Smoking Weed with a Watermelon Bong

Smoking Weed with a Watermelon Bong

Are you bored stiff with smoking weed the same way over and over? Thanks to many years of stoner ingenuity, there are now a lot of fun ways to smoke weed. In fact, you will see countless how-to guides and do-it-yourself ideas for crafting your own marijuana accessories, such as bongs. Read on to find out how to make your own water pipe easily using a watermelon.

Parts of a Bong

Also known in the street as a bubbler or billy, a bong is a filtration device used to smoke weed to get a smoother toke than a rolled cannabis cigarette. A bong can cool and purify weed smoke, so it feels less harsh. Bongs are available in many different shapes and sizes. Some come in the most basic form, while others are exquisitely crafted into astounding works of art

If you want to smoke weed with a watermelon bong, all you need to be familiar with are the basic parts of a bong and how you can work your way around the fruit. 

  • Tube. This is what you usually see as the straight chamber that fills with smoke after it has filtered through the water.
  • Base. This is the bottom part of a bong where the water goes to cool the smoke down and enhance the flavor of your weed. 
  • Carb. Short for the carburetor, the carb is the small hole you see on the side of the bong that helps you to clear smoke from the entire tube, completing the bong toke.
  • Bowl. This is where your weed is loaded and combusted.
  • Downstem: This is the small tube that allows the smoke to go from the bowl down to the base, where it then cools down into the water and filters up through the bong.

The general idea is to try to imitate the shape of a standard glass bong with your watermelon or any fruit, preferably large so you can add some water and enjoy the full bong experience. 

Parts of a Bong

How to Make a Homemade Watermelon Bong

It's not difficult to turn watermelon or just about any fruit into a functioning water pipe. Just go to your kitchen or find a clean, spacious spot and prepare the things you need to make this fun and affordable weed accessory.


  • 1 fresh watermelon (not too ripe)
  • 1 whole carrot (medium to large)
  • 1 sharp knife
  • 1 screwdriver or power drill


  1. Drill Three Holes. Using a screwdriver or a power drill, make three holes into your watermelon. Make a hole for the mouthpiece near the top of the fruit and another hole opposite it. This is where the carrot will be mounted later. The third hole will act as a carb. To know the best position to install it, just press your mouth near the top of the fruit and see where your fingers rest comfortably on the side. The carb hole should be drilled in a spot that can be easily accessed with your middle or pointer finger. 
  2. Create an Air Pocket. Make an air pocket at the top of the watermelon by breaking up its flesh. Drain the juice from the fruit, then insert the tip of the screwdriver to break up the flesh at the bottom. Make an air pocket and small puddle that will serve as the bong water to filter the smoke. To check the draw, inhale from the mouthpiece and cover the carb. As soon as you are satisfied with the airflow, you can proceed to the next step. 
  3. Make a Bowl. Get the carrot, which will act as a bowl for your weed. Make a hole on the side of the vegetable, then drill a hole down the middle through its top. Using a sharp knife, carefully carve a bowl into the side of the carrot. Blow through its narrow tip to examine the airflow. Just clean out the chambers when needed until you are happy with the draw. 
  4. Stick Carrot. Carefully stick the carrot into the fruit, small end first. You may have to gently twist the vegetable back and forth to make sure that it fits snugly and doesn't move when smoking. Inhale from the mouthpiece to check the draw one last time. 
  5. Enjoy. Once your homemade watermelon bong is ready, grind some marijuana flowers and pack the carrot bowl loosely. Ignite the dried herb and inhale from the mouthpiece. 

This project should be completed in less than 30 minutes. However, it may take longer if you only have a screwdriver rather than a power drill. To help you keep this mess-free, place a drop sheet under the watermelon before drilling and keep paper towels on hand to sop up fruit juices running everywhere.

Top 5 Fruity Cannabis Strains

Top 5 Fruity Cannabis Strains

If you are thinking of trying something sweet to match your watermelon bong, fruity strains are your best bet. From lemony to sweet strawberry, fruity cannabis strains offer a wide array of delicious flavors while preserving the flower's earthy kick and aroma. Here are some of the best fruity cannabis strains you can try with your watermelon bong:

  1. Tangerine Dream. This highly potent indica-dominant marijuana strain prides itself with spicy citrus flavors and odors. It came from G13 and Afghani parent strains and contains 25 percent THC and 1.8 percent CBD. 
  2. Somango. This indica-dominant strain, which originated from Korean Big Skunk, Super Skunk, and Jack Herer parent strains, is known for its sweet and tropical aroma and flavor. 
  3. Californian Orange. Another fruity strain is a perfect mix of indica and sativa. This 50/50 hybrid offers a rich orange fragrance and taste that's stimulating in itself.
  4. Karibbean Mango. Also an indica-dominant strain, Karibbean Mango arose from Mango and Black Domina strains. It offers a tasty blend of tropical flavors that is its own heaven. 
  5. Crystal Candy. Another indica-dominant strain, Crystal Candy strain is popular for its luscious strawberry and melon flavors. This hybrid strain contains 15 to 21 percent THC and 0.3 percent CBD.

Other fruity strains you can try with a watermelon bong during your next smoking session include Jamaican Dream, Strawberry D-Lite, Colombian Sweet, Fat Banana, and Orange Cream.



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