cannabis since these pipes often are associated with tobacco. But it turns out that there are a few benefits of using a sherlock pipe. For example, it can help you draw out interesting flavors. It can also be more convenient if you already have one at home. As long as you remember to keep your pipe clean to prevent clogs, using a sherlock pipe can be a fun alternative to the cannabis pipes that you usually use. 

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