How to Smoke Resin from a Bowl

How to Smoke Resin from a Bowl

Many people think of cannabis as a gift that keeps on giving. After you have smoked your bud, you have ash and tar in your bowl. These can become hard and turn into resin. Since it comes from the weed that got you high in the first place, there is still some THC left in it. So, if you need a quick fix, you can still smoke the resin in the bowl. 

About Resin

Before you begin to smoke your resin, remember that you are smoking tar. The quality of the high will not be as good as when you smoked the bud. However, many people use resin to tide them over until they can buy more cannabis. 

Taking a Dry Hit

This is one of the easiest ways of smoking resin. You just take your butane lighter and put that in your bowl as if you had fresh weed and then inhale from your mouthpiece. If there are still remaining bits of resin, you can angle the bowl and your lighter in different directions to get some more life out of the pieces. You can also go for the carb hole, which usually has a bit of resin buildup there. 

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Scraping Your Resin

Even after you have done dry hitting, there will still be some more resin inside of the bowl. There are a few ways that you can get that resin, but scraping will be involved for each of them. The best tool you can find around your house is something that has a wire that you can manipulate. 

For example, a paper clip is a good option for scraping out the resin. It is easy to mold the shape of the clip to get into all of the smaller areas. You can also use a toothpick, but make sure that you do not break it. It might get stuck in the bowl otherwise. A bobby pin also could be used. 

Scraping Your Resin

Before Scraping

Dry hitting should be your first option. That will also make the resin a bit warmer and easier to scrape off and collect. But no matter how you do it, it will be messy. Consider putting down wax paper or parchment paper to collect your resin. It is easier to collect the resin off of a smooth surface like wax or parchment paper. Plus, you will not stain your counters. Try to wear old clothes or avoid getting any on the ones you are wearing.

Smoking Your Resin

Once you have collected the resin, you can put it back in your bowl to smoke it. Put the resin in a mound and pick it up with your thumb and index finger. Now, roll your fingers around to create a ball of resin and put it in the bowl of your pipe

If you are using a pipe with water filtration, like a bubbler or a bong, you might find that it is more enjoyable than a typical bowl. Remember that resin will burn at a higher temperature, so the smoke will be extremely hot. And the hotter it is, the harsher it will be for you. 

When you add water to the mix, you can cool down the smoke and make it smoother. That is also a better option if you tend to cough when you take a hit. 

Vaping or Rolling Resin

You might not want to roll up straight resin in a blunt or joint unless there is some more cannabis mixed in. The resin is already sticky, and it will get stickier as it heats up, so if you put only resin in a joint, there will not be any air left to circulate. Then, it would be impossible to smoke it.

You should stay away from putting resin in a vape pen since it can cause damage. It will also cause a mess and could ruin the pen altogether. You should stick to one of the other options for smoking resin instead.

Making a Resin Tea

Cannabis tea is a common drink among the marijuana community, and some people like to put resin in hot water to make tea. It might be something to do in a pinch rather than doing every day. However, if you really want to use your resin this way, you may want to steep it with a stronger flavored teabag, such as mint or peppermint. Depending on the strain, you could also look for a spicy tea to cover up the taste of the resin. 

Dabbing Your Resin

Dabbing Your Resin

You can dab your resin, too, although it might not be as effective as smoking it from a bowl unless you have a dab rig. You can place it on a hot knife that you heated up on a stove burner. You can also use a lighter to heat up a knife, although it might take a bit longer. Once the knife is hot, you can place the ball of resin on it and watch it smoke. 

Then, you can inhale the smoke. Remember that the smoke will happen fairly quickly, so you might miss getting high if you put everything on the knife at once and miss inhaling it. You could try cutting off the bottom of a water bottle and placing the knife and resin under it, being careful not to touch the plastic. Then, you can inhale the smoke through the mouth of the bottle. That collects the smoke and directs it toward your face.

Closing Thoughts 

Smoking your resin is fairly simple.

You can try first smoking it directly from the bowl and then scraping it out and forming it into balls. Then, you can put it in a pipe or a bong to take a smoother hit. Just make sure to use common sense when smoking your resin. You are inhaling more butane and tar than usual. And remember that it will most likely not taste as good as the first time you smoked the cannabis, so you might want to save this method for when you are in a pinch.

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